LeapBand vs Kidizoom: Kids Smartwatch and Activity Trackers

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Read the comparison of LeapFrog LeapBand vs vTech Kidizoom smartwatches and activity trackers for kids, to learn which one is the best in specs, features and price.

It is super exciting that vTech and LeapFrog have developed smart wearables watches for kids. We are providing the comparison of features and specs on both devices so that you can pick the one that best suits your child needs.

Should I buy the vTech Kidizoom smart watch or LeapFrog LeapBand for my kid? We often hear this question from parents. Don't worry we have the best advice on these great smart watches, that we are sure to help you out.

First, we have listed all the specs and features from both of these devices, showing you a whole picture of the specifications and capabilities of the Kidizoom Smartwatch and the LeapBand.

Then we'll provide your expert opnion on LeapBand vs Kidizoom in comparison section, to let you know which is the best smartwatch for kids.

vTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Specs, Feature and Price

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is the smartest watch for kids! Perfect for young photographers, this durable smartwatch makes it easy to take photos and record videos on the go. They can also use the touch screen to explore their creativity with fun photo effects, frames and filters. The watch helps kids learn how to tell time by letting them choose between digital and analog displays. They can also choose between more than 50 clock face designs. It also includes a timer and alarm with a variety of fun animations to choose from. A voice recorder lets kids record their voice and play with five voice-changing effects. The Smartwatch also includes four learning games with the ability to download more from Learning Lodge using the included micro USB cable, which can also be used to upload photos and videos as well as recharge the battery. The Kidizoom Smartwatch is also splash proof, making it perfect for veryday play. (Splash and sweat proof. Do not submerge and not suitable for showering or bathing). More than just a watch, it’s the Kidizoom Smartwatch.

First up, lets take a closer look at the vTech Kidizoom Smartwatch.

Kidizoom Smartwatch Specs

  1. 1.41" sensitive color touch screen
  2. Photo Resolution: 640 X 480 (0.3 MP)
  3. Video Resolution: 320 X 240 pixel or 160 X 120 pixel @15 fps
  4. Video Length limit per file: 60 seconds
  5. Focus Range: 1.5 feet
  6. Internal Memory: 128 MB built-in memory (shared with program
  7. Storage capacity:
  8. Photos: approx. 800
  9. Videos: approx. 6 minutes at 320 x 240 pixels, approx. 15 minutes at 160 X 120 pixels
  10. File Format: Photos: Standard Baseline JPEG
  11. Video: AVI (Motion JPEG)
  12. Micro USB 2.0 cable (included) for connection with computer
  13. Battery: Li-ion Polymer battery (battery is not replaceable)
  14. Compatible with Windows and Mac PC

Kidizoom Smartwatch Features

  1. Durable design
  2. Touch screen
  3. Camera with photo effects
  4. Video recorder
  5. 4 learning games
  6. Rechargeable
  7. Digital and analog watch displays
  8. Timer and alarm clock
  9. 50+ clock face designs
  10. Connects with VTech's Learning Lodge™
  11. Splash proof for everyday play (Splash and sweat proof. Do not submerge and not suitable for showering or bathing)

Kidizoom Smartwatch Price and Availability

Kidizoom Smartwatch Price is $59.99 available in Blue, White, Pink and Green colors recomended for the kids of 4-7 years age.

LeapFrog LeapBand Smartwatch Specs, Feature and Price

Discover the only activity tracker made for kids that encourages active play and healthy habits with 50 fun challenges, featuring a customizable pet pal: the LeapFrog LeapBand! Kids can earn energy points-then unlock rewards for being active, caring for a pet pal and completing challenges on LeapBand. It's fit made fun-just for kids! LeapBand comes with 10 imaginative and active play challenges, as well as 4 cool-down challenges. Plus, parents can easily add up to 36 more challenges in LeapFrog Connect so kids can have fun completing challenges like "Walk like a crab" or "Spin like a helicopter." The more active kids are with their LeapBand, the more fun they'll have with games and rewards. As they earn points, kids can unlock up to 8 pets; play up to level 10 with each pet before unlocking a new one! With each level of play, get rewards like a variety of toys for their pet. Keep kids engaged and learning with mini-games like Pet Boogie, and Pet Chef. In Pet Boogie, create and practice a pet dance; and in Pet Chef, help a pet collect food and make healthy snacks. Plus, they can play in their pet's world: Visit the Pet Parlor to pamper pets with a glitter soap bath, or collect new pet toy rewards in Pet Play.
Let's look at the LeapFrog LeapBand Smartwatch specs, features and price:

LeapBand Smartwatch Specs

  1. 1.44" LCD hi-res color screen
  2. Rechargeable li-polymer soft shell battery
  3. Accelerometer
  4. Micro USB 2.0 port
  5. Product dimensions 2.5Wx1.8Hx2D (inches)
  6. Packaged weight 0.5 (lbs)
  7. Wrist strap minimum 0.9Hx1.57W (inches)
  8. Wrist strap maximum 1.77Hx2.04W (inches)
  9. Compatible with PC and Mac Computer
  10. Water resistant

LeapBand Smartwatch Features

  1. Experience the first activity tracker made for kid - LeapBand is fit made fun.
  2. Preload LeapBand with 50 active challenges that get kids moving, like "Pounce like a lion"
  3. Parent controls on LeapFrog Connect make it easy to set play times, challenges and more.
  4. Encourages active play, nurturing and healthy choices.

LeapBand Smartwatch Price and Availability

Kidizoom Smartwatch Price is $39.99 available in Blue, Pink, and Green colors recomended for the kids of 4-7 years age.

LeapBand vs Kidizoom Smartwatch Comparison

A much desired GPS tracking feature is missing in both LeapBand vs Kidizoom smart watches. Let's compare LeapBand vs Kidizoom smartwatches to learn their advantages and disadvantages:

LeapBand Advantages are low price point is lower, parental controls are more substantial, more fitness oriented and water resistant.
LeapBand Disadvantages are no camera/video function, less game oriented and lack of voice recording function

Kidizoom Advantages are includes it's availability in white color, camera/video function, more game oriented, voice recording function abd splash proof.
Kidizoom Disadvantages are lack of effective parental controls, less fitness oriented, power switch is on back of watch and difficult to access.

I feel as though the video and camera function on the Kidizoom are great, but for a slightly older child with an expressed interest in media. LeapFrog is good for the kids who loves moving around and loves animals. Anything to get a child engaged and actively moving is an excellent thing. The LeapBand also have a "Silent Mode", "School Mode" and "Night Mode". During the School Mode and Night Mode no audio, animation, or gameplay is available but the LeapBand continues to track their motions.

The parental controls on the Kidizoom are limited in that the options per day are either 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or no time limit. While the parental control in it is more substantial.

Therefore, for parent who like to manage and organize their kids, the LeapFrog LeapBand is the smartwatch they should prefer to buy. What smartwatch are you interested in for your child? Please share your comment below!
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