Best of HTML5 Games: Play BrowserQuest Free Online

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BrowserQuest is one of the Best HTML5 Games. With this Free Browser Game, Mozilla Foundation proves that it is possible to create multiplayer role-playing games based on only web development technologies.

Mozilla BrowserQuest, the new free online web browser based role-playing game, draws heavily on the graphics of legendary games like the first Zelda, Final Fantasy and Secret of Mana.

BrowserQuest is compatible with all modern browsers e.g. IE, Chrome, Safari as well as web, iPhone, iPad and Android version of Firefox.

BrowserQuest proposes to encompasses some twenty villagers instructed to complete objectives while interacting with other players connected simultaneously, thanks to the integrated chat system. It has a life span of an hour. As explained by Mozilla itself:
You play a young warrior motivated by the sense of adventure. No princess to save, just a world full of treasures to be discovered. BrowserQuest is a demonstration of how web technologies can be used today to create a multiplayer game in real time in one single page.
Best of HTML5 Games: Play BrowserQuest Free Online

Developed by French studio Little Workshop, BrowserQuest allows the foundation to highlight the advantages of web applications based on standard technologies. Indeed, the game is designed using web technologies recognized by most of the modern browsers such as HTML5, JavaScript and WebSockets. This Free Browser Game shows the ability of modern browsers to make it easy for web developers to create interactive multimedia applications and applications without having to think making plugins.

WebSockets is a technology that allows the web browser and the web server to exchange information quickly. Consistent with the philosophy of the Mozilla foundation, BrowserQuest is an Open Source game. Its code can be copied, reused and improved by other developers provided they redistribute it under the same license.

BrowserQuest: HTML5 Game Multiplayer Demo

For over a year, the Mozilla Foundation promotes web applications. These allow the users and the developers to be independent of an operating system and create applications compatible with as many devices as possible. In addition, Mozilla is working on an entirely web based operating system for smartphones.

You can play this Free Browser Game here.
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