iOS 8 Release Date for iPhone 6/5S/5, iPod 5/6 and iPad 4/5/6

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After successful iOS 7 launch and consequent updates Apple has reshuffled and reinforced its iOS software team to focus on the next gen iOS version to be known as iOS 8.

According to internal sources, new iOS8 beta 1 has already been made available to Apple testing team. The iOS 8 operating software is thought to be identical to the OS X Mavericks Golden Master version.

Apple is also working on next generation Mac OS X with Mac OS X 10.10 Syrah Release Date later in 2014.

Apple is paying much attention to user interface and new iOS 8 Features in order to improve users interactive and experience, as Apple iOS 8 OS is going to power an armada of iDevices including flagship iPhone 6, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 3, iPod Touch 6G, iPod Nano 8G and possibly iWatch.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook has recently revealed that the company has "big plans" for 2014 that it believes users are going to absolutely love.

Apple iOS 8 Release Date, Updates, News

Apple has traditionally used its Worldwide Developers Conference to unveil new versions of iOS, so we expect that tradition to continue this year. WWDC is usually held in June, but we'll update you as soon as we find out specific dates for the conference.

new iOS 8 Release Date 2014 or 2015?

While we expect iOS 8 to be shown off for the first time in June, it's unlikely to be released to the public until the next generation iPhone comes out, probably in September. Between June and September, iOS 8 is likely to be in beta form for developers to test and begin working on their apps ahead of the public release.

Taking into consideration Apple past history on the release of new Operating software, it will be prudent to place the release date of iOS 8 somewhere next year. This is according to many sources which have over the years studied Apple release patterns. The release date should be in line with the launch of a new Apple product say iPhone 6. Apple has already started training its employees on the intricacies of the new software an indication the project is up and running.

Apple iOS 8 Release Date and Timeline History

The new iOS 8 release date should be somewhere in late October as Apple continues to study the reviews it is getting on iOS 7 and see the kind of features to add and the ones to completely scrap out. Early test versions of iOS 8 have been out for quite some time as a handful of iPhone devices have been recorded on the Apple network as running on iOS 8. iPhone 6 is rumored to be the first smartphone that will feature iOS 8, the large screen of the phone should give developers quite some work in trying to support the higher resolutions in the Operating Software.

Apple iOS 8 should be given a new home screen that puts more effort not only on the App launcher but should be something between a great Notification center and an intuitive home screen. The tech world is full of buzz of what should make way into iOS 8. Some of the features that many people would love to see in iOS 8 include the inclusion of group calls to FaceTime. This would be brilliant as more than one person would be able to chat via FaceTime. Apple has already added Wikipedia and Microsoft’s Bing to the mix as Siri Helpers in iOS 7. This is expected to continue in iOS 8 with the inclusion of LinkedIn, and Yahoo.

Apple iOS 8 Release Date 2014/2015, Update, News

Apple Maps have been receiving quite some backlash from users, Apple is expected to do more in iOS 8 to ensure that it is up to standard compared maps found in Google. The ability to work with more than one App at a given time is one of the features that has been lacking with iOS. Apple Mac OS X Mavericks has already added this feature and iOS 8 should be in line to receive this upgrade.

This should give a rise to multi-screen mode iPhones in the coming years. OS X Mavericks also has the advantage of a having hyper interactive notification center , once you get a message you can deal with it there and then without disrupting anything you were doing. This is another feature we would love to see with iOS 8. Please checkout Apple iOS 8 Features to view Rumors, Concepts and Whishlist
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