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As we all know about the Torrific, which we often used for downloading torrents without any client. If you have URL of torrent file, you just need to paste it in Torrific and it will download it for you free. In addition to it, you can search any torrent file and download it through Torrific.

A special feature known as peer-to-peer file sharing with option to download resuming makes Torrific ahead of others. It was the best source to download torrent files directly without any torrent client or any other software. The torrific network was engineered for speed. No fancy features, no fiddling with a hundred settings, just really fast speed, was its beauty.

As Torrific is unavailable for now, most of us are looking for some alternative websites that have same features as Torrific. We are pretty used to with terrific as it was easy to use. As mentioned above, you just need to paste URL of a torrent file, in to Torrific and click "Get." Alternatively, by entering a Torrent site, one want to browse for a particular torrent, or just enter a search term and Torrific did turn to Google to help you to find what you want. So all these features, we want to have in alternative sites.
Best Free Torrific Alternatives Websites

Best Free Torrific Alternatives Websites

Here are some Torrific alternatives websites, which are free and offers the same features like Torrific.


According to my opinion, Zbigz is the best alternative of Torrific. There are a lot of alternative sites available, but Zbigz is best. You can test it by yourself by visiting different alternative sites, but I am pretty sure that you will also find the Zbigz best among all. I personally like it due to following facts:

  • It is not only used to access videos and music but you can download or access large number of torrents like books and software.
  • The thing that make Zbigz best alternative to Torrific is its simplicity. It is a platform which is really simple to use.
  • Like terrific, you just need to copy the torrent and paste it in Zbibz box and click go.
  •  Biggest advantage per my opinion is that it keeps your identity secret, but this facility is only for small torrent.
  •  In order to get best download speed, you need to switch to premium plan, otherwise you will get maximum 150kbps download speed.


    After Zbigz , the second best option to download torrent data, is It’s highlights are:

    • You don’t need to have any external tools while using
    •  It allows unlimited downloads with very impressive and simple way. You have to register yourself as a free user. In order to get maximum download speed, you need to sign up with a premium plan.
    • After signing up for premium version, you can download up to 15 torrents simultaneously at great download speed.
    • Thanks to its cloud service, you can download files from any device connected through internet. It follows your RSS feeds to store audios, videos.


    Another best alternative of Torrific is

    • It is best suited for those, who have slow internet connection.
    • You can download of torrent files directly without any other applications, like above mentioned sites.
    • You can find it the best, if you are a Smartphone downloader.
    • You have to pay for it but there is option for free users also. But free users can download files up to 700 MB.
    • Like Zbigz and, premium users can download unlimited files along with download managers.


    It is also considered as one of the bset Torrific alternatives websites.

    • The most distinguishing feature of this alternative is the possibility of linking it with your dropbox account. So without using torrent client, you can directly download to your dropbox.
    • The download speed, you will get here is best among all.

    BITLET.ORG is again one of the best torrent alternative website. It offers following best features.

    • First of all, it is a free downloader. It works similar to Zbigz.
    • You will open, paste your torrent magnet and your downloading will start in seconds.
    • In case of torrent file, you need to upload it or click select local torrent. It will automatically download this file for you.
    • One thing that you need to make sure is java plugin. Java plugin should be installed in your browser otherwise bitlet will not work.
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