Samsung Galaxy S4 Review Video: Specs and Looks

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Checkout new Samsung Galaxy S4 Review, Specs, Features and Price. The Galaxy S IV review video along with a couple of pictures has been posted on YouTube, by, which is a chinease forum.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs includes 13MP camera (actual 12.8 megapixels with 4128x3096), Android 4.2.1, Full HD (1920 x 1080) screen, 1.8GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. Here you can checkout complete Samsung GS4 Specs and Features.

The hands on video review shows a Samsung Galaxy SIV device, in an early most review. The first thing that the Samsung GS 4 review video reveals is that the device, at 4.99 inches looks very large like Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the thick 5 inches phablet. Further more, we can see a chrom rim around the edges like Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review Video: Specs and Looks

Galaxy S4 Review, Specs and Design

Despite of all users wishes, new Samsung Galaxy S4 carries few disappointments as weel. Device retains curvy corners and plastic back same from its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung GS4 first looks indicate that not much is changed on the design front, compared to the Galaxy S III.

The front of the handset is black, with the other side set in a gloss white - which does appear to agree with the black and white posters currently sitting in Times Square. It also has the same faux brushed-aluminium look as the previous Galaxy S3, and is obviously the same lightweight plastic.

On the back of the handset appears to be a dual-SIM slot, so this looks to be a variant that will probably have limited global distribution, as well as a microSD option to keep memory fans handy.

The hands-on video also gives the camera a brief whirl which shows some sort of burst mode and new look UI.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 does look a lot like the Meizu MX2 which happens to be a popular device in China at the moment. The video showing the Samsung Galaxy S4 is running an updated TouchWiz interface over Jelly Bean 4.2.1.

The hands-on video is also shows it is a WDCMA China Unicom version with dual SIM slots, suggesting it may be a carrier version that go out a little earlier then expected. Check out the video and let us know what you think. Is this the Samsung Galaxy S4 we’re going to see on Friday?

Samsung has posted the biggest tease yet for the upcoming Galaxy S4, partially revealing the front of the handset ahead of its unveiling on 14 March.

Samsung's photo looks to corroborate earlier leaked images that indicate not much will change on the hardware front, compared to the Galaxy S III.

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