Best Email Clients for Mac OS X

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On every Mac, you find a Mail.appthat provides a free, full-featured email client. Although it is being sold heavily and has pioneered some innovative features over the years such as VIP and Handoff, but it’s definitely not for everyone. It can be replaced with some other third-party email clients that offer more advanced features.

If you use plug-ins in order to extend’s functionality, then Apple has a history of making changes that cause developers to re-write their plugins. A result of such rewriting is mostly a broken email workflow while you wait for updates. But don’t worry, there is no shortage of superb third-party email clients that aim to fix’s shortcomings. There are a plenty of choices, you can choose from. By following this article, you can find alternatives, which are there as third-party email clients.

Obviously to select the best third-party email client from such a huge number, is also not an easy thing. There are so many things that you should consider while selecting a third-party email clientssuch as overall design, ease of use, support for multiple account types. In addition to this update schedule of your email client is also something, on that you should keep an eye. If your email client have a track record of being well-supported to minimize the risk of it suddenly disappearing, than you can trust it.
Best Email Clients for Mac OS X

Best Email Clients for Mac OS X

If you are searching for a new tool as third-party email client, then you can find best one by using below given information.


One of the best choices could be Postbox that has been around seemingly forever on the Mac. Despite the fact that user interface is not so cool and user feel like having old Mozilla Thunderbird application. But story is bit different now as it received a major update including a general UI overhaul and added several great features that make it a contender for someone seeking a bit more than Airmail can offer.

Postbox offers a set of features that make dealing with email more efficient. Account groupis such a wonderful feature that can separate or blend work with personal accounts and works great if you have a lot of email accounts you’re required to manage. It supports tabs so you can focus on specific email screens, similar to how they work in your web browser.

Pre-Made responses is something that users love. Postbox also has a time tracker feature that facilitate to see how long you’ve spent composing your message, in addition to word count. Another feature, domain fencing is there to prevent you from sending an email from the wrong account.


Airmail is also known aslightning-fast email client for Mac and there are less chances that you will be disappointed after using it. An extremely quick and responsive in addition to its beautiful outlook. Airmail is really well-designed, it looks and feels like a native Mac application. Not only pleasant to eyes but it’s also a very powerful email client with a lot of great features that lacks, such as support for composing messages in Markdown.


Mailmate is generally considered as more powerful than Postbox. It is a keyboard-centric mail client with a text-based approach to email. It supports more Gmail keyboard shortcuts than any other app. One thing that is not possible while working with Mialmate is text formatting. If you want to add any basic formatting to your message like italics, bold, bullet lists, you have to do it in Markdown. MailMate also offers several unique layout options,like a widescreen layout and special views to show thread arcs and email statistics.


For the users, who prefer the Gmail web interface, MailPlane is a great option for them. Because it basically runs the Gmail web app inside of an application wrapper. By using this app, you will have a complete access to library of Gmail-supported keyboard shortcuts as well as Gmail plugins. MailPlane also offers some native app advantages, such as Evernote integration and OmniFocus support.


Outlook, Microsoft’s email app, is well known. Now available with the latest update to Office 2016, this is actually a pretty decent email client.Outlook is there as part of Office that also includes other Microsoft office products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. If you use Microsoft Office already or rely on the Exchange email protocol, Outlook is best option.


If you want to have an email client, having a people-centric email approach that organize your messages and conversations by person, then UniBox is the right choice for you.It’s a very different approach to email, with a fairly steep learning curve. The list of contacts on the left-hand side of the screen is sorted by date, and each person will appear in the list only once. Selecting a contact will reveal all your conversations with that person, similar to the Messages app.
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