Konami PES 2012 for PC, PS3, xBox Release Date and Demo

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (PES 2012), also known as World Soccer: Winning Eleven 2012 in Asia is the eleventh edition in the Pro Evolution Soccer series developed and published by Konami.

Konami has announced the Japan, UK and European Release Date of PES 2012 for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PSP and iOS.

The game features Revamped AI, particualrly in defence, as well as a Teammate Control System that lets you move two players simultaneously.

Jon Murphy, PES Team Leader at Konami, provoking their direct competitor Electronic Art (EA), termed PES 2012 as "The Most Ambitious and Advanced Football Game Ever":
PES 2012 is a massive advance for the football genre, truly the most ambitious and advanced football game ever. The additions we have made in terms of Teammate Control, Active AI and Off the Ball Control and elevate the level of play to new heights. No other game allows users so much control over their team, and PES 2012 ensures that the days of gaps in defence and shouting at teammates to make a run are long gone.
Like previous versions of the game, it will be exclusively licensed by UEFA to contain the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup competitions along with a license from CONMEBOL to feature the Copa Santander Libertadores. Referees' governing UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup matches will wear the official UEFA Champions League uniforms, which is a first for the series.

Konami PES 2012 Gameplay Features

PES 2012's gameplay is primarily a refinement of PES 2011, with fewer big changes than the previous iteration but many smaller improvements and changes in areas such as artificial intelligence, speed, animation, and physics.

Among the new features is the Teammate Control system, where a secondary player may be controlled, either during play, or at a set piece or throw-in. This allows players to be placed precisely, make runs, and shake off markers before calling for the ball. Manual and assisted versions of the feature are available for varying degrees of difficulty and control.

Refereeing has been improved and includes a full implementation of the advantage rule, with the referee pulling back play for bookings after the ball goes out of play. The "catch-up bug", where defenders would catch dribbling attackers too easily, regardless of the attacker's pace, will be addressed. Gameplay is more fluid, with better response when controlling the ball, and goalkeepers have been improved with new animations and generally more reliable goalkeeping performances.

Artificial intelligence has been improved over previous PES games, for example AI players will play more thoughtfully when defending rather than simply applying pressure, and AI teammates will make more intelligent movement decisions.

Konami PES 2012 Demo for PC, PS3, xBox

There will be two demos, both of which will be available for the PlayStation3, Xbox 360 and PC. The first is based on a preview build of the game and was released on August 24, 2011 for PlayStation 3 and PC, though has been delayed on the Xbox 360 until September. Here you can Download PES 2012 Demo for PC and PS3. The 1.24GB Playable Demo Download is mirrored on GH and CGO.ro. The second demo will be based on the finished game and will be released in mid-September.

Konami PES 2012 Release Date for PC, PS3, xBox

On July 28, 2011, Konami confirmed that PES 2012 will be released for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows on October 14, 2011 in Europe and October 6, 2011 in Japan.

At Gamescom 2011 it was announced that the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2 versions will follow on October 28, 2011 and the Nintendo Wii on November 4, 2011. The publisher has also confirmed that versions for Nintendo 3DS and iOS formats are also in development, with firm dates to follow.

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date is planned after Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 launch, coming out in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

All in the Apple Cult, including AppleInsider are chalking out some iPhone 7 Features and specs, the Apple iPhone 7th generation is rumored to be coming with.

Apple has consistently set the pace and trends in the Smartphone business and is sure to be even better with the release of iPhone 7G.

I hope some of you guys still remember the huge uproar created by the wonderful Apple iPhone 5 Info-graphic concluding all the Rumors and Possibilities in a single image, by D√ľne and Soso from French blog NoWhereElse, which later become very popular.
The info-graphic showed a number of changes that might happen to the next generation iPhone 5 and also gives a percentage of how likelihood of the feature to be available on the New iPhone 5.
All these rumors and creative info-graphics that make some sense, somehow play their role in sharing and shaping of user opinion and expectation about a certain technology. Which in turn influence that Technology Product Development itself, due to the fact that developed of the tech products draw their inspiration from community ideas. Technology products made in isolation without taking market flavors into consideration, are unlikely to be a commercial success.

Apple iPhone 7G Release Date, Features, Price and Rumors about Next Generation iPhone

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date

When will be the Apple iPhone 7 Release date? It’s a million dollar question definitely. Well, I guess it could be somewhere in late 2014 or early 2015, at least two years from iPhone 5 release date.

Why? Because, the year 2012 witnessed iPhone 5 release in october, reserving the whole Q3 2012 for roll-out of Apple iPhone 5. To Apple, 2013 could be an even busier year for Apple iPhone 5S Launch in the mid and then Apple 6th Generation iPhone 6 Release by the end of 2013. Therefore, 2014 or 2015 would be the time, for the world to witness the next 7th Generation revolutionary smartphone technologies.

Apple is in custom with releasing its new Cell Phone Device versions, almost every year in second of third quarter. With other factors remain constant, August - October 2015 will the time when we should expect an iPhone 7 Release. Let's expect it.

iPhone 7 Features, Specs and Rumors

When you thought you had seen it all with iPhone 5 and the yet to be released iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, then you are sure to be even amazed with iPhone 7 features that Apple is going to offer you with its 7th generation iPhone in 2015 when it will hit the market. Here are the few highlights:
  1. Larger Display without Home Button

    You can surely expect screen of Apple iPhone 7 to be much better then iPhone 5. There are several manufacturing quality complaints received regarding poor screen of iPhone 5, so apple will surely work on this and get your more user friendly screen options with next generation display technology.

    With Apple iPhone 7, an edge to edge screen is a must with the entire face of the iPhone expected to be a screen thereby eliminating the physical home button.

  2. Next Gen iPhone 7 with 20MP Camera

    Apple iPhone 7th generation is expected to feature a 20 MP rear camera with 1080 pixel HD recording and a 8MP front facing camera might not be a big deal for Apple iPhone 7.

  3. Apple iPhone 7 A8 Processor

    As the storage capacity and technology of the Apple iPhone 7 increased you will also need a fast processor to carry on your activities, hence we are expecting apple to use much advanced processor for example quard core A8 chip or better.

  4. 256GB Memory with iPhone 7G

    Storage capacity of Apple iPhone 7 is expected to increase up-to 256 GB model, which is much more than current versions on iPhone. You never know, apple may come up with the technology which allows you to do unlimited storage.

  5. Apple iPhone 7 4G

    With the release of any new Apple device new features and functions has always been the end result and this is sure to be with iPhone 7. Apple iPhone 7G is sure to include the 4G network both on AT&T and spirit 4G networks.

  6. iPhone 7 Projector

    iPhone 7 is the future Smartphone with Futuristic features and specs. This is even more exciting with rumors suggesting it will include an integrated projector . This is a possibility as Apple was thought to be working on building an in built projector to feature in its iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

    Building of a projector inside a device is sure to bring lots of reactions from experts and fans due to the sole reason of the amount of power the device will need to have so as to run it. The fact remains; it will be a cool feature if Apple is able to perfectly install this feature while still maintaining the viability and efficiency of the device in terms of power. If it becomes a reality then it is sure to be the appealing feature with many people

    The rumors even get ripe with Apples filling patent for the Projector. Detailed diagrams surfaced clearly showing Apple devices iPhone and iPad projecting directly onto a wall while laying flat on a table.. The diagrams also indicated that Apple must be working on an external projector to be used solely in MacBooks. The external projector will be USB Based.

