White iPhone 4 vs Black iPhone 4 Comparison: Similarities and Differences

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White iPhone 4 vs Black iPhone 4 Comparison: Similarities and DifferencesApple iPhone 5 Release Date is about to be announced, but a lot of Apple iPhone user are still happy with their Apple iPhone 4 phones. Its not bad if we provide a summery White iPhone 4 vs Black iPhone 4 Comparison, their Similarities and Differences for some of you who are still interested in Apple iPhone 4. These images shows the comparison between both versions of the iPhone 4.

Originally slated for release in June 2010, the white version of Apple iPhone 4 fell prey to delay after delay, and it was not able to hit the sales stores until late April 2011. Apple never released an official statement specifying what took it so long to release White iPhone 4, but there is not any shortage of rumors and speculations on this account too, as with almost any matter where Apple is involved.

White iPhone 4 vs Black iPhone 4 Comparison: Similarities and Differences

Before we go into these pictures, please keep in mind that the latest White iPhone 4 features an extended proximity sensor above the receiver of the front panel rather than the little hole of Black iPhone 4 version. Whereas other minor changes include black interior coating of 30-pin connector as well as 3.5mm audio jack. Other than that, there is no significant difference in Features, Specs and Price when we talk about White iPhone 4 vs Black iPhone 4, with color being the most prominent and significant difference.

White iPhone 4 vs Black iPhone 4 Comparison in Camera Module Results

There is a plenty of debate on the White iPhone 4 vs Black iPhone 4 Camera Results. Starting with an early tear-down of the white iPhone 4, as soon as it White iPhone 4 was released, a Japanese blog revealed that the camera module in it was noticeably different from the one found in the black iPhone 4. The camera lens in the White iPhone 4 version, looked to be a bit more recessed, possibly to reduce the distance between the glass and the sensor and eliminate or reduce the light leakage issue. For serious photography guys these tweaks in the camera module means a lot of difference in the image results, for others like me, its just the same or almost same to be on safe side ):

So guys, I guess its good to cut the long story short and directly jump into watching this pictorial White iPhone 4 vs Black iPhone 4 Comparisons:

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