Apple iRing Release date, Price, Specs and Features

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Apple is buzzing the change once more – this time with a tiny ‘smart ring’ that will boast many of the functions of the iPhone. Apple plans to bring a further innovative wearable technology with Apple iRing, following the sensation of the Apple Watch.

The technology giant will be able to take photographs, text and tell the time – all while being small enough to wear on your index finger. This Gadget is unique because it has great concept of Bluetooth ring which has designed by Victor Solo. This ring connects with wireless bluetooth of your ipad and iphone. After connected you can play songs, volume control up and down, skip music, and with play and pause function controls on the ring.

Apple iRing rumour is not there now but back in 2013, we have heard that Apple is working on a smart accessory, which going by its usual naming scheme was tentatively called ‘iRing’. While the notion of Apple launching a smart ring seemed too good to be true, turns out this accessory could be real. iRing was first mentioned by analyst Brian White, he claimed that it was an accessory for the yet-to-be-launched iTV. The folks at Patently Apple have now uncovered a patent for a smart ring, titled ‘Devices and Methods for a Ring Computing Device’.

Apple iRing Release date, Price, Specs and Features

Although sounds wired, iRing but what is impossible in this age of technology.Curious about it? Find out all about iRing below:

Apple iRing Release date

Brian White, the first one to predict that Apple would make an iPad mini again in 2013 predicted that the company would one day make an iRing. Apple has filed a patent for an 'iRing', signalling that it is looking to expand further into wearable technology after the release of the Apple Watch earlier this year. So you will find latest updates about the arrival of iRing in market on this page further.

Apple iRing Price

The iRing responds to the gestures of your hand to perform specific tasks on an iOS device. The double-sided ring talks to your device's camera, which reads your various gestures. You simply move your hand up and down, left and right, or twist it around to control the action.
Although the price of iRing has not yet speculated but is might be bit lesser in price than iWatch.

Apple iRing Specs and Features

People are crazy about ipod, so this iRing concept is expected to be seen in the future. Using this ring, iPod fans can take control of their music player easier, not just for iPod; this ring controls other Apple’s Product. Basically the feature at back-head is the concept of using Bluetooth through which user can control Apple media features, playback features like play, stop, pause, rewind, forward by just pressing an invisible button.

Apple has sold more than 700 million iPhones and other gadgets worldwide and the number is still increasing. It was also rumored that the firm is planning to launch an electric car within the next four years. And now Apple is also rumor to launch its more innovative gadget iRing with valued style and features. The ring might carry extra features, like it controls an external electronic device with a finger-ring-mounted touch screen that includes a computer processor, wireless transceiver, and rechargeable power source.

The ring is worn on a first finger receives an input from a second finger, selects one of a plurality of touch events associated with the input, and wirelessly transmits a command associated with the touch event to the external electronic device. It is also speculated that the gadget can be use to send messages, where can state their notes, to the built-in microphone.

Likewise, iRing will be made to be partnered with other Apple device. Similar to the recently released Apple Watch, the device would interact with the owner’s iPhone, for example, by using its GPS receiver to display maps on the ring’s screen. The use of touch-sensitive surfaces as input devices for computers and other devices has increased significantly in recent years.

A user controls an external electronic device with a finger ring-mounted touch screen that includes a computer processor, wireless transceiver, and rechargeable power source. The ring will have biometric sensors to capture heart rate, perspiration levels and temperature so that health- conscious owners can keep tabs on their fitness.

Apple is obviously crazier than we thought so stay tuned to this page for more updates on iRing price, features and many more.
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