  7. iPhone 7 Longer Battery

    iPhone 7 with be powered by the new longer battery technology that make use of organic materials to replace Li-On batteries. Apple iPhone 7 Battery life will be extended with a new and highly capable battery that is sure to accommodate all the additional features that iPhone 7th generation is to feature .

  8. Apple iOS 8 with More Applications

    You can surely expect another thousand of very useful applications in Apple iPhone 7, all developers are working really hard to make more useful applications which will make your iPhone better than other similar brands.

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date, Features, Price and Rumors about Next Generation iPhone

Apple iPhone 7 Price

With advanced technology, new features, fast processor, and virtually unlimited storage (most probably coming through cloud), iPhone 7 prices are going to be slightly over the current worth of Apple iPhone 6, which is expected to $649 to $849 for iPhone 7.
Please keep in mind the difference of Price and Worth. Due to changes in currency value and other economic parameters, something worth 700 bucks today, could cost 800 bucks two years later.
However, we can’t make any exact guess on the prices but all we can say is that Apple is not known for raising prices drastically. Secondly, mounting global economic pressure and cut throat competition by Samsung and other Android Phones will keep the Apple well into boundaries.

But again, market is a day to day affair, affected by numerous factors. And with any single factor gone bad, (let say price of a manufacturing part) you can have all your price predictions/forecasts overturned ):

Well..! that all from us so far, we'll update you as soon as we get some thing new in the town, worth sharing. In the meanwhile.. Guys, let us know what you think about Apple iPhone 7?

Nokia 600, 700, 701 Symbian Belle Smartphones to take on Android

Nokia on Wednesday unveiled three mass-market smartphones, as the troubled handset maker struggles against top-end competitors and cheaper producers in a market it once ruled as the innovative technology bellwether.

The new models, based on the Symbian platform, include what the Finland-based company calls the world's smallest touch-screen smartphone and one with an exceptionally bright display.

The launch of the Nokia 600, 700 and 701 comes five months after Nokia introduced its first smartphones to run on the updated Symbian software, with new icons, enhancements and a faster browser. It said they were made with an "extensive use" of eco-friendly materials, have long battery life and include power saving features.

Nokia is being increasingly squeezed in the low end market by Asian manufacturers like ZTE and in the high end by the makers of smartphones like Apple Inc.'s iPhone and Research in Motion's Blackberry.

It is hoping to regain momentum with the Windows Phone 7 – to be launched later this year – after teaming up with Microsoft, whose Windows Phone operating system will become the main platform for Nokia cellphones.

Symbian technology, seen by some developers as clumsy and dated, was surpassed by Google's popular Android as the world's No. 1 smartphone software at the end of last year. But Nokia said it is not scrapping Symbian anytime soon. Ilari Nurmi, a Nokia Vice President, said
Symbian Belle and the three new handsets we are launching today show our commitment to continue delivering Symbian products. These will not be last products or updates we will deliver on Symbian.
The new models, which include NFC – or near-field communication – technology, enable the use of stereo Bluetooth headsets and speakers and content to be shared between devices.

Nokia said its 700 model, weighing 3.5 ounces (96 grams), is the "most compact touch monoblock smartphone in the world," with a 1Ghz processor, 3.2 inch screen and two gigabytes of inbuilt memory.

Nokia shares closed up 1 percent at euro4.15 ($5.99) on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Based in Espoo near Helsinki, Nokia employs 132,500 people worldwide. It claims 1.3 billion daily users of its devices, and has said it hopes the partnership with Microsoft will lead to capturing the next billion users to join the Internet in developing growth markets.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V: Price, Release Date and Specs

Sony Ericson today announced the new version of their Gaming Smartphone, Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V running the new Android 2.3.4 OS.
Sony Ericsson has also announced to roll out available Google Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread updates for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and all of its 2011 Xperia models this October.

Alongwith bug fixes, there are a lot of new features Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread update will brings to these phone like Google Talk with Video Chat, updated Facebook inside Xperia, USB peripheral support, Swipe text input and screenshot capability.

Lets go through the available Price, Release Date and Specs details of the new Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone, Sony Xperia Neo V, starting with the last thing first:

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V Features and Specifications

Here are the complete detailed features and specifications of new Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V:

  • Colours
  • White
  • Blue Gradient
  • Silver
  • Size: 116 x 57 x 13mm
  • Weight: 126g
  • Operating system: Google™ Android 2.3 (Gingerbread version 2.3.4)
  • Processor: 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255
  • 3D sweep panorama
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • 16x digital zoom
  • Auto focus
  • Face detection
  • Flash/LED
  • Front facing camera (VGA)
  • Geo tagging
  • HD video recording (720p)
  • Image stabiliser
  • Red-eye reduction
  • Scene detection
  • Self-timer
  • Send to web
  • Smile detection
  • Sweep panorama
  • Touch capture
  • Touch focus
  • Video light
  • Video recording
  • Video stabiliser
  • Album art
  • Bluetooth™ stereo (A2DP)
  • Media player
  • Music tones (MP3/AAC)
  • PlayNow™ service
  • Sony Ericsson Music player
  • TrackID™ music recognition
  • xLOUD™
  • Android Market™
  • Bookmarks
  • Google™ search
  • Google Voice™ Search
  • Pan & zoom
  • Web browser (WebKit)
  • Call list
  • Conference calls
  • Facebook™ application
  • Facebook inside Xperia™ V2
  • Google Talk™ video chat*
  • Noise Shield
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • Sony Ericsson Timescape™
  • Speakerphone
  • Twitter™ (Timescape™ integration)
  • Vibrating alert
  • Video chat ready
  • Conversations
  • Email
  • Google Mail™
  • Instant messaging
  • Multimedia messaging (MMS)
  • Predictive text input
  • Sound recorder
  • Text messaging (SMS)
  • Auto rotation
  • Keyboard (on-screen, QWERTY)
  • Live wallpaper
  • Picture wallpaper
  • Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine
  • Swipe to write
  • Touch screen
  • 3D games
  • Media browser
  • Motion gaming
  • Radio (FM radio with RDS)
  • Video streaming
  • YouTube™
  • Alarm clock
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Document readers
  • E-Manual
  • Flight mode
  • Google Calendar™
  • Google Gallery 3D
  • Infinite button
  • Phonebook
  • Setup guide
  • Widget manager
  • 3.5 mm audio jack
  • aGPS
  • Bluetooth™ technology
  • DLNA Certified™
  • Google Latitude™
  • Google Maps™ for Mobile
  • Google Maps™ with Street View
  • HDMI™ support
  • Media Transfer Protocol support
  • Micro USB support
  • Modem
  • Native USB tethering
  • Synchronisation via Facebook™
  • Synchronisation via Google Sync™
  • Synchronisation via Sony Ericsson Sync
  • Synchronisation via Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync®
  • TV Out
  • USB mass storage
  • USB High speed 2.0 support
  • Wi-Fi®
  • Wi-Fi® Hotspot functionality
  • Wisepilot™ turn-by-turn navigation
  • Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine
  • 16,777,216 colour TFT
  • Capacitive touchscreen (multi-touch)
  • 3.7 inches
  • 480 x 854 pixels (FWVGA)
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Phone memory: Up to 320MB
  • Memory card support: microSD™, up to 32GB
  • Memory card included: 2GB microSD™
Battery life
  • Talk time GSM/GPRS: Up to 6 hrs 55 min*
  • Standby time GSM/GPRS: Up to 430 hrs*
  • Talk time UMTS: Up to 7 hrs*
  • Standby time UMTS: Up to 400 hrs*
  • Music listening time: Up to 31 hrs*
  • Video playback time: Up to 7 hrs 25 min*
*According to GSM Association Battery Life Measurement Technique. Battery performance may vary depending on network conditions and configurations, and phone usage.
  • UMTS HSPA 900, 2100
  • GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900
  • UMTS HSPA 850, 1900, 2100
  • GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900
In the Kit
  • Xperia™ neo V
  • 1500 mAh battery
  • Stereo portable handsfree
  • 2GB microSD™ memory card
  • Charger
  • Micro USB cable for charging
  • Synchronisation and file transfer
  • User documentation

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V Price and Release Date

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V UK release date is scheduled for some time in Q4 (Oct-Dec), with pricing expected to be slightly lower than that of the original Neo, so around the £20 per month mark.

