htc ONE mini Review: Specs, Price, Size, Camera, Battery

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With htc ONE in race with Samsung Galaxy S4 for the Best Smartphone of 2013, documentation released from O2 network, raveled that htc, the Taiwanese phone manufacturer is trying to capitalizing on this popular brand, with smaller htc ONE mini and larger htc ONE max variants of the flagship phone being teased by the German arm of network giant O2.

Samsung has already been producing variations of its flagship phone Galaxy S4, which includes 4.3 inches Galaxy S4 mini, waterproof Galaxy S4 Active and 10x optical zoom camera hosting Galaxy S4 Zoom.

The general rule with a mini version is that it retains the almost identical look to premium device with hardware specs slashed down. Despite the mini in name, these handsets are not exactly mini in nature with an average screen size of 4.3 inches making these handsets still bigger than the average phones.

The trend for cut price flagship smartphones was started by Samsung with Galaxy S3 mini in 2012, followed by the Galaxy S4 mini in 2013. Now htc ONE mini and a cheaper iPhone mini are also going to take advantage of that market.

htc ONE mini Review: Specs, Price, Size, Camera, Battery

Rumors of a One mini handset first arose in April 2013, with early reports naming the device as the HTC M4. htc ONE mini is recently confirmed from company official channel. To help you have an idea of what you might be able to get from the htc ONE mini we are providing a hand on review of its specification and features.

htc ONE mini Review of Specs, Feature and Price

htc ONE mini appears to a phone which looks markedly similar to its 4.7 inches flagship model, just scaled down to a more pocket friendly 4.3 inches size. Let have a look at the official htc ONE mini specs and features.

htc ONE mini Specs and Features

htc ONE mini features most of the htc ONE's elegant things into a smaller and more pocket-friendly package retaining all its beauty.
  1. htc ONE mini size and dimensions
    htc ONE mini is 5.2 inches in length, 2.5 inches in width and 0.36 inch in thickness. But thanks to its slim compact design it feels significantly portable compared to the original htc ONE phone. The original htc ONE weigh is 144 grams, compared to which htc ONE mini at 122 grams is 15 percent lighter. Once in hand, user can immaterially notice that htc mini has much frame short and narrow frame, as a result much easy to grip and pocket.

  2. htc ONE mini design
    htc ONE mini design, material and build quality is its main attraction over Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. The htc ONE mini inherits the premium metallic chassis from original htc ONE. The same easy to grip unibody construction for increased durability with solid aluminum body, provides protection against phone bending and cracking. However, unlike htc ONE phone with polished metal edges, htc ONE mini edges are lined by cheaper plastic polycarbonate material.

  3. htc ONE mini display
    htc ONE mini with 4.3 inches LCD display screen has 720pixel resolution at 341ppi pixel density compared with htc ONE's full HD 4.7 inches with 1080pixel resolution at 468ppi density. However, for a general user the difference between the two displays is hard to notice.

  4. htc ONE mini camera
    Like the HTC One, the One Mini equipped with the same 4MP ultrapixel sensor make use of the htc Image Sense too. The htc camera app itself is packed with shooting modes, filters, and settings. It also has HTC's Zoe image capture and sappy video highlight abilities. However, unlike original model, htc ONE mini lacks optical image stabilization that can result in weaker low-light performance and lower shutter speeds.

  5. htc ONE mini BoomSound speaker
    The mini htc ONE also has rear-mounted BoomSound stereo speakers. The speakers are slightly smaller, though they boasts the same ability having superb audio experience with each of its speakers powered by an amplifier.

  6. htc ONE mini processor
    htc ONE mini is powered by a scaled down dual-core 1.4GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, which puts it slightly below the 1.7GHz chip found in the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and almost half the processing power of its original model which features quad-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 chip.

  7. htc ONE mini RAM
    The htc ONE mini with 1GB memory has got its RAM slashed down to half of 2GB. With a dual-core chip and 1GB RAM, it run quite smooth for all the low to medium usage function. But overall, it gives a negative affect to the users with high processing application that demands speed and performance.

  8. htc ONE mini storage
    htc ONE mini carries the 16GB of internal storage good enough for storing pictures, music and media files. But like older brother it lacks a microSD slot.

  9. htc ONE mini battery
    For improved battery life, depending on what one will be doing with this Smartphone; htc ONE mini feature a 1700mAh battery able to guarantee longer battery life.

  10. htc ONE mini Operating software
    The htc ONE, the full sized model was launched with Android 4.1 with HTC One Android 4.2.2 update recently rolled out in UK. However, htc ONE mini phone features latest Google Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean running under the new htc Sense UI, direct from the box. You can find same HTC weather animations over the home screen with BlinkFeed news aggregator.
Just Like Galaxy S4 vs htc ONE, the new htc ONE mini is also going to face tough competition from the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, but htc ONE mini phone holds a lot of promise. htc ONE mini definitely impresses its user and is an excellent addition to htc family and seems to be a well return of the investment.

The slower processor is something to worry or not, its all up to your usage. However, to get it to the multiple carriers at the right price will be challenge for htc.

Galaxy S4 Mini vs htc ONE mini Specs Comparison

While at 4.3 inches 720p LCD display htc ONE mini might compete with Samsung Galaxy S4 mini with 4.3-inch qHD AMOLED display at 960x540 resolution. htc scaled down 1.4GHz dual-core CPU is less powerful than the Galaxy S4 mini's 1.7GHz dual-core offering.

Samsung GS4 Mini has 1.5GB RAM, which is less than its more powerful original version at 2GB, but still more than that of 1GB found in htc ONE mini.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini vs htc ONE mini specs

htc ONE mini Price

If Samsung's pricing regime for its mini handsets is anything to go by then you can expect the htc ONE mini to sport a mid to high-end price tag which will see it go head-to-head with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Sony Xperia SP, BlackBerry Q5 and Nokia Lumia 820.

The new htc ONE mini price ranging from $89 to maximum $129 will be good; anything costing beyond this point will be turned down by the costumers. HTC will be required to use all its influence on Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-mobile and other carriers in United States to bargain good packages, so that htc mini one beat Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.

htc ONE mini Release Date

Bloomberg has tentatively suggested that the HTC One Mini release date may be in August. But we see htc ONE mini release date coming in September 2013.
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