htc ONE two 2014 Release Date, Specs and Rumors

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After a wonderful come back, htc ONE series is putting a very brave fight against Samsung Galaxy smartphones from Galaxy Note 3 vs htc ONE max to Galaxy S4 vs htc ONE.

Both Samsung Galaxy S4 and htc ONE cell phones had a mix success at year closing, considering the established smartphone success benchmarks. htc ONE had some issues with supply and Ultra-Pixel camera technology which are sorted very late. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S4 faced the criticism on design and build quality.

With both models still in the best smartphones of 2013, their charm is fading in the rumors of upcoming next generation successors.

Samsung is rumored to be coming with up with some excellent Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs in the first quarter of 2014. htc is also not far behind and is working on the htc ONE 2nd generation release date in 2014.

htc ONE proved to be a game changer device for the Taiwanese company. htc ONE is the device that brought its producer back in the spotlight on the victory stand beside Samsung and Apple. Recent htc ONE 2 rumors suggest that the company is going to move forward with its signature design, uni-body construction build quality and finish.

htc One 2nd gen 2014 Release Date, Specs and Rumors

htc ONE successor is being referred as htc TWO, htc ONE 2, htc ONE 2G, htc ONE 2nd Generation, htc ONE 2014 or htc M8 codename. Since the ONE is brand name for the flagship device, we expect htc won't change that, and will name its successor htc ONE 2 or simply htc ONE (2014).

htc ONE 2nd Generation Specs 2014

Whatever be the name of the new htc phone, the htc ONE 2 specs of the upcoming device is expected to sport include a 5 inch full QHD display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip along with the same UltraPixel camera. Another factor from the hardware side is the continuity of BoomSound speakers that give the current HTC One an edge over others in the market of its genre. Below are the detailed htc ONE 2 specs:
  • Design
    The design of the HTC One was its major USP thanks to its aluminum zero-gap body. It had solid built and gave the device a premium appeal. It was also different than the plethora of plastic body devices from other manufacturers. The HTC One 2 will also

  • Display
    According to various rumors, the successor to HTC One will sport a 5-inch display with the Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). This will result in high pixel density of 441 ppi. However, some rumors also indicate that the HTC One 2 will have a 5.2-inch display, which seems to be a bit larger than the 4.7-inch screen size of its predecessor.

  • Processor
    The HTC One was sitting right at the top with its powerful processor Snapdragon 600 till the time smartphone like Xperia Z1 and LG G2 replaced it. However, its successor will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor clocked at 2.26 GHz. It will be complemented by Adreno 330 graphics processing unit.

  • RAM
    Rumors indicate that the HTC One 2 will have a 3GB RAM, however we think it might be an overkill. We believe, it will have a 2GB RAM only.

  • Memory
    Similar to the HTC One, its successor will have an internal storage of 16GB or 32 GB, which will not be expandable because of the design.

  • Camera
    The HTC One was the first one to break the megapixels notion with its ultrapixel camera. The HTC One 2 will also sport the same ultrapixel with 4MP camera module.

  • Network and Connectivity
    The smartphone will have usual connectivity features like 2G/ 3G/ 4G support and Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS.

  • Operating System
    The HTC One 2 will be loaded with Android 4.4 KitKat having HTC’s proprietary customized interface Sense 6.0 UI.

htc ONE 2 Release Date 2014

Rumors about the htc ONE two release date and specs have been flying thick and fast, with the news of being scheduled in the early part of 2014, on any major tech events like CES 2014 and MWC 2014.

The htc ONE 2014 phone is coming with Android kitkat 4.4 and htc Sense 6 UI. But honestly speaking there is nothing confirmed at the moment about htc ONE 2nd generation release date.

In the court document filed at a UK patent judge office reveals that htc ONE two launch date is between February to March of 2014. According to BBC report, the documents reveals that the name of htc ONE successor is "htc ONE two". Below are the key points in the court document from the hearing which took place on November 28 and 29 of 2013:

From section 45:
htc is close to launching the successor flagship model to the htc One. Htc has not revealed the launch date. Nokia has adduced evidence which suggests that the launch date is in the first quarter of 2014 and possibly as early as February 2014. htc has not contradicted this.
From Section 81:
So far as the One is concerned, HTC's evidence is that the consequences of an immediate injunction will be catastrophic for its UK business because the One is its flagship model. HTC paints a dramatic picture of what will happen. I am bound to say that I am somewhat sceptical about this evidence given that HTC will shortly be launching its new flagship phone which cannot be assumed to infringe and therefore to be caught by the injunction. Nevertheless, I accept that there is a period between now and February or March 2014 when HTC is vulnerable. Furthermore, I accept that the damage which HTC will suffer if prevented from selling the One during this period will be both considerable and very difficult to quantify.

htc ONE 2 Rumors and Concept Video

Regardless of all the fans excitement and htc ONE 2 rumor mill running high, the details on the famous handset still remains blurred. However, using the tech grapevine, htc ONE 2 rumors and leaked images; techRadar has drawn an excellent 3D htc ONE 2 concept video:

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