However, at the moment when this article is being written, Sony Ericsson has yet to come with anything solid in terms of a Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V Price and Release Date, other than general announcement of "It will be available globally in select markets from Q4 2011." In other words, we can expect to learn more as we get closer to the release.

In the meanwhile, stay intouch... and yes, unlike its predecessor, you will be able to pick up the Neo V in a white chassis too this time, Wow!
Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V White: Price, Release Date and Specs

How to Download Nokia Symbian Anna Update for N8, C7, E7, C6-01

Nokia Symbian Anna Update for N8, C7, E7, C6-01 has been finally released by Nokia as a major update for its Symbian 3 smartphones. Nokia Symbian Anna version once shipped with only Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 phones has now come to the first generation of Symbian 3 devices too. The new Nokia Symbian Anna Update is available for Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01 and Nokia E7. Nokia Symbian Anna update brings you some interesting new features with brand new enhanced user interface.

The new Nokia Symbian Anna Update for N8, C7, E7, C6-01 features a new user interface with brand new icon sets, enhanced Nokia Maps, split-screen messaging, more better faster and secure web browsing, improved maps and also adds a portrait QWERTY keyboard. NFC hardware activated in Nokia C7 by Symbian Anna Update enables game sharing, NFC-enabled accessories and NFC tags reading. Here under is a video promo of what comes with this update:

Nokia Symbian Anna update was released for more than 30 countries, covering over 60% of existing Symbian^3 users. Nokia Symbian Anna update 64MB sized file can be downloaded through Nokia Ovi Suite on the PC or Software Update app on the phones over a reliable internet connection. However, some of the Symbian user may still be looking for ways on how to download Nokia Symbian Anna update for N8, C7, E7, C6-01 phones. Here under are the few ways one download Nokia Symbian Anna update and apply it to the device:

How to Download Nokia Symbian Anna Update via Ovi Suite

How to Download Nokia Symbian Anna Update via Ovi Suite

With Nokia Ovi Suite one can download Symbian Anna Update. Go to the Nokia Ovi Suite page and download it to your computer. Attach your phone to the PC using your data cable. As is usual when you attach something new to a PC, the PC will need to install various drivers, which will be done automatically for you. When its discovers your phone, look for the Update button at the top of the welcome screen. You’ll know when this is complete when a little bubble in the lower right of your screen will tell your Nokia phone is ready to go.

Download Nokia Symbian Anna Update through Software Update App

Download Nokia Symbian Anna Update through Software Update App is the easiest way to receive latest updates to the phone. However, since it downloads large amount of data directly on phone memory, it is advised to use this option carefully keeping your download charges in view if you ar4e not on WiFi.

Go to Menu > Applications > Software Update. Your phone will automatically detect the available updates for your phone. Tick the box next to the available update and press the update button on the bottom left.

Download Nokia Symbian Anna Update using *#0000#

On you Nokia Symbian Phone, dial *#0000# which will bring you to the device updates screen, there current Symbian version and some other information are listed too. Press Options, followed by the Check for updates option that pops up. This will contact the check for any available update download from Nokia software update server. If any Symbian Anna Update is there, you will be prompted to accept the download.

Download Nokia Symbian Anna Update using NSU for Mac

There is a couple of versions of Nokia Software Updater available. If you are using a PC and already have NSU installed, you can use that. When it comes to downloading it again, the download site may refer you onto updating the device through the phone itself using the Software Update app. If it is a Mac you are using, then the Nokia Beta Lab guys have created NSU for Mac.

Plug a data cable into the micro-USB slot on your phone and the other end into your PC or Mac and load up NSU on your machine. NSU will start to recognise the phone that is connected and suitably contact the software server to determine if there is any new versions. If there is something to update, it will show you on screen and you will be prompted to press the install button on the bottom of NSU. Otherwise, you are left with the exit option.

Fore any further information you can visit the official Nokia Anna website.

Sony Xperia X10 Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Update Available Now

Sony Ericsson has released the Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Update for its aging Xperia X10 smartphone. Sony Ericsson has taken to its blog to announce that the roll out of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android 2.3 update has officially begun.
According to Sony Ericsson, current lineup of Sony Xperia devices "all the 2011 Xperia smartphones" will get Gingerbread. As to when, the update will begin rolling out on a global basis sometime in October. Xperia users will receive an update notification and then be able to download the update over-the-air using a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. In addition, there will also be the option to update using the PC companion software.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android Update for Locked Handsets

Unlocked handsets are set to get the software notification within the next week, at which point you'll be able to download and install Gingerbread using a PC and the companion software. Unfortunately, some Xperia X10s that are locked to specific networks may not be able to download the new software, although Sony Ericsson hasn't been abundantly clear on which ones are affected.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Update Features

To see what Xperia users can expect with this Android Gingerbread update, here are the main features:
  1. Google Talk with Video Chat
    The Android 2.3 for Sony Xperia X10 is set to bring Google Talk with Video Chat features through front-facing smartphone cameras.
  2. Xperia Facebook Integration Enhancement
    The update will provide enhancements in Xperia Facebook Integration like, share and discover abilities.
  3. 3D Sweep Panorama
    Xperia smartphones introducing world’s first 3D sweep panorama functionality powered by Sony.
  4. Mini Mobile PC
    The software upgrade will enable consumers to turn their Xperia smartphone into a mini-mobile PC by connecting USB peripherals (mouse, keyboard or game controller) to Sony Ericsson LiveDock multimedia station. Connect the smartphone to a TV via HDMI to get a big screen experience.
  5. Swipe Text Input
    This cool feature enables text input by swiping the finger from one letter to the next.
  6. Screen Capture
    This funtion will allow the user to capture and share a screen shot from anywhere in the Xperia phone.
  7. Other Improvements
    Other than the usual performance and stability improvements brought about by the Android OS upgrade, the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the X10 brings with it many improvement to Sony Xperia X10. These includes Wi-Fi hotspot, USB tethering, Music player with equalizer, better battery life.
However, the update will remove certain features like the Mediascape UI. The whole Mediascape UI on the X10 will be downgraded to the level found in the 2011 line-up of Xperia handsets.
Warning: It is recommended to backup your Sony Xperia smartphone data before proceeding with the update. Because the phone will be wiped clean during the update. Please do NOT use use Sony Ericsson Backup and Restore application for the purpose, as it won’t work with Android Gingerbread.

Apple iPhone 5, the world most popular smartphone, has got a a new 2012 Release Date leak after the launch off Samsung Galaxy S3, most advance Android based phone so far. Apple iPhone in almost every country of availability, is still most important smartphone in the world. Every year, when new versions of the device are launched, people around the globe line up to be the first to get their hands on it.

