Intel Cove Point (Letexo): hybrid Tablet Ultrabook Specs and Price

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Intel Cove Point The hybrid Tablet is seems like someone at Intel has collected the developments that have been floating around the Web over the past days. Beyond the initial doubts, the prototype initially known as Intel Letexo has now been renamed the Intel Cove Point. The hybrid between tablet and Ultrabook is the next evolutionary leap in the format created by Intel, and although it will have a more than solid hardware, this will also require some compromise as far as price is concerned.

Intel Cove Point (Letexo) hybrid Tablet Ultrabook Specs, Features and Price

A move for reasons by Intel, since the hybrid has been well received by the network of networks, but you could say the name made ​​us remember typewriters and drugs. The name Intel has assigned to its prototype reference is Cove Point, but imagine that it will not be used in final products, but is interpreted as a variant of Ultrabook format. 

Intel Cove Point hybrid Tablet Ultrabook Specs and Features

According to Intel sources, never arbitrarily established a Ultrabook must be "clamshell" and Cove Point is simply the product of evolution over time. The presence of the tablets can not be denied, as consumer demand.

On the hardware side, confirming the presence of the two USB 3.0 ports and HDMI port, but also added to the list of the platform using 22-nanometer Ivy Bridge (which should arrive within a few months) and a 12.5 inch screen. The size is reasonable for a Ultrabook, and is sure to meet all the demands of resolution Windows 8 , but although it is likely that some users feel comfortable using a laptop Cove Point in tablet mode with a screen this big, it's a detail I definitely will be reflected in the weight of the device, neglected so far. Another fact that is not known is the battery, however, we should expect good numbers of thanks to Ivy Bridge processor.

Intel Cove Point Price

The estimated price for the hybrid Cove Point that said Gary Richman, Director of Marketing for the "Division of Customer Solutions Computer", lies in the range of one thousand dollars. This would be the average was calculated for the initial models of Ultrabooks, although there are models that float in $ 700 in the U.S. market. 

Obviously we are talking about different hardware, with the important addition of operation in tablet mode, and while not look so grand outlandish, will impact on the speed of adoption. If the idea behind the reference model is to compete against Apple on two fronts, both Intel and OEMs (and by extension Microsoft) should make every effort to ensure that the Cove Point Ultrabooks are attractive. Needless to say, the price is always a good place to start.
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