Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Release Date, Specs, Price

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Samsung has amazed the people all around the world when it came up with the Galaxy S5, the smart phone which came up with a bang and created wonders. Samsung with its first smart phone was able to create a place in dream phones category, it was just loaded with many features and amusements. Samsung Galaxy S6 did hit the global market in April 2014 with a price tag around $800. It was proved a big step towards the use of powerful Chipsets and most advanced technology in phones.

Now Galaxy S7 Edge is the hot topic. Galaxy S7 Edge is the curved variant of the forthcoming flagship. There are new rumors and reports about the upcoming Galaxy S7 flagship every day. Pinning apps, contracts and other advance features on both edges are expected as some specialties of dual curvy edged Galaxy S7. There are some interesting rumors about price of the Galaxy S7 Edge , which you can find later in this article. The Galaxy S7 Edge is expected to have 5.7 inch display with 4K UHD resolution. It can be the first smart phone which will have holographic display.

As Samsung itself raised the bar so the expectations of Samsung Fans from the company and specially when it comes to Galaxy S7, are really very high. The fans are not expecting only NEW features but they are expecting SURPRISING features. Company has failed to bring much new and exciting features in the recent past, with which it can impress audience but still the company has managed to get impressive sales.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Release Date, Specs, Price

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Release Date, Specs, Price

It’s not easy to tell exactly what a company is working on and how will be the new product but we have gathered some rumors, leaks and some guesswork about Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Release Date

Although no one knows the exact release date of Samsung Galaxy 7 but on the basis of leaked information from the inside resources, it can be predicted that new Samsung S7 will be in the hands of fans in the first quarter of 2016. According to some latest rumors, release is possible in the first month of the first quarter i.e. January 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specs and Features

Following are some exciting features that Samsung Galaxy7 can bring with it.

RAM, Processor and Memory

S7 can offer a bigger RAM then a normal laptop does. Smart phones are usually paired up with low space but 4 GB in a phone is something that has already create excitement among potential customers of Galaxy S7. With such a big space, one can do all his office work on this device. This smart phone is expected to come up with 3.5 GHz processing power, the fastest processing speed ever, as 64bit processor is among one of the strong speculations about Galaxy S7 Edge. In addition to this, the new Galaxy S7 expected to be coming up with internal memory of 128GB.

Dream Camera

30MP camera in a phone was surely a dream in recent past but now this dream shall come to reality in form of Samsung Galaxy S7. A camera with 8 to 10MP camera at front is also expected, which can make Galaxy S7 the best selfie phone in the coming year. A new feature termed as GigaPixel will make your photos more accurate and clear.

Non removable Battery

Non removable battery is not popular among users but Galaxy S7 Edge may feature non-removable battery like Galaxy S6. In Galaxy S6 edge, back up time was not as it was expected but it will be improved in Galaxy S7 series.


Galaxy S7 flagship from Samsung will have surely fingerprint scanner and Heartbeat sensor like Galaxy S6. In Galaxy S6, swipe method fingerprint scanner from S5 was replaced with Touch type fingerprint scanner and it is expected to be same in coming series. In addition to touch type sensor, another type of sensor named as infrared sensor that can measure the temperature of your body maybe also there.

Water resistance

Samsung has to compete at two ends, with Apple at upper end while other competitors at lower end. Apple did come with waterproof technology and now Galaxy S7 have to come up with the same technology. It can also be expected that Galaxy S7 may come even with more advance technology that guard the phone against not only the water but also from other elements like dust, fire etc.

5G Network Connection

You will boost your browsing experience as a Galaxy S7 user as it is speculated that this phone will come up with 5G network connection. Down loading from the internet will be more faster and without delays.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Price

Samsung is going to price Galaxy S7 edge in the range of $750-800, according to the latest rumors and reports. It is also said that the coming series will be 10% cheaper than the Galaxy 6, as Samsung has recently decided that in order to increase sales, company will lower prices on flagship devices.
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