Alongwith 5th generation iPhone 5, Apple is planning to launch a new Apple iCloud iPhone too. iCloud iPhone is a Low-cost iCloud based iPhone, to compete in markets where the Apple iPhone, being too expensive, had low success rate.Apple new iPhone 5 2011 Release Date, Specs, Features, PicturesApple next generation iPhone 5 2012 Release Date, Price and Features are officially little known. But as the saying says, "Impression is powerful than reality", it is hard to see that the new iPhone 5 to be anything less than mind blowing. Since customer expectation from Apple 2012 iPhone 5 are getting higher day by day.

You can check back, our April 28th, 2012 roundup of Apple iPhone 5 Rumors and Possibilities. If you are tired of the rumors, but can not ignore the potential sightings of the iPhone 5, here is an Apple iPhone 5 Video roundup by CNET TV that covers it really well:

Though Apple is known to keep its cards closed to the chest, but the rumor mill has not been so silent. The speculations about the next iPhone began as soon as the iPhone 4 was released. However, it is important for everyone to keep a level head when assessing those reports.

With the skyrocketing expectations from Apple's 5th generation iPhone, lets parse the iPhone 5 wishlists, expectations, speculation, rumors and leaks data to find a realistic and probable picture:

Next Generation iPhone 5 2012 Features and Specs

iPhone 5 is expected to boast significant hardware and software upgrades, inevitable after Samsung Galaxy S3 harware advancements, the main competitor in the line. Reports have been cropping up, claiming Apple will be delivering several key improvements to the coming iPhone 5 device. However, some of those features make sense, others do not.

Instead of listing every possible update that has been talked about, the following features, enhancements or improvements are the ones that are most likely to be a part of the Apple next generation iPhone 5 2012 specifications:
  1. New Slim and Sleek Design
    The new iPhone 5 will deliver a new design, iPhone 5 may go back to its original design of the iPhone 3G and will have a curved back that will eliminate all the gripping problems faced with the iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 is expected to to be thinner, faster, and lighter similar to the upgrade for the iPad 2. The brushed metal back could replace the glass on the backside.
  2. Apple iOS 6 Operating System
    When Apple unveiled iOS 5 at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, the company said that it would be making its way to the iPhone 4 later this year. However, there is a good chance that the platform will also be made available on the iPhone 5 when that device launches this fall. An iPhone 5 with iOS 5 simply makes no sense. With iOS 5 beta 5 already in hand, the iOS 6 is expected to make some interesting features aviable at iPhone 5 like new Multitouch Gestures, Non-intrusive Notifications with a dedicated notification center, Deep Twitter Integration and lots more.
  3. Quard-Core Faster Processor
    The iPhone 4S is being trumped by competitors that feature quard-core processors. So for Apple its time to go quard-core. The iPhone 5 will come with A9 Quard-core processor to give a stiff competition for other Quard-core Android smartphones found in the market today.
  4. Larger 4+ Inches Screen Display
    Its almost a conses that Apple next iPhone version 5 will come with a bigger display. The top iPhone competitors have already outshined 3.5 inches iPhone display with 4.3 and 4.8 inches screens. Apple iPhone 5 will be the first iOS device with 4 inches larger display (if not the edge-to-edge option that is being rumored) to help itself compete more effectively against devices from Samsung, HTC, Motorola and others.
  5. Improved Graphical Capabilities
    Initially, simple mobile games were made available in App Store. But over time, games have become integral to the iPhone experience. In the iPhone 5, look for Apple to capitalize on that with improved graphical components that will help developers take their titles to a new level.
  6. Improved 8-Megapixel Camera
    Apple iPhone 4 has been criticized for its built-in rear-facing camera. With only 5-megapixels camera and not so great lens iPhone is far behind competitor devices. Apple as a company know to offer the best, can not let this point ignored. New iPhone 5 is undoubtedly expected to come with a vastly improved 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video playback, panoramic photo capture capability, improved dual-LED flash unit and a front facing 5 MP camera.
    Recently, Apple registered a patent referred as "Image Capture Device Having Tilt and/or Perspective Correction". The forthcoming iPhone cameras could use various sensors, including the accelerometer and gyroscope, in order to determine an image shoot. The sensors will instantly make up for positioning as well as range, permitting images to come out flawlessly.
  7. More RAM and Storage
    Digital media is becoming more important by the day. Thanks to improved broadband adoption, video content is becoming more important. Considering how important digital media has always been to Apple, expect the iPhone 5 to come with more storage. A 64GB version seems like a safe bet, but a 128GB option is also possible. More RAM, possibly 1GB, is also expected and will arrive with an improved A5 processor.
  8. Enhanced Signal Quality and Antenna Fix
    One of the complaints most consumers have with the iPhone 4 is that when it is held in a "death grip", it loses some signal quality. With the iPhone 5, expect Apple to fix that problem. Apple has always been a company that likes to address issues quickly. That shouldn’t be any different this time around.
  9. 4G Connectivity and LTE Support
    This might be the long shot of this group, but 4G connectivity and LTE support is possibly going to make its way to the Apple iPhone 5. Looking around the market, there are several devices that are now shipping with 4G because their makers realize that the future is in the ultra-high-speed option.
  10. Near-Field Communication
    Looking ahead, near-field communication seems to be a hot issue in the mobile marketplace. Google earlier this year unveiled a new Wallet service that will allow users to pay for products from their handsets. The company promises integration on more Android devices going forward. Although that market is still in its infancy, Apple would be smart to deliver a payment service of its own now before Google’s gets too far ahead. And Steve Jobs knows that.
The other features of iPhone 5 will most probably remain the same with minor tweaks.

Apple new iPhone 5 2012 Release Date

The new Apple iPhone 5 must ship sooner or later and in September or October this year. But based on the most recent rumors going around the web, It is anticipated that the Apple iPhone 5 is going to ship together with iOS 6 on September 07 2012. Let have a round up of all Apple new iPhone 5 2012 Release Date rumors whizzing around:
  • In April 2012, Reuters confirmed from three different sources that Apple new iPhone 5 2012 Release Date is someday in September 2012.
  • In May 2012, Pegatron, an Apple manufacturer has been reported to receive a massive order to produce 15 million handsets ready for the an autumn launch.
  • In July 2012, Apple seemingly confirmed the new iPhone 5 2012 Release in the market by the end of Q3 2012 hinting a September 2012 launch date. Further more, Digitimes has reported that Apple's Taiwanese component suppliers were gearing up for production of iPad 3 and iPhone 5, adding weight to the theory that the the new gadgets will appear in September 2012.
  • In August 2012, China Times reported that Apple suppliers and assemblers are preparing 400,000 trial run iPhone 5 units, set to launch sometime between September 6 and 15.
  • A week ago, T3 says Apple is also hiring more staff for September, while it's also been reported that US network AT&T has slapped a holiday ban on staff for a possible launch preparation. Some are even saying it could be 5 September.
  • Recently, Japanese website Kodawarisan claimed, Apple is planning a media event for September 7 where it will unveil its new Apple iPod lineup and perhaps the iPhone 5.
  • But another report by AppleNApps says the company will hold a separate event for the occasion, where Apple will not only introduce the iPhone 5 but also a cloud-based iPhone.

Apple new iPhone 5 2012 Price

Apple is aiming for a final price of $400 for iCloud iPhone and $600 for iPhone 5. There is another price scheme with AT & T, with Apple new iPhone 5 priced at $199 and $299 for two-year agreements. A strategy Apple has used in the past. Rather than charge more for its devices, it has charged the same price to make people see more value in them. The result has been strong sales.

