5 Hitman Absolution Release Date, Gameplay Trailer for PS3, PC, Xbox 360

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5 Hitman Absolution Release Date, Gameplay Trailer  for PS3, PC, Xbox 360

Hitman 5 or Hitman: Absolution is a stealth game developed by IO Interactive, published by Square Enix. It is the 5th Hitman upcoming entry in the Hitman game series. The game will run on IO Interactive's proprietary Glacier 2 game engine, fusing classic Hitman game mechanics with brand new gameplay features.

According to Tore Blystad, 5 Hitman Game director at IO Interactive:
For the first time we are taking Agent 47 on a personal journey which allows us to explore other parts of the Hitman fantasy. This is both a familiar and yet significantly different experience from other Hitman games; something our silent assassins will relish, as will all those new to the Hitman world.

5 Hitman Absolution Trailer for PS3, PC, Xbox 360

Here under is the Hitman 5: Absolution Trailer for PS3, PC, Xbox 360. Hitman Absolution Trailer shows Agent 47 returns in the long-awaited next chapter of the Hitman franchise, Hitman 5: Absolution. Witness yourself the Silent Assassin's latest endeavor in the Spike Video Game Awards 2011 Trailer for Hitman 5 Absolution Trailer:

5 Hitman Absolution Gameplay Review

Betrayed by the only people he trusts and hunted by the police, the beautifully bald and barcoded Agent 47 navigates a vast conspiracy in Hitman: Absolution, the latest adventure for IO Interactive's killer-for-hire.

5 Hitman Absolution sees Agent 47 take on his most dangerous contract to date. He'll travel a corrupt and twisted world in order to get to the bottom of a dark conspiracy. Sounds like par for the course, really.

Unlike previous games, enemy patrol paths will be shorter and more organic, allowing Agent 47 to anticipate when the AI is going to do something, reducing the chance of the player getting randomly caught.

The threat meter has been given a revamp, allowing the players to discern where he has been spotted by indicators at the edges of a grey reticle in the center of the screen.

Additionally, Agent 47 can make use of weapons found within the environment. As environments are unique, Agent 47 will have a lot to work with on every mission.

Levels in the game will be divided into discrete checkpoints—much like Half-Life 2, rather than distinct map changes and loading screens. Every location will be contained within smaller sandboxes, allowing the developers to better control the game's pacing and bring more variety into the gameplay.

Unfortunately for fans of the old game, the game's soundtrack will not be scored by Jesper Kyd, nor will Agent 47's long time actor David Bateson be making a return.

More information about Hitman: Absolution is expected to surface in the months to come. Till then you can checkout this beautifull Hitman 5: Absolution Gameplay overview for PS3, PC, Xbox 360:

5 Hitman Absolution Release Date for PS3, PC, Xbox 360

Hitman 5: Absolution Release Date for PS3, PC, Xbox 360 is not officially announced yet by IO Interactive. However, 5 Hitman Absolution Release Date is set for 2012. iTechWhiz will keep you updated on Hitman 5: Absolution Release Date.
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  1. very xited about the release date this time i eexpect that the graphics will be more realistic

  2. This is very stupid "Release date 2012." it can be on december 31th 2012.Litle more respect you a here for as.


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