Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 3 Release Date, Specs, Price

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Galaxy Note Edge, one of the most innovative smart phones on the market, many of us are curious about the next Edge release. Many people are just enjoying the Galaxy Note Edge smart phones but there are also many who are looking forward to the inevitable release of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 3. The huge sales and consumer demand for the limited market release of the predecessor, the next installment is already making quite an impression.

Samsung has an outstanding performance in the era of smart phones in terms of innovation and Samsung is keeping its track experimental. Samsung proved its creativity among the competitors and its fans are always looking for something different. The release of Galaxy Note Edge 3 is not near as Galaxy Note Edge 2 didn’t hit the market till now. But Samsung is pretty sure about the fact that Galaxy Note Edge series is really in demand as Galaxy Note Edge has experienced huge sales so coming smart phone of this series will not be limited to certain markets.

The new display smart phone from Samsung Galaxy Note was considered as an innovation and creative technology result but after the launch of this phone, consumers discovered that actually how useful it is. The curved area offers not only extra area for notifications but you could add useful apps also. Edge 3 will have a bendable display, is one of the most rumored specification of next Galaxy note edge. Bendable display, see through solar panels or 5G connectivity, Samsung fans want to have some surprising features in the coming smart phone of Edge series and there is no doubt about it.
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 3 Release Date, Specs, Price

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 3 Release Date, Specs, Price

Galaxy Note Edge 3 Edge Release Date

Galaxy Note Edge was released in September 2014 and from the beginning of 2015, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 was expected to be released in early 3rd quarter of 2015 but till today, we are just waiting for it. So Galaxy Note Edge 3 can be expected in 3rd quarter of 2016 or early first quarter of 2017.

Galaxy Note Edge 3 Specs and Features

The specifications of Galaxy Note Edge 2 are expected to be superior to all the Samsung smart phones which are already in the market. Following are some expectations of the Samsung’s fans which we have gathered from different sources.

Solar Panels

Yes, see through solar panels built directly in your smart phone’s screen, it might be really surprising for you but it can be expected from Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 3. With this amazing feature, our mobile future may seem a world away from our rigid and power-hungry smart phones today.

Razor Thin Smartphone

Handset that fold, razor thin and powered by flexible batteries, such specs are beyond imagination but thanks to a wonder material known as graphene, for which Samsung has declared that they can integrate onto the graphene sheets organic light-emitting diodes, actually the light sources which are used in most smart phones. The hype and these single-atom-thick sheets of carbon are expect to replace every material used in modern day smart phones in galaxy note Edge 3, making it lighter and faster than ever before.


The phone is expected to accommodate unimagined memory capacity. There would be a range of GBs like 32, 64 and 128 GB memory. There will also be a possibility in term of phone’s feature that will allow for expansion of the memory for up to 256GB with an optional micro SD card.


4GB RAM will be part of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 3 for supporting the OS.

Operating System

An Android 5 Lollipop, the latest operating system from Android is expected as the operating platform for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 3. In this way, Phone will have best platform in order to boost internal performance.


This device is expected to have a rear and front camera. Front camera with 8 megapixels and a rear camera with 21 megapixels at your disposal for fine photos or videos. A LED flashlight on the rear camera is expected in order to improve the quality of the photos.


Preinstalled sensors such as accelerometer, barometer, compass, gyro, proximity, heart rate, SPO2 and UV are expected within the phone that will enhance users’ experience.

Galaxy Note Edge 3 Price

With such innovative and improved features, people should bear a relatively higher price in mind. Price may vary and depending on the amount of memory option you choose. The most rumored price for some versions is between $1500-$2000.
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