iPhone 5S is coming out in fall with 9 Colors

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Apple iPhone 5S is coming out in September 2013 with updated specs and features as we already mentioned iPhone 5S Release Dates featuring Apple's new smartphone operating system iOS 7.

Apple iPhone 5S Launch is confirmed by multiple sources including latest forecasts by Peter Misek, who hinted that new iPhone 5S will come out in next summer in 6 to 9 colors, including the most talked about iPhone 5S Gold.

iPhone 5S Release was a very much anticipated move by Apple. Californian iPhone manufacturer is compelled to cut its iPhone product life cycle short, under pressure from smartphone market forces, mainly by HTC, Nokia and Apple's arch rival Samsung. The Korean smartphone company, Samsung is already aiming to be on the top of smartphone market with the launch of its Galaxy S4 band products.

Is iPhone 5S coming out in September 2013 with 9 Colors

Apple is reportedly starting trial production of 50,000 to 100,000 iPhone5S units this December, reported by Commercial Times. This early gear up would put Apple manufacturing facilities and part supply on track to be able to deliver the full scale production in mid 2013.

Apple iPhone 5S Colors

Multiple iPhone 5S colors are part of strategy triggered by market competition from Nokia and Samsung, known to make their Lumia and Galaxy smartphones available in a multiple colors. Even, Samsung has recently added Garnett Red color to its already hot selling Galaxy S3 smartphone line, largely to attract youth.

Apple itself has been used this approach successfully for iPod Touch 5G that has been released in 6 colors including yellow, pink, white, blue and black, to attract the teenage and feminine.

iPhone 5S Specs and Features

Last week, eTradeSupply.com leaked new iPhone5S prototypes photos that show the front and back of the new iPhone5S. The new iPhone5S casing shows a device in similar size and shape to the current iPhone5, with some internet modifications.

iPhone5S chases prototype photos 2013 hints internal Specs updates

New iPhone5S Release Date in 2013 in 8 Colors

New iPhone 5S specs are reported to feature Better Display, Super HD Camera, improved Battery and NFC technology finally along with other hardware upgrades and multiple color choices. Apple iPhone 5S storage is also expected to sized up to 128GB.

You can check out detailed Apple iPhone 5S Review of specification and features to know what is coming out with new i Phone 5s.
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