Viber vs Tango vs Skype vs Whatsapp

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Like every other field of life, modern technology has given the humans an ease in field of connecting with others. Call rates are becoming expensive day by day and in such a situation, VoIP (Voice Over IP) technology is truly a gift for people who are living at distance from their loved ones. We should be thankful to internet because without internet, we couldn’t enjoy this facility.

VoIP is easily affordable and a very inexpensive source for calls and messages. Some applications are so popular that one can hardly believe that there can be someone who is not familiar with theses, such as Skype, Whatsapp, Tango and Viber . These are the best known application for Voice Over IP service . These application not only provide free messages facility but you can make free calls through it in everywhere. In addition to these, there is a huge choice of chat clients nowadays. Chatting has left the desktop behind and expanded onto mobile in a big way.

According to a recent research, chat apps will account for double the traffic of traditional text messages by the end of the year. Besides the basic one-on-one text chat, we can have group conversations with audio or video, share files, and even consume content together and just hang out.In recent past, the only heavyweight of mobile chat was BBM. It was a popular feature known as BlackBerry Messenger, is now coming to Android and iOS.
Viber vs Tango vs Skype vs Whatsapp

Whatsapp vs Skype vs Viber vs Tango

As mentioned above, there are huge number of chat apps, that are available today. Obviously it’s impossible to cover all the chat apps that are available, that’s why you will find the reviews about the most popular chat apps below.


WhastApp was founded in 2009 by a couple of ex-Yahoo! employees aiming to build a better SMS alternative. The officials said that the service handles 20 billion messages a day and considered Bigger than Twitter. WhatsApp originally came with focus only on text chat. It is easily accessible and very easy to use from the day one. That’s why it is the most popular chat app among users. You can even avoid incurring any SMS charges, if you convince your friends to install the app, too.

If you are using iPhone, this app costs $1 and on all other supported platforms you get a one year free trial, after which it costs $1 per year for a subscription. By using Whatsapp, you can share audio files, photos, videos, contacts, and your current location. Few years ago, it did lack support for voice calls and there’s no presence on the desktop but since two years, users are enjoying both features. Now you can place a free call around the globe through Whatsapp. This cross-platform mobile messenger app has really taken off in recent years.
Estimated users of Whatsapp are 200 million and this app used different platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry. The most hot features are text chat, group chat, file sharing and location sharing.


Who don’t know about Skype now a days. Skype is primarily used for cheap international VoIP and video calls with family abroad. A lot of people use it on mobile as well in addition to laptop. Besides calls, it supports instant messaging and group chats with hundreds of contacts simultaneously. As per figures, back in October 2012, the Skype service had 280 million users. It has remained near the top of the Android charts since then. I am sure that it has racked up a few downloads on other platforms as well.

From its history revealed that Skype was the first application that launched the concept of Voice Over IP service. It allows VoIP service in the lowest rate. It is also popular because it behaves just like a home landline number, like the rates depend on your plan. You can also purchase extra minutes. Skype is available for many platforms like Android ,Apple ,Windows, Blackberry ,Symbian and for Mac. Estimated users of Skype are 300 million. The most popular features among users are Text chat, Group chat, Voice calls, Video calls, File sharing, Screen sharing.


Viber is also popular as it provides a VoIP service to all around the world. User can send messages , their photos easily all around the world to another Viber user and also make a call. More than 200 million people connect to Viber worldwide. Viber is considered very simple and convenient to use. It is fully compatible with android OS platform. You can use it on 3g networks and on Wi-Fi.

The most amazing thing about Viber is its crystal clear sound quality. Viber to Viber calls and messages are totally free of cost. You don’t need to worry about ID as your ID is simply your number. Video calls are also available on Viber. It is growing fast and improving all the time. It offers a good balance of features and cross platform support.


Tango is also a top rated application. It is also popular due to its free video call and unlimited free messages features that you can do to all around the world. The application is available for multi platforms. Like all others like Whatsapp, Viber etc., you have to download it from your Application Store and enjoy it’s amazing features. Tango offers multiple features I addition to basic communication features such as games, apply live filters on video calls, and you can also make your own profile as a timeline. You can enjoy group chatting with your friends.

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