BlackBerry Bold 9900 Review of Price, Specs Pros and Cons

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 has great likings despite of the fact that the boat of its manufacturer, Research in Motion (RIM) is sinking, evident from its recent decision of pulling out of consumer market and focusing on there corporate customers. So we thought to bring a BlackBerry Bold 9900 Review of Specs Pros and Cons for those of our readers who are still in love with BlackBerry smartphones.
BlackBerry Bold 9900 Review of Price, Specs Pros and ConsBlackBerry Bold 9900 has come up with the latest in their greatest “Bold” series. That’s right folks! All you classy smartphone lovers, we are reviewing the powerhouse of corporate gadgets. The low point for BlackBerries has always been that they were too much bland and serious – but not anymore! The release of Bold 9900 this May has landed RIM in the field of user friendly, colorful and of course, eye catching cellular smartphones. Be prepared for the ultimate shock as this latest offspring is nothing short of a surprise, as this BlackBerry Bold 9900 Review of Specs Pros and Cons will also aim to explain.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Specs and Features to Woo You

Now that we have started off on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 review, it is essential to know exactly what is so new in this latest gadget by the Canadian company. For a kick start, how about the 1.2GHz processor it comes with? With a built in 8GB memory and optional card slot up to 32GB, you can store heavily. It is also loaded with a 768 MB RAM, ensuring that the latest OS7 will work fluently.

Another thing to note in this BlackBerry Bold 9900 review is the screen. The Bold 9900 comes with a lush display of 2.8 inches and 16M colors. It is a capacitive touch screen, meaning you can directly start clicking on the screen to use the apps. The new OS7 supports a trackpad and Bold 9900 has perhaps one of the best trackpads that we have had the privilege to use. Moving a little further down, you set your eyes on the beautiful keypad. Bold series has always had the very best keypad in the world of smartphones and the Bold 9900 is no stranger to this.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Messaging is a treat and you will effortlessly get hooked to it. Much to our delight, the new Bold 9900 is not just great to look at, but also has some of the best multimedia options. It boasts with a High Definition 5MP camera that records videos at an impressive 720p rate. This gadget has DivX and XviD playback support and has a comprehensive Office documents editor. 3.5mm audio jack and an exquisite solid build quality make Bold 9900 a heavy package. This phone also comes with the best security options, needless to say.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Cons and Shortcomings

Just as with all of its predecessors, the Bold 9900 requires BlackBerry Internet Service account to be enjoyed to the max. There is no video call camera and the camera that it has comes with fixed focus and a rather outdated interface. Two of the major flaws that we found when we did the BlackBerry Bold 9900 review are that it does not have the Flash support which is a staple for Android powered phones and also lacks an FM player, which is such a basic thing nowadays.

Final Words on BlackBerry Bold 9900 Review of Price, Specs Pros and Cons

It is quite visible that the pros outweigh the cons and even though the price tag is a little steep (currently around $550 USD), it is quite worth every cent.
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