The carrier subsidization are expected to bring the cost to consumers down to free with a 2 year contract for the iCloud iPhone with the same $199 iPhone cost for the iPhone 5.

Learn how to Root HTC Evo 4G, Motorola Droid, HTC Wildfire, HTC Desire, HTC Incredible and other Sprint Android Phones on Windows, Mac and Linux through this tutorial in 7 easy simple straight forward steps.

Jailbreaking Apple iPhone is legal in the USA, and so is Rooting Android Phones. There is a long list of the Android apps which makes an Android Phone worth Rooting/Jailbreak.

Recently, a lot of Android smartphone users has been anxiously waiting for HTC Evo 4G and HTC Thunderbolt Android Updates on their phones, containing critical Android OS fixes including the infamous rebooting bug. But HTC and Sprint has been delaying and dragging their feet from the due upgrades, keeping their customer support mum on the issue.
Root Sprint HTC Evo 4G, Droid, Wildfire, Desire, Aria Android Phones

Benefits of Rooting/Jailbreaking Phones?

There are some many reason people want to Root or Jailbreak Android Phones. It has become almost a trend. A few users do it for de-branding to set their devices free. While some geeks root or jailbreak Android Phones or Apple iPhones to get access to uncharted waters of pirated applications. The delay in Android OS upgrades by the manufacturers also makes many unhappy users do Rooting/Jailbreaking their devices.

Theses reasons fuels the idea for many to Root/Jailbreak Sprint HTC Evo 4G, Droid, Wildfire, Desire, Aria and other Android Phones. If you are one of them, there is an tool for you to easily Root/Jailbreak Android Phone.

Root Android Phones with unrEVOked 3.3

The unrEVOked 3.3 is a simple powerful Rooting Tool for HTC Android Phones, bringing much-needed and long-awaited support for latest versions of HBOOTs and official OTA updated ROMs. The unrEVOked rooting tool can be used with the following popular HTC Android smartphones:
  1. Sprint HTC Evo 4G (HTC Supersonic)
  2. Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible)
  3. Droid Eris (HTC DesireC)
  4. HTC Wildfire (HTC Buzz)
  5. HTC Desire CDMA (HTC BravoC)
  6. HTC Desire GSM
  7. HTC Aria

How to Root/Jailbreak HTC Evo 4G, Droid, Wildfire, Desire or other HTC Android Phones

Please read on for detailed step by step instructions to root your Android device:
Warning for Microsoft Windows Users
Unlike the Mac and Linux, Microsoft Windows users MUST install the included HBoot drivers first. You can see windows HBOOT Driver installation instruction here.
Also note that simply disabling HTC Sync from the system tray is not enough. Therefore, Please make sure to uninstall all programs (like ATK, HTC Sync, DoubleTwist and others) that might interfere with the root process by trying to access the Phone over USB, which will cause problems.
Step 1: Please visit Unrevoked website by clicking here.

Step 2: Select/Click your phone model shown on the page.

Step 3: Select and download Mac/Linux/Windows Tool version, depending upon the computer operating system where you want it to be installed.

Step 4: Turn your phone's Wi-Fi off and disable installation of non-Market applications by going to Settings > Applications.

Step 5: Launch the downloaded Reflash_Package.exe and follow the on screen instructions.

Step 6: Even if you already have USB Debugging mode on, toggle it on and off a few times as a precaution. It is a work around trick suggested by few developer that face some issues.

Step 7: Please make sure to select "Charge Only" and "Remember this" options, when asked for default USB connection type, while connecting Phone to the computer on USB.
It really is that simple. You can check here for updates and more information on The unrEVOked 3.3 Recovery Reflash Tool.

Apple new iCloud iPhone 5 Release Date and Price

There has been much speculation over the possibility of Apple new Low-cost iCloud iPhone alongwith iPhone 5, to compete in markets where the Apple iPhone, being too expensive, had low success rate.

It seems that finally, Apple is set to launch iCloud iPhone this fall, alongwith the new Apple iPhone 5. Apple is planning to hold a special event to launch the new iPhones, and the sources agreed that the iCloud iPhone will be the big takeaway from the event:
The iPhone 5 will be a quality upgrade, but the star of the show will be the cheaper iCloud iPhone alternative. Apple wants to offer a lower priced iPhone while still maintaining their industry leading profit margins.
Apple is going to do this by using less on board Flash memory which are also falling in price. When looking at the iSuppli cost breakdown of the parts of the iPhone 4, the storage accounts for 15% of the cost to build the device, and that's true for the 3GS as well. Reducing 15% of the cost across millions of units is a substantial savings.

The iCloud model will be for users who will want to use the iCloud heavily for storage, and keep a lot less on the iPhone itself. This will also help Apple make iCloud a feature by itself and reason to use the entire Apple ecosystem. The iCloud iPhone will rely heavily on Apple’s new cloud based offering, and less on internal storage.

Apple new 2011 iCloud iPhone 5: Release Date

Apple new 2011 iCloud iPhone 5 is slated for a September or October Release alongwith Apple next regular iPhone version 5.

Together with iOS 5, there are two Release Dates floating around for the launching ceremony of both devices, September 07, 2011 and an Early October 2011 as forecasted by John Paczkowski on AllThingsD, an October iCloud iPhone 5 launch is more likely.

Apple new 2011 iCloud iPhone 5: Price

Apple is aiming for a final price of $400 for iCloud iPhone. However, the carrier subsidization are expected to bring the cost to consumers down to free with a 2 year contract for the iCloud iPhone with the same $199 iPhone cost for the iPhone 5.

The new Blackberry Bold 9900 Touch Release Date, Specs and Price

BlackBerry has just unveiled the new Blackberry Bold 9900 Touch Release Date, Specs and Price. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 Touch smartphone features a stunning new design that evolves the iconic BlackBerry aesthetic a step further. The easy to use BlackBerry keyboard is kept in tact on the new 9900, while a new brilliant high resolution, capacitive touch screen has been added, all of which running on a new performance-driver platform powered by the BlackBerry 7 operating system.
The new Blackberry Bold 9900 Touch is an amazing new device that combines the best of performance, functionality, and style according to Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO of Research in Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of BlackBerry since 1999.

The new Blackberry Bold 9900 Touch Specs and Features

The new Blackberry Bold 9900 Touch is the thinnest BlackBerry smartphone yet at only 10.5mm. It runs the latest BlackBerry 7 OS and come with 5.0 MP cameras with flash and 720p HD video recording capability. Lets have a detailed look at BlackBerry Bold 9900 Specs and Features Released so far:
  • 115 x 66 x 10.5 mm, approximately 130 g
  • 2.8″ capacitive touch screen display – VGA (640×480), 287 dpi resolution
  • Ultra-easy QWERTY keyboard, optical trackpad
  • 1.2 GHz Processor, 768 MB RAM
  • 8 GB on-board memory, plus microSD slot supporting up to 32 GB cards
  • NFC technology
  • 5.0 MP camera, supports 720p HD video recording
  • Orientation Sensor (Accelerometer), Digital Compass (Magnetometer), Proximity Sensor
  • Built-in GPS / aGPS
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi® – 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz and 802.11 a/n at 5 GHz
  • Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR support
  • Wireless Network support: Tri-Band HSPA+, Quad-Band GSM/EDGE
  • 1230 mAh removable, rechargeable battery
  • BlackBerry 7 OS
  • OpenGL 2.0 support for developers.

The new Blackberry Bold 9900 Touch Release Date

The new model of BlackBerry 9900 to be available at 225 carriers, later this month of August 2011. According to RIM Release documents, the new Blackberry Bold 9900 will be made available to business class customers on August 17th and to general public on August 31st.

