200000 Facebook Invitees to Australian Schoolgirl Birthday Party

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200000 Facebook Invitees to Australian Schoolgirl Birthday PartyiTechWhiz (Mar 17, 2011)- An Australian schoolgirl canceled her 16th Birthday Party after her Facebook invitation went viral and close to 200,000 people confirmed to attend the Part at her home. The girl in a message at Facebook which includes her home Address invited her schoolmates to her Birthday and said they could bring friends if they let her know- 'Daily Telegraph Sydney' reported.

Within 24 hours more than 20,000 people had replied to the event invitation to attend it on Tuesday. The girl's father, who asked not to be named, said his daughter had invited "a few friends" over Facebook but had initially been unaware of the settings required to stop strangers from viewing the information. "She was just anxious about whether anyone would show up to her birthday," he told the Telegraph.

Police said it appeared the girl's original post had been re-posted by an "unknown person" and this had gone viral, as they warned of the dangers of advertising parties on social networking sites.

The girl's shocked father has given an undertaking for her daughter's Facebook page to be removed and the party will definitely not be going on. Police Inspector Terry Dalton told ABC Radio:
"There will be no party at that address. The only thing that anybody who turns up on that street will be met by will be some police vehicles patrolling the area."
The Police have not identified the family or the party date to avoid encouraging would-be guests. But they arrested a 17 Year Boy in the connection with accusation of manipulating the girl's original post. The teenager is charged with using a Telecommunications Carrier to harass and offend someone. He is due in court in April.

In 2008, then 16-year-old Corey Worthington attracted global attention when he threw a wild party while his parents were away, after making an open invitation on his MySpace page. About 500 people turned up to his two-story home in Melbourne, and in the ensuing hours police called in the air wing and the dog squad to help subdue revelers.
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