htc ONE M9 Prime Release Date, Specs, Price Rumors

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The htc ONE M8 has been regarded as ONE of the Best Smartphone of 2014. The rumors for the next edition htc ONE M9 Prime release date, specs, features and price has already started in full swing. Let's have a run down of all that is know about the htc " M9 Prime in this article.

htc looks to bring forth yet another near perfect version of what a smartphone should be. As consumers and analysts appreciate what they've done with the current release many of us would say they already have. Huge enhancements have been rumored and a new premium version is also expected called the htc ONE M9 Prime as it's expected to give consumers yet another near perfect smartphone.

With the official announcement for the release of the new smartphone, the following htc ONE M9 Prime rumors, specs, features, concept, price, pre-sales, and release date info will give you a glimpse into the future of this 2015 release.

htc ONE M9 Prime Release Date, Specs, Price Rumors

The speculation surrounding the new htc ONE M9 has been huge to say the least, and there's no wondering why when looking at the success of the current htc M8. If htc is able to live up to the promise of previous releases than the consumer and analyst expectations should live up to the hype.

htc ONE M9 Prime Release Date, Specs, Price Rumors

History repeats itself over and over again when it comes to smartphones, and the htc ONE M9 prime rumors are more of the same. Speculation started right after the release of the best-selling htc M8 and has continued for months now. We have continued to break-down all of the most likely scenarios as the following updates will show you the most likely to occur, and the most likely to not occur.

htc ONE M9 Prime Rumors

Probably the single most htc ONE M9 prime rumor is on the release date of the htc ONE M9 Prime. Rumors on the Prime concept were first reported to become a reality with the htc ONE M8 as the premium features would give consumers yet another reason to choose htc smartphones. As we all know, the htc ONE M8 Prime never materialized which brings us to the current rumors.

The overall design quality is expected enhance the overall concept as the standard version M9 is expected to be an aluminum and titanium build. The Prime is expected to have an exotic surround consisting of a liquid silicon and aluminum composite. Both phone exteriors is expected to maintain the sexy and sleek appeal that has become synonymous with the htc ONE concept.

Other rumors have been surrounding on the price of both, and primarily on the htc ONE M9 prime price. With the premium features, it was initially believed that price of the premium version would exceed the price of any smartphone. Some analysts were speculating a US Price that could top $1200 for the launch, but over the months the rumors on the price have become much more comparable with other premium releases. Consumers will be happy to know all the details on the expected price by country as detailed below.

htc ONE M9 Prime Specs

The specs of the M8 is currently one of the best of any smartphone, and the rumored enhancements will give us what we need the most. As smartphones have easily become the single most we depend on for virtually everything, creating something with the multi-tasking capabilities was a must.

Aside from the ability to handle a multitude of processes, we needed something that would have enough battery power, would be fast, would entertain us, and would have increased array of security features would all be necessary. Based on the current rumors and viable leaks, it would appear that htc has done all of the above.

The following specs for both the htc ONE M9 and htc ONE M9 Prime that are expected to be are disclosed below:

Specifications htc ONE M9 Specs htc ONE M9 Prime Specs
Battery 3200 mAh 4000 mAh
Camera Features DUO camera element, auto focus, optical zoom DUO camera element, auto focus, optical zoom
Camera – Front 5 MP 5 MP
Camera – Rear 13 MP 18 MP
Color Options Amber Gold, Glacial Silver, Gunmetal Grey Amber Gold, Glacial Silver, Gunmetal Grey
Features 7 mm thin aluminum and titanium surround, shockproof, and dustproof Liquid silicone and aluminum composite surround, waterproof, shockproof, dustproof
Memory 16, 32, and 64 GB internal memory 16, 32, and 64 GB internal memory and expandable to 128 GB with optional micro SD card
Operating System Android 5.0 Operating System Android 5.0 Operating System
Processor Quad-core Snapdragon Qualcomm 805 processor at 2.5 ghz Quad-core Snapdragon Qualcomm 05 processor at 2.5 ghz
Screen Display 5.2" Ultra HD 2K display, 1440 x 2560 screen resolution 5.5" Ultra HD 2K display, 1440 x 2560 screen resolution
Video 60 fps 60 fps

htc ONE M9 Prime Features

When comparing the features of the htc ONE M8, htc ONE M9, and the htc ONE M9 Prime features, we can instantly see the direction that htc is intending. There are significant upgrades as noted in both the upcoming 2015 releases as premium features can be found in both versions.

Some of the new features is the DUO camera elements, shockproof sensors, and dustproof feature. Both are expected to be featured in three different color options on launch day witht the likliehood of more coming after the launch. Reserved for the premium Prime, we are expecting to finally see a waterproof design and a much larger screen size.

We have hear numerous rumors on an eye scanner and a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner is more likely as this has been rumored in the original concept of the htc ONE M8 Prime. The technology is in place for htc, and is likely to be in the concept of both devices. As other smartphone releases have integrated added security features such as the Galaxy S series, integrating it in both the htc ONE M9 and Prime is the most likely scenario.

htc ONE M9 Prime Concept

htc has already speculated that they will be concentrating on giving a broad range of consumers the choice of buying exactly what they want. Having one version limits consumer decision making which is where the current rumors of having multiple variants comes into play. htc is hoping that offering multiple versions will maintain their current consumer base while also broadening their scope to other consumers.

