Best 3G Packages in Pakistan: Internet Speed, Coverage and Service

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Telenor, Zong, Mobilink and Ufone 3G networks services and packages are now available in several cities of Pakistan. Warid 4G LTE has recently been introduced.

3G Mobile network were launched in Pakistan on April 23, 2014 through Spectrum Auction. Mobilink, Ufone and Telenor were the three companies which received 3G service license only. Whereas China Mobile's Zong went for both got 3G and 4G license together. Warid telecom had already provision for 4G LTE under its existing license.

However, mobile internet users in Pakistan are still searching for the Best 3G Package in Pakistan. iTechWhiz thought to help them out finding answer by comparing Telenor vs Zong vs Ufone vs Mobilink 3G packages for high speeds, good network coverage, low tariff plans and good customer service.

These days, we often spend more time chatting with friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber and Skype messengers than making voice calls. Chances are that switching to the data plan that runs little risk of exceeding your fair usage policy (FUP) data transfer limit will be quite beneficial.

Since, 3G services will depend on the area you live in. Some areas might have 3G network feasibility, and some may not. Taking all these parameters into consideration, it difficult to find all of best things in a single network provider. Whatever may be the reason, the points is, mobile internet users should have good browsing experience at the end of the day.

Best 3G Packages in Pakistan: Internet Speed, Coverage and Service

Mobile service providers often cap usage under their data plans at a fixed level. Data usage above this threshold is charged aggressively by most service providers. These extra charges would quickly add up, given that loading a graphics-heavy web page or streaming can involve the transfer of a few megabytes of data (one megabyte is equal to 1024 kilobytes).

Best 3G Packages in Pakistan: Internet Speed, Coverage and Service

In Pakistan, Telenor, Ufone, Mobilink and Zong; all the four telecom operators are on a stiff competition to try and outdo each other in their 3G packages, internet speed, service quality and coverage.

Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone and Zong all have offered their 3G internet in Daily, Weekly, Monthly data packages. But, all of them have their limitations. To avoid confusion, in the following, we are listing all telecom companies 3g packages in alphabetical order, so it would be easy enough for you to cross compare the offerings of 3G offerings. At the end we'll provide our analysis of the Best 3G Packages in Pakistan by Telenor vs Zong vs Ufone vs Mobilink 3G packages comparison:

Mobilink 3G Packages

Mobilink has greatest official number of registered subscribers. After the launching, It started by leading with a single city given the area of coverage whilst on the contrary, Ufone showed major focus mostly in the country's urban parts. Both of the companies provided free 3G data plan services to their customers, which were levied after the official launch with formal authorisation from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).Ufone provides a fraction of faster speeds as indicated by some speed tests which were carried out. Mobilink, provides up to around 3Mbps speed, annoying quite a sum of their users.

Lately, company went aggressive with Mobilink 3G Packages by introducing new high volume bundles. Let's look at the wide range of Mobilink 3G packages for prepaid and postpaid customers on behalf of type and price:

Mobilink 3G Packages

Telenor 3G Packages

Telenor has also adapted the HSPA+ technology which is the best especially in quenching the customers thirst for browsing at exquisite speeds despite the fact that there are several limits for instance the network traffic, coverage, the users handset itself and the amount of service subscribers connected to the 3G network at specific time. Telenor is fastest growing cellaur network of Pakistan and stood 2nd in customer volume wise. Telenor always provide clean and easy package as compared to others. Let's have a look a Telenor 3G Packages below:

Telenor 3G Internet Packages (Prepaid)

PackagesChargesData LimitValiditySubscription Code
Daily BundleRs. 1550 MB1 Day*345*131#
Daily Plus BundleRs. 25100 MB1 Day*345*132#
3 Day BundleRs. 35200 MB3 Days*345*133#
Weekly BundleRs. 75500 MB7 Days*345*134#
Monthly BundleRs. 4003000 MB30 Days*345*135#
Monthly Plus BundleRs. 10008000 MB30 Days*345*136#

Telenor 3G Internet Packages (Postpaid)

3G BundleChargesData LimitValidity
Internet 100Rs. 100150 MB10 Days
Internet 200Rs. 200300 MB30 Days
Internet 350Rs. 350600 MB30 Days
Internet 600Rs. 6004000 MB30 Days
Internet 1000Rs. 10008000 MB30 Days

Ufone 3G Packages

Ufone, according to recent statistics, provides their users with a variety of very good and pocket-friendly for the post-paid users as well as their prepaid users. Ufone has come up with a variety of data packages including Ufone Prepaid 3G Packages and Ufone Postpaid 3G Packages to targeted every segment of customers as shown below:

Ufone Basic 3G Package (256 Kbps Speed)

