Google Glass 2.0 Release date, Price, Specs Review 2015

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Although Google Glass has still not publicly launched as a finished consumer device, details of Google Glass 2.0 are emerging.

Google Glass was the poster-child for the entire wearable tech industry when the Explorer edition first went on sale back in 2013. Fast-forward 18 months and Google's clever specs are still an object of fascination but a consumer launch looks further from a reality than ever.

However, Google Glass is not dead, despite increasing reports to the contrary. In fact, Google is planning to release a second-generation version of its smart eyeglasses and has reportedly partnered with Intel to provide the silicon brains for it.

Interestingly, The Wall Street Journal sources claim that the Google will promote use of Google Glass to organizations including hospitals and construction. It will also develop new workplace uses for the device but will still target the consumer market as well.

Google Glass 2.0 Release date, Price, Specs Review 2015

Google Glass 2.0 Release date, Price, Specs Review 2015

This article covers what we know about the Google Glass 2.0 release date, price and specs through unofficial but credible rumors:

Google Glass 2.0 Release Date

Google Glass 2.0, the next generation of the wearable gadget will arrive in Q3, 2015. The exact Google Glass 2.0 Release date in quarter 3 of year 2015 is unclear. We also expect to hear about the new Google Glass 2015 model in Google I/O conference, which is taking place in June 2015 is a good possibility.

It was at Google I/O 2012 where a team of skydivers streamed their journey from a plane to the Moscone Center in San Francisco using Glass. There was no mention of Glass at I/O 2014 but 2015 developer event could be the perfect time for Google to reveal something about Glass 2.0 specs and price.

Google Glass 2.0 Specs and Features

The new Google Glass models, if the patents end up ringing true, are set to switch the action from the right to the left eye, and the sketches suggest a move away from the traditional spectacles look in favor of a more futuristic aesthetic.

Just how the wearable computer will sit on someone's face without a nose clip to hold it in place remains to be seen. Another mystery is just how Glass 2.0 will be powered - there doesn't seem to be any room for the battery pack.

Google Glass 2.0 arriving in 2015 is big news but the other takeaway is that the firm will reportedly ditch Texas Instruments in favor of Intel as a chip provider. This should improve the battery life of Google Glass which has been a problem so far. As the WSJ said:
It isn't clear what Intel chip Google will use in the new version of Glass, but there will be an emphasis on power conservation.
Not only does Intel make decent chips, it may be a good deal for Google in terms of promotion. Intel will likely go full steam ahead when it backs something, like it has done with Ultrabooks.

Another source said that less than five percent of the 300 Google employees working on Glass focus on the company's Glass at Work programme. However, the Intel push to industry will not change Google's bias towards the consumer market.

Little else is known about Google Glass 2.0 but we'll let you know by updating this article as soon as we hear any more on the subject. Google, as usual, declined to comment.

Intel is winning more and more partnerships in the mobile space with many recent smartphones and tablets coming with Atom processors. It has been working with Google on projects such as self-driving cars and the Nexus Player.

Google Glass 2.0 Price

Google made the Explorer Edition available to I/O developers for $1500. There is no official words on how much is Google Glass 2.0 as there are lot of rumors circulating around about the Google Glass 2.0 cost. But we expect the Google Glass 2.0 price to be more affordable than the original which was always going to be a beta product.

You can buy the Google Glass Explorer Edition in the UK for £1000 but that price will have to be lower for Google Glass 2.0, if the firm is serious to make it a mass market success.
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