Apple iWatch Rumors: Coming out in October 2014 for $299

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Recent rumors about Apple iWatch report that the much awaited gadget is coming out in October 2014. You can checkout other details about Apple iWatch Release Date as well as about 6th generation iPod Touch 6G Releae Date and its brother iPod Nano 8th Generation Release Date.

iWatch launch date seems to be pretty far off but at least it has appeared. CTech has recently published a report on Friday that hints an iWatch October 2014 launch date for an estimated price tag of $299 that sounds quite affordable looking at Apple products pricing.

While there have been tons of rumors regarding Apple’s alleged plans to launch a smartwatch, the so-called “iWatch” is still surrounded in a thick layer of mystery. It is reportedly said that the Cupertino based tech titan is in fact testing two different prototypes of the iOS powered iWatch.

Apple iWatch Rumors: Coming out in October 2014 for $299

Previously, Apple CEO revealed that the company is considering the possibility of developing new products in areas where Apple is not currently invested. While this is hardly a confirmation that Apple is indeed working on the iWatch, it definitely feels like a pretty big hint. We could also get to see an Apple television set sometime in the future, but so far, evidence shows that the Cupertino-based company is definitely playing around with the idea of launching a wearable device, mainly an iWatch and a Google Glass like iGlasses Launch.

iWatch Wireless Charging, Bluetooth, Smaller but Longer Battery

Recently a Chinese website says that Apple iWatch will be able to support wireless charging from 3.2 feet away. PhoneArena interprets saying that the the wireless charging would not be based on Qi's standards, but would use a magnetic resonance system. In the same context, the same magnetic resonance technology is rumored to be used in Samsung's upcoming smartphones.

Thus if you have multiple chargers, you could placed them around your home or office, they may be able to boost the battery whenever you come in range.

Secondly, the new Bluetooth protocol recently patented by Apple, further hints that the company is working on its first smartwatch. This new Bluetooth protocol will significantly boost the battery life and efficiency, as it allows a device to be paired on demand only. Having a Bluetooth protocol that enables and disables itself at appropriate times could theoretically increase efficiency, and allow the company to fit a smaller battery on the iWatch.

Further, both these smartwatches are said to be equipped with a 100mAh battery. The battery capacity is far lesser than the one Samsung Galaxy Gear uses which is rated at 315mAh.

iWatch for Men and Women

Speaking of which, recent rumors have recently suggested that Apple could release two iWatch models, one for men, and the other for women. The iWatch for men would have a 1.7-inch display, whereas the iWatch for women would deliver a smaller 1.3-inch panel.

The smartwatch market is gaining grip, but while several manufacturers have already launched their wearable devices, there’s one big company that’s currently missing from the picture.

Rumors from earlier this year were suggesting that the iWatch could hit the market by the end of 2013, but the truth is, we’re definitely not going to see this gadget going on sale anytime soon. Apple tends to take its time when it comes to entering a new market segment, as there are a lot of aspects to consider and logistical issues to be dealt with.

If the device gets launched at the expected date, it would surely come against Sony SmartWatch2, Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and upcoming Google Nexus SmartWatch. However, the iWatch is one product which the company has not officially spoken about as of now. Thus nothing is confirmed which makes us take the news with a customary grain of salt.
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