Watch Dogs Release Date PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox1

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Watch Dogs Release Date is finally announced by Ubisoft to be 19th of November 2013. Read on to know more about the WatchDogs Release Date along with what can be expected from its Watch Dogs game play.

Watch Dogs 2013 is an upcoming Open World, Action-Adventure video game that includes concepts like information warfare and will be set in an alternate reality version of Chicago, Illinois.

The gameplay and trailer videos of the much anticipated video game show a game plot based in reality with no apparent special powers available to use. Instead you can take advantage of the communications within the city, hacking into computers, relying on your smartphone, and falling back on the gun in your pocket when necessary.

WatchDogs is coming out to PC, PS3 as well as on Microsoft Xbox 360. The new game is going to be launched on the next generation gaming consoles Sony PS4 and next Xbox 1 and Wii U 2013.

Ubisoft that is releasing the next episode of its top class game Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag, has confirmed that Watch Dogs is included in Sony PS4 launch titles.

Watch Dogs Release Date 2013 PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox ONE

Watch Dogs Release Date PS3, Xbox 360,PC

Here are the official Ubisoft Watch Dogs launch dates for various regions:
  • Watch Dogs Release Date in USA is 19 November 2013

  • Watch Dogs Release Date Australia is 21 November 2013

  • Watch Dogs Release Date UK and Europe is 22 November 2013

Watch Dogs Release Date PS4, Xbox 1, Wii U

A good thing about the Watch Dog launch dates are scheduled in a way that the game will be available on the next gen consoles PlayStation 4, Xbox One and WII U.

The Trailer of the game that unveiled at E3 2013 shows Aiden Pierce infiltrate a slavery ring as he deals with the leaders. The Watch Dogs game looks great on next-gen platforms from what the trailer and gameplay video show. Here under is the the world premier trailer Watch Dogs 2013:

Ubisoft has ensured that the players get a proper gaming experience. Through Watch Dog, Ubisoft will allow players to control main character Aiden Pearce who will have a unique ability to hack into multiple electronic devices which would be tied to the city's central operating system.

Watch Dogs Gameplay Trailer

The Watch Dogs Storyline of the game also looks unique and fresh as it will follow an anti-hero named Aiden Pearce who goes through various routines of fighting as well as hacking. You can also check out complete Watch Dogs gameplay trailer video below:

Watch Dogs will be one of the few games that will give the players a fair bit of an idea to know the difference between the graphics and eye candy in the current and next gen consoles.
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