Leap Motion: Kinnect style 3D Gesture based Hands free PC Control

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LeapMotion has just announced by Leap, the Gesture based motion sensor controller, with which you can control you PC hands free, like Kinect for Windows.

Leap Motion PC Controller may not be the ultimate choice, in comparisons with Microsoft Kinect, but is definitely way cheaper than it. Aimed to be marketed at $70, with Leap Motion Controller, Leap has challenged the Microsoft hottest selling product base.

With the new LeapMotion Controller, that will not only control your computer, this seems to be the stuff of Tom Cruise in Minority Report or Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark camping in Iron Man. But believe it or not, everyone will soon control a computer, draw objects, process documents with hand gesture, without actually physically touching keyboard or touch screens.

The applications of remote gestures controllers are far beyond the dreams of kid's video games or technology enthusiasts. The advent of gesture control has made ​​a very promising start with Kinect, once offered with the Microsoft Xbox 360 game console. But the development of such devices has gone beyond the simple use of game plating.

Leap Motion: Kinnect style 3D Gesture based Hands free PC Control

LeapMotion 3D Controller for PC challenged Kinect

LeapMotion 3D Controller offers a totally new way to interact with your PC. It is more accurate than a mouse, as reliable as a keyboard and more sensitive than a touchscreen. With the help of it, you can control your computer in three dimensions (3D) with your natural hand and finger movements:

Future Motion Controller Technology for TV

Development of accessories, enclosures or webcam, allowing for the characteristics of a touch screen on a conventional screen also opens the door to new applications. Although, initially, it was mainly the publishers of video games that should exploit the possibilities of this new technology.

TV makers have all embarked on the adventure of the TV connected without having solved a fundamental problem: that is of the remote. LG has equipped its latest Television models with a remote gyro. Samsung has made ​​itself a challenge to develop and test a remote gesture controller solution.

The idea of controlling TV without remote, with gestures and voice commands seems to be a promising one. For example, Other than the typical action of turning up the volume or changing channels on the television, we can comfortably say that future TV is going to have an ability to surf and search the internet. Then on television screen, with the help of this motion and gesture controller, we can move from one page to another webpage hand free.

LeapMotion Release Date and Price

You can pre-order the device for $69.99, or substantially less than the $249 that Microsoft is currently charging for Kinect for Windows PC. The Leap Motion's Leapfrog is expected to released by the end of the year 2012, or the beginning of 2013.
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