Future Technology Flying Cars: PAL-V Voiture Volante & Terrafugia Transition

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Get ready for Terrafugia Transition and PAL-V Voiture Volante "Flying Dutchman" Future Technology Flying Cars. You will be able to drive these hybrid vehicles on the road from home to the airport, then take off the flight and then land back while driving to your destination, fulfilling your dreams of an all in one transport package.

Future Technology Flying Cars: PAL-V Voiture Volante & Terrafugia Transition

What is Voiture Volante or Future Technology Flying Car?

The flying Car (Voiture Volante) is the class of hybrid vehicle having mixed characteristics of both an airplane and the road running automobile.

Because Auto mode allows the door to door and access to housing areas without too dense or aerodrome, Airplane mode allows you to travel great distances normally higher in better standards of comfort and speed and also the shipping areas or roadless.

Future Technology Flying Car Challenges

But the shortcomings inherent in each mode, often contradictory, must be taken into account. The challenges while developing such hybrid Future Technology Flying Cars includes weight / power ratio of an automobile is much higher than the equivalent ratio of an aircraft: the engine of the airplane mode is oversized for the auto mode.

Secondly a road vehicle must have a structure and a ground ensuring its safety , proper handling and comply with traffic regulations (size and equipment). The structure of an aircraft, linked to its wing and its drive mechanism is biased in flight and non-rolling. The aircraft engine must operate at altitudes and temperatures unknowns of a motor vehicle which itself usually needs a motorized flexible, efficient and silent. Lastly in order to successfully drive such Voiture Volante demands high skills, knowledge and abilities from its driver.

PAL-V Voiture Volante Future Technology Flying Cars

Is this what they call a Flying Dutchman...? Well, the Personal Air and Land Vehicle (PAL-V) following a test flight in 2009, has just proved it can handle the skies as well as the highway, both at up to 180 kilometres (112 miles) per hour, its Dutch developers said Tuesday. Personal Air and Land Vehicle (PAL-V Voiture Volante) is a gyrocopter That can fly as far as 500 kilometers (315 miles) at an altitude of up to 4,000 feet (1,200 meters).

Future Technology Flying Cars: PAL-V Voiture Volante

PAL-V Voiture Volante Future Technology Flying Car lands, it transforms its rotor blades into a three wheeled road vehicle with a range of 1,200 kilometres.

Trrafugia Transition Future Technology Flying Cars

Terrafugia Transition is one of the candidate Future Technology Flying Cars which also made ​successfully ​its test first flight in 2009. This vehicle designed by a U.S. company has obtained the necessary waivers (exceeding 50 kg weight limit authorized by the FAA) are essential to its road homologation in June 2010. Terrafugia Transition Future Technology Flying Cars model has received FAA certification in late August 2010 in the Light Sport Aircraft category.
Future Technology Flying Cars: Trrafugia Transition

Terrafugia Transition Flying Car, which reached an altitude of 1400 feet, has a 23-gallon gas tank and can refuel at the average gas station. Terrafugia Transition is demonstrating a live landing this week at New York Auto Show 2012. The Woborn manufacturer has already received 100+ preorders for Terrafugia Transition Flying Car. This $279,000 dual-use transport sports folding wings and rugged, all-terrain wheels for a smoothly driveway, roadway and runway.
Terrafugia company hopes to release its Terrafugia Transition Flying Car first model before the end of 2012.
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  1. OMG!! What a waste of time and materials . When will humans learn that our primitive technologies using fossil fuel will never get us anywhere!...How about our retarded scientist try figuring out the anti gravity and other ET technology ! then i would go and buy a flying car with that tech..


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