Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 Specs Comparison

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View Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 Apple specs Comparison to learn which one will be the World's Best Smartphone in 2013, Q1 probably in march after the Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is essentially considered as the Smartphone of the future and mainly as the successor of Galaxy S3. Exquisite features and specs are essentially what makes top smartphones stand out. With Apple and Samsung being some of the best Smartphone producing companies it would be no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 is sure to generate lots of heated debates.

Either Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4? Which one will crown the title of World's Top Smartphone while both cellphone manufacturer are equally capable of producing quality phones.
Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 Specs Comparison
That's why its difficult to judge between Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 that which is the best. Both of the smartphones have their own specialty and features. Android Operating System is world famous while iOS rocks the US, UK and Canada markets where gadgets users love Apple products. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 Specs Comparison doesn’t contains benchmarking and drop test but some important specs and facts that might have value for our respected readers.

Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 Specs Comparison

There are many important factors that should be considered in Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 Specs Comparison. Let go through these one by one:

5 inches OLED display system is what Samsung Galaxy s4 is rumored to come with as compared to Apple iPhone 5 4 inches screen size which guarantees a resolution of 1136 x 640 resolutions. Both smartphones are multi-touch and have protection of Corning Gorilla Glass but iPhone 5 has additional screen protection of oleo-phobic coating. But with the 5 inches display for Galaxy S4 clarity and vividness is sure to be at its best.

Cameras have essentially changed the world of smartphones with phone manufacturing companies opting to incorporate more megapixels in their new products. Galaxy s4 is thought to come with an astonishing 13MP as compared to iPhone 5 8MP. With up to 4208 x 3120 of resolution high resolute pics are sure to be on the offing.

Considered as the perfect art of technology it is highly rumored that Galaxy S4 will roll into the market with high powered Quad-core Exynos processor. With this kind of processor high levels of Multi tasking at high speeds will be a must. iPhone 5 is mainly run on a dual core processor; it would be a matter of time before we know if it is up to the task as compared to the more able Quad-core Exynos by Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 also differ in terms of internal memories. iPhone 5 is able to offer a range of 16, 32 and 64GB. If rumors are to be true then iPhone 5 will essentially be a shadow of the more able 128GB of galaxy S4. Optimum amount of storage for videos apps and photos is sure to be at its best if this revelation is to come true .

The RAM is also another hotspot that is sure to generate lots of debate between Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. if rumors are to be believed then iPhone 5 will essentially be a shadow of Galaxy S4 which is preparing to roll with 3GB of RAM as compared to iPhone 5 1GB. Galaxy S4 is sure to guarantee more computing power at high speeds as compared to iPhone 5. The 3GB RAM is a clear indication that Samsung wants to incorporate more features in this smartphone.

Data Speed
Ultra fast wireless network is what essentially defines this two one of a kind smart phones. Samsung galaxy s4 will essentially be operated on the more able 4G LTE networks just the same as that of iPhone 5.Downloads speeds up to 100Mbps will be assured. This is absolutely sensational as compared to the 42Mbps offered by other smart phones.

The operating system’s also differs in these two phones as Galaxy s4 will roll into the market with Android 4.2 Jelly Beans operating system. This operating system is sure to enable download of a wide variety of apps thus increasing its experience. Other improvements on Galaxy S4 include the S-voice system with a Google chrome browser that would be sure to guarantee higher speeds as compared to iPhone 5 browser. Apple iPhone 5 on the hand runs on the new iOS 6 which also incorporates a wide variety of apps such s Siri and Facebook integration.

Samsung are also thought to be incorporating a bigger and juicy battery as compared to the one of Apple iPhone 5. This is geared to guarantee more run time due to the fact that this phone will have more features that require more power.

Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 Comparison Verdict!

The specification comparison of Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5 sound pretty one sided because of hardware generation gap. Apple iPhone 5 correlates to Samsung Galaxy S3 hardware class but comparing its hardware specifications with next generation Galaxy S4 is injustice. However, Apple iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S4 Specs Comparison could be a real match once both rival smartphones are out there in the market.

So far Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to be a clear winner if pitched against Apple iPhone 5. With Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date being set at early 2013, it’s a matter of time before Samsung unveil this one of a kind piece of magnificent smartphone technology.
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