5 Most Expensive Apps for iPhone/iPad on Apple Store

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It is a fact that Apple’s app are quite expensive. The price limit that Apple sets on apps available on the App Store is always high like $999.99, and quite a few apps are actually marked up that high, experts say. Although the App Store is the king of apps, dig a little deeper into the one million strong library and you’ll find some applications that cost above and beyond the price of a used car.

Beside the fact that Apple’s app are expensive , there is another thing that some Apple fans hate about the App Store. It is the number of limitations placed on app content. There are just some types of apps that Apple won’t allow in their app marketplace. You might aware of it that apps with sexual content often have a difficult time getting approved. Apple also has a full ban on any apps about Steve Jobs. An app that tracks US drone strikes was famously rejected from the App Store five times before finally getting accepted some 18 months later.

The iPhone App Store might be the last place where zero dollars can still go a long way. There are hundreds of thousands of apps to be downloaded for free right now. Due to this most of us feel fleece any time an app costs more than a couple dollars. Basic statistics can explain that with 1.4 million apps, there are likely to be a few outliers in the App Store. After going through this article, you will find some of the most expensive apps in the App Store. The worst part of the story is that a vast majority of these over expensive apps aren’t worth the premium.
5 Most Expensive Apps for iPhone/iPad on Apple Store

Expensive Apps for iPhone/iPad on Apple Store

If you are interested to know that for what some Apple’s app are charging so much, then continue reading. Following is a review for the five most expensive apps of the Apple app store.

VIP Black

Price £749.99
Developer – iVIP Ltd
App Type – Concierge and booking

Obvious from its name that it is millionaire’s app, additionally proof of assets required upon download make it really VIP. It is popular for giving users luxury benefits from the company’s partners iVIP. With the iVIP ‘millionaire’s app’, member privileges include access to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, seats at the finest restaurants, private jets and monthly high-value gift boxes.

Once users have purchased iVIP, they must verify that their assets are valued above £1,000,000 before they can be accepted onto the program of events and services, which is used by a collection of special members. According to developers, “It’s a luxury app aimed at the high end of the market, hence the price tag. Many luxury lifestyle clubs charge considerably more and don’t offer an app!”.

Barcelona vs Madrid

Price – £229.99
Developer – Alina Avdeeva
App Type – Football game

You will find this game graphically fairly solid, but then there’s the price. Many sporting fans will argue there’s nothing more exciting than a penalty shooutout. The roar of the crowd, the cold stare of the goalkeeper and the piercing sound of the referee’s whistle make it a real buzz. In addition to other charms, Barcelona vs Madrid offers you the chance to take a kick or two.Shockingly, this luxury will cost you £249.99. This game took over 3 months to be developed, with continuous work from a dedicated developer and 3D designer. At such a high price, you have to charge 7p a minute, or £4.16 an hour for playing Barcelona vs Madrid. Some important facts about this app


Price – £149.99
Developer – Patelware LLC
App Type – Gaming

You can put your brain to the test, with help of this quiz app from Patelware LLC. You will possibly answer the most expensive questions ever. Be careful before you hit that download button, because this app is only for those who appreciate a truly ‘premium’ experience. The game makers mentioned that it contains more than 80 individual movie and pop culture quizzes and they all are included when you purchase the app for the first time. The fact that it only costs £139.99 to be tested on our knowledge of the history of Spiderman seems like a great deal to us.

SafeSession Voice Encryption

Price – £199
Developer – Sonley Alliance
App Type – Security

If you are truly inspired by James Bond, then have SafeSession downloaded to your device is a MUST. SafeSession enables voice encryption on all of your calls, which is a fancy way of saying that nobody can listen in on what you’re saying on the phone. It’s presumably in the interests of safety that you spend so much money protecting your privacy and Sonley Alliance agrees.According to developer company, a highly qualified team and a rather complex software design are behind this application. Therefore the first reason for such pricing was to show that they are serious about their product. While the second reason is app’s unique offers to improve personal and business privacy.

Water Globe

Price – £229.99
Developer – Ubiquitous Muffin
App Type – Toy

Although it’s the cheapest of the applications featured in the list, but it has included mainly because the price came as such a shock. The Water Globe app, as is suggested by the name, allows users to pick and choose a water globe and then watch items inside bob around on their phone screen. You can use your finger to churn up the white snowflakes. You can shake and tilt the screen to make the flakes go flying. You can change the globe background, gravity, snowflake size and amount of snow in the Setting screen.
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