Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date, Price, Specs Rumors Review

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Read latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date, Price, Specs rumors review, discussing all aspects of Samsung S6 from Metal Design, 5.5 inches 4K Display, 20MP Back 8MP Front Camera, 3GHz Octa-Core Processor, 3GB RAM and 3000 mAh Battery.

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date, price, specs rumors had started to surface from the day Samsung Galaxy S6 was official announced. That says how much expectation people have over Samsung's products. Samsung, as one of the big international electronic and communication technology companies, has to work hard to keep up with the expectation of people.

Samsung has never failed to create and bring to the market several new and more sophisticated products each year. As known from the many leaks and rumors, Samsung Galaxy S7 will likely be a spectacular mobile handset.

The Samsung Galaxy series has been at the top of the Android food chain ever since the rise of the smartphone, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. The next version of the device, the Galaxy S7 will be no exception.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date, Price, Specs Rumors Review

A number of rumors have been surfacing concerning the new device, including rumors about the release date and specs of the Galaxy S7. Let's have a look at them one by one.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date, Price, Specs Rumors Review

Let's start our Samsung S7 specs rumors review from the physical aspects of the phone:
  1. Samsung S7 Metal Design

    For the previous versions of Galaxy S series, Samsung uses metal frame and plastic as the body of the smartphones. Many people have been hoping to see Samsung Galaxy S with all metal body. So, that is what is expected for Samsung Galaxy S7 (and also the coming soon Samsung Galaxy S6) a full metal body. This has already been done with the Samsung A series mobiles.

  2. Samsung S7 Display Screen: 5.5 inches 4K Screen

    The design of Samsung S7 is also expected to be dust and water resistant just like the previous versions of Samsung Galaxy S. Samsung Galaxy S7 screen display size is expected to have a 5.5 inches. Furthermore, Samsung Galaxy S7's display screen is expected to feature 4K resolution but no 3D display of flexible display screen.

  3. Samsung S7 Camera: 20MP Back 8MP Front

    Samsung S7 Camera quality is another most discussed aspect of smartphones. However, the time is too early to predict for sure how the camera quality of Samsung Galaxy S7 will be. That doesn't stop us, though, to try to guess about camera quality. There is a great possibility that Samsung Galaxy S6 handset will feature 20MP rear camera with OIS, 8MP front-facing camera. Therefore, we can expect that Samsung Galaxy S7 front camera and back camera quality better than Samsung Galaxy S6.

  4. Samsung S7 Processor: 3GHz Octa-Core

    The processor specs of this future version of Samsung Galaxy S are expected to be better than Samsung S6. Samsung S7 processor is rumored to be Octa-Core 3GHz.

  5. Samsung S7 Memory: 3GB RAM

    Samsung S6 was launched with 3 GB RAM. It is being rumored that Samsung S7 features 4 GB RAM. To us, 3 GB RAM for Samsung S7 sounds more possible, but if Samsung can make Samsung Galaxy S7 feature 4GB RAM, that will be awesome. The internal memory models of Samsung S7 will be 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

  6. Samsung S7 Battery Life: 3000 mAh

    For the battery, we can expect that the Samsung S7 battery to be 3000 mAh with long battery life. There are rumors that the Galaxy S7 battery will be superfast charging, specifically only need 5 minutes to be significantly charged. If this rumor about 5 minute charging battery proved to be true later on, it would be beyond awesome because it means that there will no longer be an issue about electrical socket hogging by a person anymore.

  7. Samsung S7 Android 5.0 Lollipop

    There is a high possibility that Samsung Galaxy S7 os will also be Android v5.0 Lollipop. However, seeing that Google, the developer of Android operating system, has the tendency of releasing a new version of Android every year, it is not unreasonable if we have a little hope that Samsung Galaxy S7's operating system will be the Android version higher than Lollipop, probably Android v6.0 with something starts with M as the code name.

  8. Samsung S7 Projector and Fingerprint Sensor

    Other tidbits in Samsung S7 rumors are the other small features of the smartphone that are not pressingly important but can be useful. For instance, Samsung Galaxy S7 is rumored to have Ultra Fast Fingerprint Sensor and a mini projector.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date is likely be around the First Week of March, 2016. Although other phones like the iPhone 6S or the Nexus 6 2016 or the Galaxy Note 5 are expected to be launched in the last quarter of 2015, Samsung S6 release date would most likely be during the Mobile World Congress in 2016, starting from March 5, 2016.

Galaxy S7 Price

For the Samsung Galaxy S7 price, it is expected that it will not be much different than its predecessors. Samsung Galaxy S5 price was around $600 but Samsung Galaxy S6 price was more or less same but Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge went higher around $900.

Therefore, it is reasonable to predict the price of Galaxy S7 to be around $600. However, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge price will still remain at $850 to $950 USD.

All of those discussed above are still only rumors and predictions. Let's just sit back, wait, and see how much of our Samsung Galaxy S7 release date, price, specs rumors review will be true.

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