Find My Windows Phone, How to track lost windows phone

The most uncomfortable feeling is when your expensive phone isn’t with you. You will forget everything and start checking your pocket or bag. Your nerves will not calm down, till the moment you find it on the floor, sofa or any other usual place. But the scene can be different, like if you aren’t that lucky and it’s definitely stolen or lost? It sounds just horrible.

Now a days, it’s really easy to find your lost mobile. I am not talking about the age-old trick of simply calling your number from another phone, and you can easily trace the sound of your ringtone and then you reach to your phone that lies between your two pillows, or may inside your fridge. No, absolutely not. Such tricks are completely obsolete now. Thanks to technology, there are some ways to find your phone even if you haven’t installed any anti-theft or tracking apps.

There are some simple tips that are helpful in case you misplace your phone. These are some precautionary measures that every user should do to enhance his mobile phone security such as it is wise to set a lock code and set your phone to lock after a period of inactivity. If you have lost your phone outside of home, you should immediately block the SIM card as an extra security measure so that nobody who may find your phone can make calls or use other services at your cost. If your phone has been stolen, you should report the theft to the police as soon as possible, get a crime report and provide a copy to your network operator.
Find My Windows Phone, How to track lost windows phone

Ways to locate your lost smartphone

Although the tricks, that are given below helps but do remember, these methods aren’t always successful. Certain requirements and phone settings must be met. Keep reading

Find My Phone

Windows has its own tracking tool which is called as ‘Find My Phone’. The first thing that can help you is this tool. It is the best way to locate your lost phone.

  • It’s same like the Android’s Device Manager. But there is a point that you must consider if you are using window’s phone i.e. you must have enabled Find My Phone in your Windows phone’s settings beforehand.
  • When you first get your Windows Phone, it’s recommended to turn on two settings .Go to settings, then Find my phone. Check both boxes.
  • You may curious about, how it works? When ‘Find my Phone’ box is checked in your phone settings, then Find My Phone service and the Windows Phone Store on the web use text messaging to send commands and apps to your phone.
  • Check the first box to use push notifications instead. Push notifications can be faster than text messages, and might also be cheaper if your carrier charges you for each incoming text message. My Phone can only send 15 text messages to your phone in a three-day period while there's no limit with push notifications.
  • The second box saves your phone's location periodically and before the battery runs out to make it easier to find.

Make your phone ring

If you think your phone is nearby, you can make it ring by doing follow steps below. Your Windows Phone will ring even if the volume is off or if it’s vibrate mode.On your computer,

  • open a web browser and sign in to
  • In the My Phone menu, click Find My Phone.
  • Click Ring, then follow the instructions in the dialog box
  • This method will work only once.
  • Lock phone and show message

May be you can’t find your phone immediately, in that case, you can lock it from your computer and show a message. On your computer,

  • open a web browser and sign in to
  • In the My Phone menu, click Find My Phone.
  • Click Lock, and then follow the instructions. If you don't already have a password set up on your phone, you'll need to enter one—you'll use it to unlock the phone if you get it back.
  • It’s always good to provide phone number or an email address in the message box, so someone who finds your phone can contact you.

Find my Phone map

You can also use find my phone and see you phone on map. On your computer,

  • open a web browser and sign in to
  • In the My Phone menu, click Find My Phone.
  • Follow the instructions in the dialog box. After doing once, your phone will automatically show up on the map when you go to Find My Phone.
  • Click the “Find my phone” button and the service will begin trying to contact your phone in order to track its whereabouts.

Erase your phone

If you think you’ll not be able to get your phone back or if you have contents inside that you want to protect until you recover it, then you can erase your phone remotely. On your computer,

  • open a web browser and sign in to
  • In the My Phone menu, click Find My Phone.
  • Click Erase.

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