The new Blackberry Bold 9900 Touch Price

If leaked T-Mobile documents are to trusted, the new Blackberry Bold 9900 Touch Price range is set to $249.99 to $349.99, depending upon the carrier contract and country.

The new Blackberry Bold 9900 Touch UK Release Date and Price

The new Blackberry Bold 9900 Touch Release Date in UK is 12th August and price plans will start at £31.

The £31 a month deal offers the handset for free on a 24 month contract with 300 minutes Anytime, Unlimited texts (subject to the fair use policy) and 500 MB Blackberry Data.

Assassin's Creed Revelations Multiplayer Beta, the early test drive version of the 4th episode of the historical, award-winning science fiction video game is about to Released by Ubisoft, exclusively for Sony Playstation Network, on September 03, 2011.

Assassin's Creed Revelations Multiplayer Beta will be equiped with:
  • 3 Maps: Knight’s Hospital, Antioch, Constantinople
  • 4 Modes: Wanted, Manhunt, Deathmatch, Artifact Assault
  • 9 Characters: The Sentinel, The Vanguard, The Guardian, The Vizier, The Thespian, The Deacon, The Bombadier, The Trickster, The Champion
PlayStation Plus Subscribers and Ubisoft UPlay Service Members will have an exclusive chance to download and play new Assassin's Creed 4 Revelations Multiplayer beta on PS3, for the holiday season, this September 03 to 11. UPlay members will receive their Beta invite via email.
Assassin's Creed 4: Revelations Beta Release Details for PSN/PS3

Assassin's Creed 4 Revelations Multiplayer beta is promised to bring a whole bunch of new and updated tools of the trade for players to test out.

Assassin's Creed 4: Revelations multiplayer beta Gameplay

Assassin's Creed 4 Revelations multiplayer beta Gameplay will include a little of the old and the new, bringing back favorite modes and abilities, while throwing out a few of the new ones in the process. Perks, streaks, and loss bonuses have all been redesigned to include things like "Animus Hacking" – where, after a kill streak of six, a player can rain down arrows and kill all Templars on the map.

Assassin's Creed 4: Revelations multiplayer beta Maps

Speaking of maps, the playing field will be freshened up and available at outset to allow players to take one of nine possible assassin’s out for a stroll. Comprised of three new maps – Knight’s Hospital, Antioch, and Constantinople – the new spaces will give a whole list of areas for characters to run, jump, dive, and hide.

Assassin's Creed 4: Revelations multiplayer beta Modes

Though be careful, as the four possible modes have been tweaked since Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, which means they will no doubt be a bit different. Bringing back Wanted and Manhunt, the long-awaited Deathmatch is making an appearance as well. Another new mode, Artifact Assault, asks teams to try and steal the opposing player’s artifact in a "Capture the flag" style of play. The catch is however; players are allowed to kill only when they are in their territory – adding a new level of complexity.

To get away and make those kills, a select few abilities will be available, including Smoke, Morph, Fire Crackers, Throwing Knives and more. There are a few new ones as well, including a Tripwire Bomb and Closure ,which captures enemies or a target, allowing you to step in for the kill (or whatever other action is required).

Assassin's Creed 4: Revelations Release Date for Public

Assassin’s Creed 4: Revelations Release Date for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC is set to November 15, 2011.

In the meanwhile, you can check here the details of Assassin's Creed Revelations Release Date, Features and Demo or catch here some of Assassin's Creed Revelations Trailers, Wallpapers and Gameplay.
Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Release Date along with new AC4 2013 Trailer has been just revealed by Ubisoft, featuring Edward Kenway, a young fearsome pirate captain as the main protagonist, set in the 18th century Caribbean during the Golden Age of Pirates.

Genetics Research on DNA confirms Inherited Human Intelligence

A DNA based Genetics Research recently, confirms Inherited Human Intelligence, providing the first direct biological evidence for a genetic contribution to people's intelligence. The research study was jointly conducted by University of Manchester scientists, working with colleagues in Edinburgh and Australia.

The Importance of this Genetics Research about Inherited Human Intelligence

Previous studies on twins and adopted people suggested that there is a Substantial Genetic Contribution to Human Intelligence and thinking skills. But this new study, published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry is the first to find a genetic contribution by Testing Human DNA for Genetic Variations.

The team studied two types of intelligence in more than 3500 people from Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Newcastle and Manchester. The Research team, led by Dr. Neil Pendleton, found that 40% to 50% of people's differences in these cognitive abilities could be traced to genetic differences.

The study examined more than half a million genetic markers on every person in the study. The new findings were made possible using a new type of analysis invented by Prof. Peter Visscher in Brisbane. As well as the findings in people from Scotland and England, the team checked their results in a separate group of people from Norway.

Dr. Pendleton, who led the Manchester team in the Centre for Integrated Genomic Research, explained his work:
This is the first reported research to examine the intelligence of healthy older adults and, using a comprehensive genetic survey, we were able to show a substantial genetic contribution in our ability to think.

The study confirms the earlier findings of the research in twins. However, that research could not show which genes were or were not contributing to cognitive ability. Our work demonstrates that the number of individual genes involved in intelligence is large, which is similar to other human traits, such as height.

We can now use the findings to better understand how these genes interact with each other and the environment, which has an equally significant contribution. With our collaborators, we will take this work forward to find the biological mechanisms that could maintain our intellectual abilities and well being in late life.
The study, in collaboration with Professor Ian Deary at the University of Edinburgh, was funded in Manchester by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.

Jailbreak iOS 5 beta 5 on iPhone 4/3GS, iPad, iPod Touch using Redsn0w 0.9.8b5

With the iOS 5 beta 5 firmware now available to download, many developers want to Jailbreak iOS 5 beta 5 on their iPhone, running the latest beta to ensure their 3rd party applications are still in working order.

If you are also currently running iOS 5 beta 5 and can not live without jailbreak, the Dev Team has already released Redsn0w 0.9.8 beta 5.
So you can have iOS 5 beta 5 Jailbreak to enjoy the benefits of jailbreaking on your iPhone 4/3GS, iPad, iPod Touch.

However, as twitted by iPhone Dev Team, it is a Tethered Jailbreak, just like the previous beta versions of RedSn0w for iOS 5 beta versions:
redsn0w has been updated to 0.9.8b5, adding support for Apple’s new iOS5 beta5 (point it directly at the beta5 IPSW). Please use this only if you’re a jailbreak app developer with a legit Apple dev account, and remember it’s a tethered jailbreak for now!
There is no iOS 5 beta 5 untethered jailbreak so far and perhaps it won't be any soon, untill the iOS 5 goes public. The developers will not release an untethered jailbreak fearing Apple will patch it in future betas.

How To Jailbreak iOS 5 beta 5 on iPhone 4/3GS, iPad, iPod Touch using Redsn0w 0.9.8b5

Please follow this step by step guide to Jailbreak iOS 5 beta 5 firmware on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod Touch using Redsn0w 0.9.8b5 on Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows:
Step 1: Download the files required to jailbreak iOS 5 beta 5:
  • Download iOS 5 beta 5 ipsw for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Download iTunes 10.5 beta 5 for Windows and Mac
  • Download redsn0w 0.9.8b5 for Windows and Mac
Step 2: Run redsn0w 0.9.8b5 and click on Browse to select the iOS 5 beta 5 ipsw and click Next.

