Apple iLens Release Date, Price, Features Rumors

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Nowadays many Smartphone and gadgets manufacturing companies are in a super rush mode to develop the technology that we are using right now. Until this year we have seen many technological innovations in Smartphones, Wearable technology and even the most excited Google Glasses are ruling the current market but here’s one technology that no one has thought this would take place is the Apple iLens.

The launch of iLens according to Apple, this smart lens works far better than Google Glass. The iLens comes with an ear piece and is activated by a series of user’s blinks. According to the designer Parker Johnson this would appear similar to the normal contact lens that we generally use in our day to day to life. Unlike the Google Glass it would appear more eye-catching than the later. The iLens performs like an iPhone. You can make calls, send and receive texts, e-mails, and even scroll through all social media contents.

According to officials , users can apply them just like a contact lens, so a licensed optometrist will have to fit users for the iLens. Once You have the iLens in your eyes, recording of everything and automatically uploading the recorded files to iCloud, where users can pick which pictures and videos they’d like to post to social media. It can be too dangerous in terms of other people privacy. Due to this fact, the iCloud leak caused chaos earlier this year, and those were pictures people knew they were taking. Allegedly the iLens will be beefing up security to be 98 percent effective.

Apple iLens Release Date, Price, Features Rumors

You are really excited about the Apple iLens Release Date, Price, Features Rumors, then continue reading, you will find all what you want to know about cool iLens.

Apple iLens Release date

The iLens is expected to be released in May 2016. People are actually waiting it since Google glasses did hit the market, iLens were expecting from Apple as a competitive move. Fans are waiting since long for this device but now it can be expected that in the last quarter of 2016, we will be able to wear iLens.

Apple iLens Price

Apple announced the launch of iLens working like a Google Glass soon. Apple hopes it will compliment the Apple iWatch and Apple iPhone. The Apple iLens is priced $299 for 64GB and $499 for 124GB, and rumors say that the Apple iLens has an earpiece and it is activated automatically with a series of blinks by the customer of the Smart Lens. One can carry it everywhere while going, fitted at eye and can use Internet anywhere desired.

Apple iLens Features Rumors

Smartphone’s have a enormous rage among the people, but Apple gadgets have their own class and thus attracts numbers of users towards itself. There’s been news that Apple is working on designing of a new series of apps for iLens which will be released in the near months.

Here are some speculations about iLens especially regarding its camera. Frequently we witnessed a wonderful moment with our eyes and while trying to capture it by the regular Smartphone camera suddenly all the moments vanished. But Apple iLens captures everything automatically, so there might be any chance of missing such amazing moments witnessed by your eyes.

The pictures which are taken by the iLens are directly uploaded to iCloud, where they can be used to post it to different social media. Most of the Present iOS Apps will be able to be running with the iLens, and there is news that Apple will significantly launch some other apps, especially to use with the Apple iLens.

iLens are expected to come with really amazing and cool features like a touch screen ultra-thin interchangeable lens camera, 4.8-inch Retina display a dual-lens system. In addition iLens equipped with a 50mm fixed focus lens and a zoom lens also called telephoto lens, to give users with a range of shooting options. The iLen will also feature near-field communication (NFC) capabilities, allowing users to easily share photos.

Apple iLens is something like Google Glass but much special from Google Glass, these lens will set within eyes to shift in the new world of technology like Virtual Reality. The iLens would allow for night vision, binoculars and augmented reality with a heads up display. It also let photographic memory that is just like a photograph: that can be retrieve from memory at will and examine it in detail, zooming in on different parts. As soon as the Apple iLens will arrive, consumer can get that to enjoy a better life with technology.
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