Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Release date, Price, Specification

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Samsang ” S” series smartphone are the most famous among all and it’s a fact that every new “S” series smartphone is better than its predecessor in terms of hardware, memory, design and features. Samsung flagship smartphone S7 and S7 Edge are the hottest phones in the market till today. Both were announced in February this year and users are in love with them. Its sounds strange but people are discussing the possible release date of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 edge its specifications, features, hardware, colors and other stuff.

As mentioned above that every new model brings a new success level for company but it is not a story of yesterday. It took long for Samsung to be here. Time between 2008 and 2009 is considered as the post-iPhone smartphone era, and at that time, Samsung, along with many others, was hopelessly behind the curve. It relied mostly on carriers to sell its smartphones. In 2009, Samsung decided to come up with a new brand for its upcoming line of flagship phones designed to run Android. It was Samsung’s revolutionary new screen technology called Super AMOLED that made the game. Eventually, Samsung come up with its own high-end smartphone to compete with the iPhone, but it had no way to market it.

Here, Samsung encountered with brand positioning problem as “Samsung” name was synonymous with cheap flip phones and nice TVs. It was never mentioned like Apple, BlackBerry, or Nokia. That could’ve set up the new device for failure before it even launched. Plus, Samsung tested its brand against Apple with consumers and learned it was hardly recognizable as far as smartphones concern. They needed a big change in brand positioning, as a result, Samsung created a luxury sub-brand for its Android phones moving forward, and it was Galaxy.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Release date, Price, Specification

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Release date, Price, Specification

If you are interested to find the latest information about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 edge then keep reading. Below is all relevant information about your new smart phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Release date

By having a look on the trend of previous versions, it can be expected that Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 edge release date to be some day in first quarter of2017.Its obviously a good news for those who are planning to upgrade their Galaxy S8 might have to wait not longer. But this date is only an estimation because the release largely depends on other factors like the sales of S7 and S7 Edge units, release of better smartphone from rivals like Apple, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi etc. If Apple or any other come out with a better device, then upcoming premium device can be released before 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Price

Although the upcoming model is expected to have latest specifications and features but the price for the phones will be justifiable. Because Samsung have to keep an eye on current market as well as consider the price of comparable devices. The price of Galaxy S8 and S8 edge is expected to be between $700-850.

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge specifications

As far as the specifications and features are concern, it can be said that the new concept looks to integrate everything unique including giving us more viewing angles and better productivity right on the display. What the rumors suggest, is given below:

High Resolution Screen

The upcoming devices i.e. S8 & S8 edge may sport super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with pixel resolutions of 2560 x 1440 and protected by corning gorilla glass 5.The phones are expected to be dust and waterpoofed to IP68 standard which means they can resist water to 1.5 meter and for 30 minutes.

Foldable Phone

Yes, you may fold your phone like paper. Concept of foldable phone is one of the biggest Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge rumors. Speculations suggest that we may not need to wait longer for foldable design and we may seen it working in the new S8 Edge. A foldable smartphone would integrate two displays with a bi-fold in the middle of each.But this feature need a new flagship because it seems not possible along with Edge.

Better security Feature

Another rumor is about better security with an ultra-responsive eye scanner technology. In addition to this, amazing durability with a newer version of Gorilla Glass protection is also expected.

Upgraded Camera

It is also expected that the upcoming smart phone will bring revolutionary changes in terms of camera including optical image stabilization, auto laser focus, HDR, geo tagging, facial recognition. Front camera will be of 8.1 Megapixels while camera at phones back will be of 28 Megapixels, according to rumours.

Ultra Rapid Charging

One of the biggest issues that users encounter with while using a smart phone, is battery issue. Upcoming model is expected to come with ultra rapid charging with the supplied wired charger feature. Your next phone will be fully charged in just over 30 minutes. Wireless charging will be a bit more, but at about 45 minutes it will be much better than the GS7 Edge.

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