Step 3: Check "Install Cydia" option and click on "Next".
redsn0w 0.9.8

Step 4: Ensure that your device is both powered OFF and plugged in. Follow the steps given below to put your device in DFU mode.
  1. Hold the Power button for 3 seconds
  2. Hold the Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds
  3. Release the Power button but keep holding the Home button for 10 seconds
  4. Your device will now be in DFU mode
Step 5: Sit back and watch redsn0w jailbreak iOS 5 beta 5 tethered on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
You should have now successfully jailbroken your device on iOS 5 beta 5.

Note: Please keep in mind that this is a Tethered boot and will require you to connect your device to the computer, launch redsn0w and check Just boot tethered right now (3rd option in above shown screen), instead of Install Cydia option.

White iPhone 4 vs Black iPhone 4 Comparison: Similarities and DifferencesApple iPhone 5 Release Date is about to be announced, but a lot of Apple iPhone user are still happy with their Apple iPhone 4 phones. Its not bad if we provide a summery White iPhone 4 vs Black iPhone 4 Comparison, their Similarities and Differences for some of you who are still interested in Apple iPhone 4. These images shows the comparison between both versions of the iPhone 4.

Originally slated for release in June 2010, the white version of Apple iPhone 4 fell prey to delay after delay, and it was not able to hit the sales stores until late April 2011. Apple never released an official statement specifying what took it so long to release White iPhone 4, but there is not any shortage of rumors and speculations on this account too, as with almost any matter where Apple is involved.

White iPhone 4 vs Black iPhone 4 Comparison: Similarities and Differences

Before we go into these pictures, please keep in mind that the latest White iPhone 4 features an extended proximity sensor above the receiver of the front panel rather than the little hole of Black iPhone 4 version. Whereas other minor changes include black interior coating of 30-pin connector as well as 3.5mm audio jack. Other than that, there is no significant difference in Features, Specs and Price when we talk about White iPhone 4 vs Black iPhone 4, with color being the most prominent and significant difference.

White iPhone 4 vs Black iPhone 4 Comparison in Camera Module Results

There is a plenty of debate on the White iPhone 4 vs Black iPhone 4 Camera Results. Starting with an early tear-down of the white iPhone 4, as soon as it White iPhone 4 was released, a Japanese blog revealed that the camera module in it was noticeably different from the one found in the black iPhone 4. The camera lens in the White iPhone 4 version, looked to be a bit more recessed, possibly to reduce the distance between the glass and the sensor and eliminate or reduce the light leakage issue. For serious photography guys these tweaks in the camera module means a lot of difference in the image results, for others like me, its just the same or almost same to be on safe side ):

So guys, I guess its good to cut the long story short and directly jump into watching this pictorial White iPhone 4 vs Black iPhone 4 Comparisons:

Apple iOS 4.3.5 Jailbreak: iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone 4.3.5 Jailbreak
Apple iOS 4.3.5 was released alongwith fixes for some previous Vulnerabilities in the new mobile operating system. However, thanks to MuscluNerd, a iPhone Dev Team member, who confirmed on twitter that the new Apple iOS 4.3.5 Jailbreak is still a possibility on all devices like iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone (except the iPad 2) just by pointing the tool at the 4.3.4 IPSW:

Apple iOS 4.3.5 Jailbreak: iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone 4.3.5 Jailbreak

Warning: Those of you, who are relying on a carrier unlock must stay away from Redsn0w Jailbreak.

Since Apple patched comex’s exploit in Apple iOS 4.3.4, this will be a Tethered iOS 4.3.5 Jailbreak. It is still recommended to stick with iOS 4.3.3 for an Untethered Jailbreak.

How to Tethered iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone 4.3.5 Jailbreak

First of all select and downlaod the appropriate program applicable to your device from the given options:
Now please follow these step by step instructions given here under:
Step 1: Start Redsn0w Apple iOS 4.3.5 Jailbreak program, browse for the iOS 4.3.4 firmware file (NOT the 4.3.5) that you downloaded above and point it towards Redsn0w.

Step 2: Once Redsn0w is done with recognizing the firmware file, click Next. Then check the 'Install Cydia' box and leave other options as it is for now. Once done, click Next.

Step 3: Now just follow Redsn0w, it will ask you to shut down your device and plug it in to the computer. Once plugged with computer, follow the onscreen instructions and then click Next to continue.

Step 4: RedSn0w will now guide you on how to put your device in DFU mode. Follow the instructions carefully till your device get’s into DFU mode. Follow these simple steps to put your Device into DFU Mode:
  • First of all,Press and Hold the sleep button for 2 seconds.
  • While holding the sleepbutton,Press the Home button for 10 seconds.
  • Now release the sleep button but continue Holding the home button for about 15 seconds.
Step 5: One in DFU mode your iPhone will restart, Now, just wait while Redsn0w gets installed and jailbreaks your device. Once finished your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will restart automatically.
Any Windows users seeing 'Waiting for reboot' for too long (more than 20 seconds or so), please try 'shaking' the JB process by unplugging then replugging your USB cable (while letting redsn0w continue to run). Also, try using a USB port 'closer' to your computer (as opposed to on your monitor or behind another hub).

Apple iOS 4.3.5 Jailbreak on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone 4/3Gs

Here is a video tutorial for Apple iOS 4.3.5 Jailbreak on iPad, iPod Touch 4/3Gs for iPhone 4.3.5 Jailbreak using RedSn0w 0.9.8b:

Bug Bounty Program de Facebook: Earn $500 for every Facebook Bugs Report

Facebook is offering $500 reward for reporting bugs on its site. Although $500 Bug Bounty is very less when compared Microsoft, Google and Mozilla that offers around $3000 Bug Bounty. But money is not the only thing one makes. Reporting Facebook bugs can help a security researcher or software testers make name and fame in the software security world, with potential to earn much more than just bounty.

As HD Moore, the Chief Security Officer at Rapid7 said:
The dollar amounts may be smaller than other markets for security research, but bounty programs lead to a better relationship with the security community and improve the security of the service much faster than a similar resource spend in a traditional security audit.

How to Participate in Facebook Bug Bounty Program:

Facebook launched a new Whitehat Hacking Portal where one can register for the bug bounty program and report bugs. Facebook has also published a acknowledgement list of 42 researchers who have made 'responsible disclosures' in the past, alongwith the current annoucement:
To show our appreciation for our security researchers, we offer a monetary bounty for certain qualifying security bugs.
Facebook Bug Bounty program is for security related bugs and cross site scripting flaws. To qualify for the bounty:
  • You must be the first to report the security glitch.
  • The bug must be native to Facebook (not in third party application e.g Farmville).
  • Disclosures must be "responsible" and you need to give Facebook a reasonable amount of time before reporting the bug publicly.
In 2010, Google has reportedly paid a total estimate of $10000 rewards for its Google Chrome 12 bugs to software developers, testers, researchers who helped to find vulnerabilities in the new Internet Browser Sofwatre. Mozilla too has paid $3000 in hard cash plus a free Mozilla T-shirt under its bug bounty program.

Bug Bounty programs vs In-house Software Security Testing

Facebook, like Microsoft and Google, has been known to hire grey hat hackers in the past. Most recently Facebook has hired George "Geohot" Hotz, the infamous hacker linked with Sony Playstation 3 hacking.

However, an open public challenge Bug Bounty program is not a new concept in the Software world. It not only helps companies offering Sofware as Service (SoS) making their product secure and solid but also proved to be way cheaper than establishing a broad IT infrastructure and hiring an in-house team of security specialist software testers.

