VirTra 300 LE: Police Training Simulator with Real time Panoramic FPS View

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VirTra 300 LE is one of the best inventions to date. It is a Police Training Simulator with Real time Panoramic View having features like recordings of actors and configurable target practice , allows to prepare officers and soldiers to hostage situations, assaults and many other equally dangerous. In the activities of risk or highly complex training methods have no limits when implementing the technology in its most advanced and accessible. Special forces and some police or military use both physical and digital simulators to train for action.

It is of popular knowledge about some first person shooter video games and simulators that serve to recreate scenarios where the pilots of aircraft, rocket or race cars can earn hours and miles of experience dealing with simulations available now days. When you think about the police and military forces, yet we keep imagining these miscreants painted stage sets made ​​of cardboard peeking violently to the officers and soldiers down with one stone. However, the new generation of police and military have other tools, such as a 300-degree panoramic simulator in high definition to provide a realistic way to practice safely in scenarios where the use of force would be a matter of life and Death.

VirTra 300 LE: Police Training Simulator with Real time Panoramic FPS View

VirTra 300 LE: Police Training Simulator with Real time Panoramic FPS View

The VirTra 300 LE is a type of simulator hexagonal having 5 of its sides populated by high-definition big screens that surround the officer or soldier and make him feel the rigor of an antagonistic environment where they unleash a particular risk situation. The current simulator video systems have multiple emulation of situations, but the existing variety does not play the virtual environment and nature so much less space and creates the sensation that achieves sensory VirTra 300 LE .

The panoramic view simulator is complemented by a sound system enclosure that will shake the officer and put in a situation quickly. The system can be used with one or more participants at once, and the screens will play a recording with real actors that provide certain condiments of action and interaction to those who are in front. The system offers multiple configurations, such as night scenes with the use of flashlights, training recoil and reload weapons, different scoring systems for novice users or experts, etc.

With a technical support team to check that everything is working fine and generating scenarios and situations that the officers did not know, the system VirTra 300 Le functions as a portal to the action where the bullets do not hurt and the psychological impact of sensory experience are so vivid that officers learn better the operations and instructions for deployment to an emergency situation. Being used at Gander Mountain Forces Training Academy in Lakeland, Florida, this simulators operations for military and police training (with different challenges and characteristics) reminds a similar experience used in the block buster video game the Battlefield 3.

We believe that the merger of two very important projects could emerge a better and more safe future for armed forces and citizens, however how long the adaptation of this new police training technology will taake, can not be predicted. What do you think of these tools to train the skills of those who supposedly have the job of protecting you?
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