The premium features of the Prime and the high quality surround coincides with the stance of htc looking to concentrate on higher quality devices. As they have already publicly announced their intentions with premium Android tablets only in 2015, the higher quality M9 fits the same concept. As the competition of smartphones will only increase in the coming years with over 5 billion smartphone owners expected by 2016, the higher quality htc ONE M9 concept makes the most sense.

htc ONE M9 Prime Price

If the different versions of the htc ONE M9 become a reality, this will be great news for consumers. The different prices reflective of the features will give consumers the choice of paying for what they really want. The specs will for the most part be the same for the different versions, but there will be a different price point for each.

Despite all the M9 concept changes, the price will remain competitive with the likes of the upcoming Galaxy S6, LG G4, and Sony Xperia Z4. There will be different price points as well for different memory options, but will remain comparable with other 2015 releases.

In the UK, we are expecting about 510 GPP, which equates to 650 Euro and $800 US dollars. For a complete list on the htc ONE M9 and the htc ONE M9 price by country, see the following:

Country htc ONE M9 Price htc ONE M9 Prime Price
Australia 950 Australian Dollar 1321 Australian Dollar
Austria 648 Euro 730 Euro
Brazil 2052 Brazilian Real 2297 Brazilian Real
Canada 911 Canadian Dollar 1024 Canadian Dollar
China 4920 Chinese Yuan 5535 Chinese Yuan
Denmark 4826 Danish Krone 5432 Danish Krone
England 511 British Pound Sterling 572 British Pound Sterling
Finland 648 Euro 730 Euro
France 648 Euro 730 Euro
Germany 648 Euro 730 Euro
Greece 648 Euro 730 Euro
Hong Kong 6202 Hong Kong Dollar 6977 Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary 199,000 Hungarian Forint 223,879 Hungarian Forint
India 49,458 Indian Rupee 55,669 Indian Rupee
Indonesia 9,833,600 Indonesian Rupiah 11,112,300 Indonesian Rupiah
Italy 648 Euro 730 Euro
Japan 95,552 Japanese Yen 107,725 Japanese Yen
Nigeria 143,640 Nigerian Naira 161,235 Nigerian Naira
Philippines 35,744 Philippine Peso 40,297 Philippine Peso
Poland 2697 Polish Zloty 3038 Polish Zloty
Russia 42,571 Russian Ruble 48,282 Russian Ruble
Singapore 1048 Singapore Dollar 1181 Singapore Dollar
South Africa 8949 South African Rand 10,090 South African Rand
South Korea 890,440 South Korean Won 1,002,141 South Korean Won
Spain 648 Euro 730 Euro
Sweden 6011 Swedish Krona 6767 Swedish Krona
Switzerland 780 Swiss Franc 879 Swiss Franc
Taiwan 24, 880 New Taiwan Dollar 28,057 New Taiwan Dollar
The Netherlands 648 Euro 730 Euro
United States $800 USD $900 USD

htc ONE M9 Prime Release Date

The rumors have been pretty consistent on the htc ONE M9 release date. The rumored March 2015 release date seems pretty likely when looking at the previous releases, and the premise of the current leaks.

It's been leaked that the htc ONE M9 Prime will be released approximately two weeks before the standard versions to increase consumer awareness in the new smartphone. There have also been numerous reports that htc will likely launch all versions on the same day which is probably the most likely scenario.

The Mobile World Congress annual event which is slated for Barcelona in the first week of March is expected to confirm what we've already been speculating on. We are in belief that the annual event will bring forth the official htc announcement on all versions of the htc ONE M9 as well as the release date.

Asian markets will see the M9 first as it is expected to be released in Korea, Japan, and China first. UK, India, and US consumers will see the release before the end of March with smaller worldwide markets seeing it during the month of April. The chart below is a complete list for the htc ONE M9 release date of many of the larger markets, and is contingent on both the standard M9 and Prime release date occurring at the same time.

Country htc ONE M9 Prime Release Date
Australia 1st Week April 2015
Austria 1st Week April 2015
Brazil 4th Week March 2015
Canada 4th Week March 2015
China 3rd Week March 2015
Denmark 1st Week April 2015
England 4th Week March 2015
Finland 1st Week April 2015
France 1st Week April 2015
Germany 1st Week April 2015
Greece 1st Week April 2015
Hong Kong 3rd Week March 2015
Hungary 1st Week April 2015
India 4th Week March 2015
Indonesia 1st Week April 2015
Italy 1st Week April 2015
Japan 3rd Week March 2015
Nigeria 1st Week April 2015
Philippines 3rd Week March 2015
Poland 1st Week April 2015
Russia 1st Week April 2015
Singapore 3rd Week March 2015
South Africa 2nd Week April 2015
South Korea 3rd Week March 2015
Spain 1st Week April 2015
Sweden 1st Week April 2015
Switzerland 1st Week April 2015
Taiwan 2nd Week April 2015
The Netherlands 4th Week March 2015
United States 4th Week March 2015

No matter how many versions of the M9 we see in in the coming year, we can only expect to see the very best. With what many are already regarding as one of the top smartphones for 2015, it will be interesting to see how the M9 ranks with other premier releases from some of the other top Android smartphone releases by Samsung, LG, Sony, and Motorola.

This bit on all htc ONE M9 rumors, specs, features, concept, price, presales, and release date updates gives you a great glimpse into what is sure to become a focal point of 2015 Android smartphone releases.
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