Hulu Plus vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime 2016

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Internet streaming is also one of the those problems that modern age brought to us. Although there are a bunch of choices you can choose from, I terms of internet services but the big three in the market are Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime.

It really doesn’t matter that which of the following problems you are suffering from like whether you're considering canceling your cable and select another one or find yourself interested in supplementing your current cable or satellite subscription. by reading this article, you can decide easily, for which service you should go for or in other words, which service is right for you and also how to get the most bang from Internet streaming for the buck.

Every service has definitely its own pros and cons like Hulu Plus might be great for catching up on recent episodes of all your favorite TV shows, but heavy advertising is considered as its downfall. Hulu Plus does give you the option of customizing what kind of ads you see. The other two i.e. Amazon and Netflix are gloriously ad-free. Amazon Prime does show short promos before each video for other series available on the service.
Hulu Plus vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime 2016

Hulu Plus vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime 2016

There are a lot of determining factors that can lead you to take a decision for one of these services. Following are some important ones such as price, selection, plans and trails, speed and compatible devices as well.


The most relevant factor, while taking decision for a streaming service is speed. But it highly, no, more accurately completely depends upon the speed of your Internet connection. If your internet speed is not per required then the picture quality might be poor. In addition, you may also experience the most irritating thing while watching and that’s buffering. However, streaming videos is much faster than downloading videos to watch, so it doesn’t matter which service you choose from three in order to watch your favorite movies and shows quickly.


Like every other thing that we consider to buy, price is the most important factor which actually determine that we are having it or not. We all know that price makes a big difference when it comes to choosing a streaming media service. In case of Hulu Plus vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime, all are priced quite reasonably. All three services give no advantage to its competitor in terms of price. Here is a brief review of actual prices of three services:

• Amazon Prime charges $99 per year for a membership. By paying this amount, you will get access not only in terms of basic service but also additional benefits including free two-day shipping for purchases made on
• Netflix costs approximately $8 monthly for a streaming membership, but an additional $8 per month are obligatory to access the full digital library. By paying these additional $8 you can also get DVDs delivered to your door.
• Hulu Plus also costs around $8 per month. Hulu offers a free version but with a limited selection and fewer episodes of shows.

Current Episodes

Availability of current episodes is another major factor. On the basis of this factor,unlike price factor, you can easily decide which service is best for you, because:

• If you watch a lot of current TV, than Hulu Plus is the way to go as it offers a wide variety of network TV series with episodes going up only 24 hours after they air on live TV.

• Amazon Prime does offer a few current television series' episodes but five days after airing live, including Extant and Under The Dome. Of course, those two series are on your must-see list. By having Amazon Prime, you won't get current TV.

• Netflix is even more behind. It usually take about a year to make Seasons of shows up on that service, although this does give you the ability to binge-watch seasons at a time. If waiting for your favorite is not a big deal for you, then go for Netflix.


Selection is also an important factor to consider. Following is a review of three services on the basis of selection.

• Netflix is at the top because it has the most extensive selection, with literally thousands of titles to choose from. Netflix has licensing deals with CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC, BBC, Sony, and DreamWorks, all of which contribute titles to the library. Netflix selection is considered at top with about 25,000 titles.

• Hulu Plus has its own licensing deals with Fox, NBC, Disney, MTV, and with many others. Hulu Plus is known for its up to date library than its competitors. So you have access to your favorite show. This makes Hulu Plus a great alternative to cable. Hulu Plus selection is at around 10,000 titles.

• Amazon Prime has plenty of the same titles as Netflix and Hulu Plus, but the library isn’t yet as extensive. Amazon Prime selection is at about 5,000 titles.

Compatible Devices

Only films and shows on your television screen might be insufficient for you, in this case you can consider the range of video devices on which each service can be accessed.

• Netflix is here better as it has the most compatibility like you can watch via your PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Internet-ready TV, Roku, Android, Blu-ray player, Nook or other e-reader tablet, and iOS devices.

• Hulu Plus also offers compatibility and support for many of the same devices that Netflix does. Hulu currently lacks compatibility for many Internet-ready TVs and Blu-ray players. Still, it can show movies through gaming devices, Android, iOS devices, Roku, and various tablet computers.

• Amazon Prime doesn’t yet feature the extensive compatibility of the other two services, but it is slowly building its network. You can watch shows via your Internet-ready TV, Blu-ray player, Roku, Kindle Fire tablet, and iOS or Android phone.
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