Making Money on Yahoo Contributor Network, How much does it pay?

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We all are familiar with a popular Yahoo! Search engine and possibly you use it too. Yahoo! purchased the company with making few amendments. The Yahoo! Contributor Network (YCN) is a system that allows you to present your own articles, reviews, news and other material to Yahoo! If they use it on their network of websites you get paid for it.

You only require very modest writing skills. And you can make further money from other things you may have written by submitting them to Yahoo Contributor Network as well. Yahoo! Contributor Network is one of the few places online that permits you to publish what you would like while giving you upfront payments as well as page view or performance pay.

Once Yahoo bought out Associated Content, they promptly renamed and re-branded it to Yahoo Contributor Network. This immediately made Yahoo one of the leading content producers on the Internet. Anybody can freely publish anything immediately with the click of a mouse by means of the Yahoo Contributor Network. If you are a freelance writer, or a looking for new audiences to your business while earning income, Yahoo Contributor Network opens innovative and exciting opportunities.
Making Money on Yahoo Contributor Network, How much does it pay?

How to make money on Yahoo contributor network

Yahoo contributor network idea is straightforward. Yahoo contributor network provide opportunities where you will be paid for posting content and for the number of views. For making money you have to produce good posts, news, videos etc.

Take a little time to fill in your contributor profile to get started. Get started with ‘Sign Up’ and Register with the Yahoo! Contributor Network. The application procedure is pretty much typical, asking you for your profile particulars. Make sure you include all of your existing online websites, your Twitter and Facebook profiles including all other relevant networks. Moreover make sure you provide accurate complete personal information as well as your correct areas of proficiency.

After that Yahoo Contributor Network will use that information to determine which contributors you will be allocated to, as well as which assignments available are based on your profile. Your profile gives information regarding your interests, any experience or areas of expertise. It will assist them offer you the most appropriate assignments based on your interests and credentials.

Anybody can post content to this Yahoo Contributor network. But presently, earning is restricted merely to US citizens over 18 years of age. If you don’t belong to US, you can still apply this technique to make money by receiving traffic to your blog, website, news network etc.

How yahoo contributor network works

After registration you can initiate submitting reviews right away. You can choose to review anything you like or hope they will be published. Also, you can claim, as it is known, assignments for things they specifically need from their Assignment Desk. This is much similar as taking on paid writing assignments.

As a new contributor, most of your submissions will be published on the Yahoo! official digital library which is Associated Content from Yahoo! As you offer latest content and build up your reputation you'll be given further opportunities to publish on other Yahoo! websites.

Payment method by yahoo contributor network

The inspiration following this earning opportunity is not something like scheme of quickly getting wealthy. However by the time you have contributed an adequate amount of content in it, you will automatically initiate receiving regular earnings. That’s why the large number of people is attached to this system. So this earning way is not that tough and yield you good amount of dollars frequently for a long time just by spending few hours a week.

Those who assist yahoo contributor network going yahoo pay money to them. And there are more than 400,000 dynamic users who are producing good regular income on yahoo contributor network and get compensated straightforwardly on their bank account. Presently, Yahoo provides payments just through PayPal. And PayPal is 100% operational for the US citizens. So they need not to be worry.

How much yahoo contributor network pay?

The payments of Yahoo contributor depend on the content you are posting. Higher the writing quality is, the higher you will be salaried. Beside this yahoo contributor network pay in two different ways:

• Up-front Payments
• Performance Payments

Up-front Payments when selected the evaluation process of submitted content, can take 10 to 14 days. The payment amount may also fluctuate. An “offer” is made ranging anywhere from $2 to $15.

Performance Payments are based on every 1,000 page views that your content receives. The sum of payment range depends on where Yahoo decides to issue your content. Associated Content itself pays out the maximum at $1.50 for every 1,000 views, while Yahoo Sports at this time pays the lowest at $1.10 per 1000 views.
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