How to make Android Phone Faster without Rooting

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These are some smart fixes to make your Android Phone run Faster without any rooting needed. There are several tips and trick on how to make an Android mobile phone faster, increasing its speed and performance, making it work smoother and better. But could be only few tweaks that actually work with your handset.

There are some Android phones that run on few hundred megahertz processor with a limited RAM. While on the other hand there are hardware specs champions like Galaxy S4 or HTC One and new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Apple iPhone 6 or Google Nexus 5 that run on eight-core processors with several GB memories. Thus, its obvious for some of the Android phones to appear slow when compared to others.

But the main reason behind this is unlike an iPhone an Android phone is does not run the software and hardware from same manufacturer. Like Microsoft Windows installed on computers of various brands, Google Android smartphone operating system is installed on a variety of phone devices. The conflicts in software configuration and optimization results in slow performance of Android devices.

How to make Android Phone Faster without Rooting
Google Project Butter, included in the Android Jelly Bean 4.1 update was all about fixing most common issues from older firmware versions. Project Butter patch is also include in upcoming Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, mainly to makes the devices run smoother and more responsive to touch.

How to Run Android Phone Faster without Rooting

Android Phone Slow functioning can be very frustrating and annoying. There are few things you can do on the software settings end to reduce the pressure on the device hardware making it considerably faster. These following simple steps is all that you need to follow to make your phone or tablet run faster. These steps will go a long way in making your Android experience better. So let’s have a look at these tips:
  1. Using Task Killer Apps

    You can disable all the unwanted activities and apps with the Task Killer app. But you should be wise while using task killers. Do not use task killers to close all open apps at a time, close only unwanted apps like games and useless apps. Never force close apps like Gmail, gallery, etc. because it makes your phone lag as when you open those apps again, they needs to be loaded back again to your ram. So keep those apps open which you use often. The best task killer app I used is called Advanced Task Killer.

  2. Disable High-Speed Data and Background Sync

    Both the features – high-speed data connectivity and background syncing – make a device comparatively slow and drain its juice. You could install power control widgets on your desktop and control the high-speed internet and background syncing right from the desktop. Switch on these features only when you require them and when the work’s done, disable them. This trick will not only make your device faster but also help your battery to last longer.

  3. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

    This is one of those things that isn’t absolutely necessary, but will also definitely help speed up your phone a bit. You should make a list of usable apps and get rid of others. As a result there will be some free space for seamless running of other apps. To uninstall an app, go to the ‘Setting’ > ‘Applications’ > ‘Manage Applications’ (may vary) and uninstall it.

  4. Clean up Android Phone

    Cached files can readily build up on a smartphone or tablet, taking up vast amounts of excess storage space and make your android devices become so slow. Caches Cleaner App for android allows you to clean your android devices by removing unwanted files and histories etc. and boosts android speed as new. Several days ago, I have introduced you the 5 Best Caches Cleaner Apps for Android to clean up your Android device, just pick your favorite one.

  5. Restart your Android Cellphone

    Just restart your device if your android device suddenly gets slower while being used. It may not be a great option to opt for, but usually it works. Just switch it off and then again turn it on now check the device out.

  6. Remove Unnecessary Widgets, Limit widgets and app shortcuts

    Widgets may be useful, but Android users tend to overdue it sometimes. It is recommended that you use minimum number of widgets possible, so as to get maximum efficiency. Do not spam your homescreen with unwanted widgets and more app shortcuts.

  7. Do not use Live Wallpaper

    Yes, they’re cool. But it slows down your smartphone, especially those running older hardware! Live wallpaper takes up battery life (just like widgets) and since effectively it’s a video running in the background, it uses up RAM and processing power. Instead, go with a static wallpaper.

  8. Move Apps to SD Card

    If many apps are installed in the phones internal memory, they can slower your handset a lot. It is better to move some of your apps from your phones internal memory to your MMC card to free up phone memory.

  9. Use a Different Launcher

    The in-built launchers in Android phones are typically poor in interface as well as speed. You can try installing a different launcher such as Launcher Pro or ADW Launcher which will open your applications fast.

  10. Update Your Version

    The newer versions give better performance than the older versions. It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of Android if your phone supports and take advantage of the improvements.

  11. Installing a Custom ROM

    Installing a custom ROM like Cyanogenmod, or MIUI can give a major performance boost, as they will remove any bloatware, and have better launchers and essential apps to boot. This may be advanced, but will give one of the biggest performance boost.

Root and Overclock Android Phone to Increase Speed

Finally, like Jailbreaking iPhone, rooting Android phone has its own benefits. If you can checkout or guide to Root Galaxy S3 or Root HTC Evo 4G, Motorola Droid, HTC Wildfire, HTC Desire, HTC Aria and several other Android Phones.

Another trick to make Android Phone run faster is to root your phone, and then overclock it, with softwares such as SetCPU. This will slightly reduce battery life, but give your Android phone a major speed increase. However, you should be careful, so as to avoid bricking your phone.

Follow these simple guidelines and you can make your android handsets function faster.
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