3G PackageCharges (PKR)VolumeValidity (Days)Subscription Code
Half Day550 MB*20 Hours*810#
Daily1040 MB1*804#
Weekly50250 MB7*7811#
Monthly 1 GB2001 GB30*7807#
Monthly 1.5 GB2501.5 GB30*5506#
Monthly 3 GB5003 GB30*803#

Ufone Super 3G Package (512 Kbps Speed)

3G PackageCharges (PKR)VolumeValidity (Days)Subscription Code
Weekly75250 MB7*7814#
Monthly 1 GB4001 GB30*7809#
Monthly 1.5 GB5501.5 GB30*5507#
Monthly 3 GB8003 GB30*8031#

Ufone Ultra 3G Package (1 Mbps Speed)

3G PackageCharges (PKR)VolumeValidity (Days)Subscription Code
Weekly125250 MB7*7815#
Monthly 1 GB5501 GB30*7810#
Monthly 1.5 GB6751.5 GB30*5508#
Monthly 3 GB12503 GB30*8032#

Ufone Super Ultra 3G Package (3 Mbps Speed)

3G PackageCharges (PKR)VolumeValidity (Days)Subscription Code
Monthly 1 GB7251 GB30*813#
Monthly 1.5 GB9001.5 GB30*814#
Monthly 3 GB15003GB30*815#

Ufone Basic 3G Postpaid Package (256 Kbps Speed)

3G PackageCharges (PKR)VolumeValidity (Days)Subscription Code
Monthly 1 GB2001GB30*4547#
Monthly 3 GB5003GB30*805#

Ufone Super 3G Postpaid Package (512 Kbps Speed)

3G PackageCharges (PKR)VolumeValidity (Days)Subscription Code
Monthly 1 GB5001GB30*4548#
Monthly 3 GB8003GB30*806#

Ufone Ultra 3G Postpaid Package (3 Mbps Speed)

3G PackageCharges (PKR)VolumeValidity (Days)Subscription Code
Monthly 1 GB8001GB30*4549#
Monthly 3 GB12003GB30*807#

Zong 3G Service, Coverage and Speed

Unlike other service providers, Zong went for commercial launching, the other service providing companies unleashed a rather significant free trial period for their esteemed customers. Zong has deployed HSPA+ for the 3G service, whose capability of offers speeds that are theoretically up to 42Mbps for end users. Equipped with 3G+4G+LTE technology, below are the Zong 3G Packages:

Zong Super 3G Packages (Daily)

PackagePriceVolumeValiditySMS Activation
Daily MiniRs. 44 MB1 daySMS 'mini' to 6464
Daily BasicRs. 1030 MB1 daySMS 'db' to 6464
Daily PremiumRs. 2080 MB1 daySMS 'dp' to 6464

Zong Super 3G Packages (Weekly)

TypePackagePriceVolumeValiditySMS Activation
WeeklyWeekly PremiumRs. 70280 MB7 daysSMS 'weekly' to 6464

Zong Super 3G Packages (Monthly)

TypePackagePriceVolumeValiditySMS Activation
MonthlyMonthly Mini – 150 MBRs.50150 MB30 daysSMS 'm150mb' to 6464
Monthly Basic  – 500 MBRs. 150500 MB30 daysSMS 'm500mb' to 6464
Monthly Premium – 1GBRs.2501 GB30 daysSMS 'm1gb' to 6464
Monthly Premium – 2GBRs.3502 GB30 daysSMS 'm2gb' to 6464
Monthly Premium – 4GBRs.6504 GB30 daysSMS 'm4gb' to 6464

Zong 3G Bundle Add-Ons

Basic Add onRs. 1030MB10MBSMS 'ba' to 6464As per validity of data package
Premium Add onRs. 2080MB10MBSMS 'pa' to 6464As per validity of data package

Best 3G Packages: Telenor vs Zong vs Ufone vs Mobilink

We have seen a lots of 3G internet packages, introduced by the four Telecom companies of Pakistan. What is the Best 3G Packages in Pakistan? You can decide it yourself, that which packages suits you best, according to rates, usage and timing requirements.

Overall, Zong has the most affordable 3G internet packages but suits only to users living in big cities, due to lack of coverage in other cities. Zong has good basic and premium 3G internet packages but unfortunately have not coverage in majority locations in Pakistan. We recommend users to make confirmation of Zong 3G service availability in their city putting the Zong 3G data plans into use. This is the only disadvantage to the Zong 3G packages, despite of high speeds and cheap rates.

Telenor offers almost as much as Zong and coincidentally faces almost identical demerits as Zong. Mobilink, with highest number of subscribers, offers the most economical 3G internet packages. But it is at a disadvantage with regards to its very slow speeds that have even been reported by many users. Ufone general service is conventional for the average subscriber.
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