Telenor 3G Service Review in Pakistan

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Telenor Pakistan, with its new 3G services, is presently second largest among the six major mobile service providers in Pakistan. It is a subsidiary of Telenor Group, which is a multinational Norwegian company in the telecommunications. It is one of the world’s largest companies of mobile telecommunications.

Telenor is also the most rapid growing cellular network in Pakistan, probably as a result of their great aggression in marketing and their advertising campaign.

Telenor 3G service started rolling out after winning a 3G spectrum license in an auction and was issued with 15 year valid 3G spectrum of 2x5 MHz in the band of 2100MH.

The 3G service arrival depicted the commencement of a new age of network connectivity in Pakistan. Before 3G service, merely 1 in every 10 Pakistani had internet access. While Telenor 35 million consumers in Pakistan were previously using the 2G, the number has significantly soared as a result of introduction of the new 3G services that cover 75 percent of its population.

Telenor 3G Service Review in Pakistan

The recent increased penetration of the 3G service is already gradually generating tangible economic benefits. Recently GSMA conducted a study which revealed that a substitution of 10 percent from the 2G network to 3G network increased the GDP per capita growth by approximately 0.2 percent.

The group further predicted that the deployment of 3G mobile services by Telenor, the second largest service provider this year will probably play a crucial role in Pakistan’s socioeconomic development since the present tele-density of cellular mobiles recently crossed 73 percent score in the country last November.

Telenor 3G Service Review in Pakistan

The Chief Technology Officer of Telenor Pakistan recently released a statement the primary achievement of up-gradation of the network improved customer’s experience and is giving greener network to the customers with reduced consumption of energy. He further revealed in the release of his statement that Key Performance Indicators (KPIS) of the network quality registered positive trends.

The adaptation of 3G by Telenor has been met with awe by consumers due to the exceptional internet speeds that gives smartphones the ability to browse faster than ever, seamless streaming of videos with the help of services like YouTube, endless and faster downloading of music and large files for instance email attachments. In general, Telenor 3G service enriches the overall multimedia experience in its areas of coverage. Once you are in the area of coverage, you do not need a mechanism of 3G activation it is by default available to customers.

Telenor 3G service has received quite some praise as a result of their relatively low priced packages for both the prepaid and post-paid users. There is also an interesting offer on the part of the prepaid users’ package, that after exceeding a maximum daily Rs.50 usage, no further cost will be incurred by the user, the user will continue browsing the internet for free until the day ends.

Telenor 3G service is exceptional in terms of speed as it has adapted the latest HSPA+ technology in its vast coverage. It will also have a positive impact on the country’s economy and its ability to provide greener network therefore reducing energy consumption is also a great plus. The only major disadvantage is that it does not cove the whole Pakistani region.
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