PS Vita Release: Sony Playstation Vita Release Date, Price and Games
Sony has finally announced Sony Playstation Vita Release, the successor for the Sony PSP. PS Vita, the new portable gaming device from Sony is designed to provide users with a whole new level of gaming experience along with some great connectivity features to stay connected on your social network.

Sony, at E3 2011 had announced the much awaited Sony PS Vita Release, revealing the Sony PlayStation Vita (codename NGP) Features, Specs, Price and Release Date.

The new multi-touch screen and a rear multi-touch pad will be a great addition, helping with the users game handling capabilities. The WiFi and 3G connectivity features also allows gamers to connect, share and play with all their friends on the go. With the microphone feature, users can actually communicate on real time, providing an ultimate gaming experience. Sony also introduces a new feature called ‘LiveArea’, where users can access all the latest information of their favorite games on the PlayStation Network.

Still, the announcement will bring disappointment to many gamers, who were expecting Sony Playstation Vita Release earlier in US and Europe for holiday sales, with an OLED touchscreen up front and a clever touchpad controller surface on the rear. Since the new PS Vita was spotted passing through the FCC, a day ago, speculating a PS Vita Release this fall in US.

PS Vita Release: Sony Playstation Vita Release Date

Sony PlayStation Vita, the new portable game console will go on sale in early 2012. PS Vita Release is set in early 2012 for U.S. and Europe, following a Sony Playstation Vita Release in Japan during this Christmas by the end of 2011.

Sony Vice President, Kazuo Hirai termed it a 'phased global rollout' in 2012 rather than a delay. He said the scheduling was intended to give Sony time to prepare 'solid' game offerings.

PS Vita Release: Sony Playstation Price

Despite of recent price cuts for Nintendo 3DS, a popular competitor handheld game console released earlier this year, the PS Vita will cost $249 in the US for the WiFi-only model, and $299 for the 3G-equipped version. In Japan it will start from 24,980 yen. For more details on the hardware and software of the Vita here.

Free Samsung Nexus S: Today Offer from Best Buy Mobile
What about a "Free Samsung Nexus S"? Well, we are not kidding, infact its Today Offer from Best Buy Mobile, that is offering the Nexus S for free today only.

The catch is you need a two-year contract with Sprint, T-Mobile, or AT&T to get it. The unlocked model will still be full price.

All variants (3G version on T-Mobile or AT&T / 4G version on Sprint) will be free when you sign up for a new contract by either setting up a new line or upgrading a current handset.

While this device may not have dual-core this and that, it’s still one of the fastest and most stable devices you’ll ever use. As a “Nexus” device, you won’t find another handset in the world with this pure of an Android experience. The Nexus S is one of our favorite Android phones out there, offering a clean version of Gingerbread, and first dibs on software updates from Google.

The offer ends at 11:59 p.m. tonight, so get at it. Here under is the Press Release by Best Buy Mobile about Today Offer:

One-Day Exclusive Offer: Best Buy Mobile Offers All Versions of Nexus S from Google for Free on Aug 3

Available on AT&T, Sprint and T Mobile at Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile specialty stores and online. Offer runs from Aug. 2 at 11 p.m. CST to Aug. 3 at 11:59 p.m. CST
MINNEAPOLIS, August 2, 2011 – Best Buy Mobile today revealed an exclusive one-day sale on Nexus S from Google phones valid on all carriers who support the device - AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Customers can receive a free Nexus S phone, either as a new phone or an upgrade purchase, with two-year activation at all Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile specialty stores, and online at BestBuy.com/Mobile.
Nexus S is a pure Google experience phone and runs Android 2.3, Gingerbread, the fastest version of Android available, and will be offered free starting tonight at 11:00 p.m. CST, through  Aug. 3, at 11:59 p.m. CT.
In addition to the most smartphones under one roof, including all three versions of Nexus S, Best Buy Mobile offers an array of services aimed at improving customers’ experience, including Walk Out Working, Upgrade Checker, Happy 24 and a full array of accessories for customers to protect and personalize their device.

About Best Buy Mobile
Best Buy Mobile was founded in 2006 with a goal of changing the way consumers shop for and purchase mobile phones in America. Today, Best Buy Mobile is in every Best Buy store and also has 206 Best Buy Mobile specialty stores around the country. Best Buy Mobile features one of the largest selections of carriers, handsets and accessories available anywhere. Employees undergo at least 80 hours of intensive training, as well as continuing education on mobile phone technology and trends to help customers get the most of their mobile phones. For more information about Best Buy Mobile, visit www.bestbuy.com/mobile or www.bestbuymobile.com

About Best Buy
Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE: BBY) is a leading multi-channel global retailer and developer of technology products and services. Every day our employees – 180,000 strong – are committed to helping deliver the technology solutions that enable easy access to people, knowledge, ideas and fun. We are keenly aware of our role and impact on the world, and we are committed to developing and implementing business strategies that bring sustainable technology solutions to our consumers and communities. For information about Best Buy, visit www.bby.com

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Released on Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY

The release of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, has made available the award winning FPS franchise by Electronic Art and DICE on Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, the PlayStation certified gaming smartphone.

Sony Ericsson's Market Development Head, Dominic Neil-Dwyer says:
As Xperia Play becomes available in more markets across the world, the portfolio of games continues to grow and so we're delighted to announce the availability of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for Xperia Play. We aim to give consumers the best possible gaming experience on a smartphone and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for Xperia Play is the latest title from EA to bring one of the most popular gaming franchises to our consumers.
The game, now available for download takes full advantage of Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY smartphone's outstanding graphic capabilities and game-changing control pad to deliver a better and realistic, fast-paced gameplay to the Android operating system for the first time.

Bad Company 2 for Xperia Play features fourteen single-player missions across five intensely detailed battle zones. It also includes fourteen weapons ranging from a knife to rocket-propelled grenades and multiple vehicle types, including tanks and helicopters. An iOS version of the game is now also available at the App Store.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is available to download today for Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY customers, adding to the more than 100 optimised games available for download on the world’s first PlayStation certified smartphone.

Google Voice Phone: Talk 38 Countries with single Google Voice Number
Google Voice, and VoIP Voice Phone service by Google, finally went international in 38 countries. After years of free calls service in US and Canada, now people outside of US can enjoy this.

The Google Voice Phone work through, Google Voice Number, an amazing portability service which lets you connect and receive calls via a single Gmail voice number.

Starting today, if you use Gmail you might see an Call button under the chat list on the left side in your gmail. Try logging in and check if you see it enabled. You probably would still need the Google Voice Plugin to be installed on your computer.

Although Gmail Voice calls are extended its not very clear whether the Google Voice service and one number portability is available outside of USA. You can try if you actually get an access to it. From the Google Voice blog post, it seems its only a gmail voice calling feature and doesn't actually give you access to Google Voice features.

Google Voice Phone Call Charges

Google Voice Phone is not a free international calling service as you still have to pay charge per minute. Google has lowered the calling rates to over 150 destinations around the world. For example, it’s now only $0.10 (or €0.08) per minute to call mobile phones in the U.K., France or Germany (landlines are $0.02/min), $0.15/minute to call mobile phones in Mexico and $0.02/min to call any phone number in China and India.
Please note that if you live in US or canada, you can continue to call US and Canada for free but people outside of USA, will not be able to call free to these countries. All calls originated from outside of US, will be charged at 1 cent per minute to US & Canada.
Google voice has certainly gone international but we are surely looking for those awesome Google Voice Phone features to invade the world. Till then, Lets make calls via Gmail Voice.

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