Samsung brings Wireless Charging support with Galaxy S3

Wireless Chargers seems to be a very near future reality with Samsung Wireless Charging technology support in Galaxy S3, the new iPhone competitor smartphone, a move that will ultimately force the Apple to follow the course with iPhone Wireless Charging support.

Samsung and Qualcomm, two global leaders in electronics, announced the creation of a strategic alliance to accelerate the deployment of wireless charging for mobile devices of all kinds.

The Alliance for Wireless Power, or as it were, the Alliance for wireless energy, try to convince other manufacturers to use components favoring the emergence of these charging solutions replacing USB cables and power plugs by waves able to recharge their cell distance.

Samsung brings Wireless Charging support with Galaxy S3

Wireless Charging Technology Future Applications

Wireless Charging Technology has numerous opportunities for it beyond the laptops and smartphones. Think electric cars, manufacturers such as Nissan have already in their cardboard prototypes of wireless charging terminals for electric motor vehicles and lithium ion batteries. We have been talking about Witricity, the Wireless Electricity Technology, its Concept, Applications and Future.

Now the Alliance also cites the example of a next generation of Bluetooth accessories can then take to the same wireless signal emitted by the digital tablet or smartphone which they are paired.

Furthermore both U.S. and Korean manufacturers, the Alliance already includes specialized companies like Powermat, which sells for two years already such wireless terminals.

The problem for these companies is that other manufacturers do not think to include the components necessary for the emergence of this new technology.

Wireless Charging in Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung has added the basic wireless charging support in its recently released Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, which will be marketed this summer, will be sold automatically with a load board wireless. Galaxy comes with built in wireless charging skills using a charging pad that uses magnetic resonance, an inductive charging instead of old fashioned wires to spice up the Samsung Galaxy S3 with next-gen accessories to accompany. With the Wireless Charging Kit users will be able to charge their Samsung Galaxy S3 by placing the smartphone on a charging pad.

It would be one of the first devices of its kind, but the Alliance says that by 2015 we can count over 100 million devices worldwide that are compatible with one form or another wireless charging.
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