New Mac Pro 2014 Release Date and Specs Review

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Review Apple's new Mac Pro 2014 computer specs and know about its release date.

With the journey of the Mac Pro Apple has gone so far, Apple has been able to come to a huge milestone by producing the new Mac Pro.

Apple Mac Pro computers are not for normal users. It is made especially for the professionals and power users. So a normal user is not expected to by the Mac Pro, unless you are into something like Bitcoin Mining, Graphic Designing or High Graphics PC Gaming.

Apple Mac Pro 2014 is the most powerful Mac Pro in the history of new Mac Pros. It is very much efficient and fast when compared with the Mac Pro 2013 and other Mac Pros produced in last few years.

Mac Pro 2014 Release Date and Specs Review

In 2013, Apple after the gaps of several years, finally released a major update to its Mac Pro desktop computers. That's why the Mac Pro 2013 was not only a redesign but a rebirth of Apple desktop workstation, made for the professional. Apple Mac Pro 2014 continues that vision by combing machine power with innovation into something that will amaze not only pros but all PC users.

Mac Pro 2014 Release Date and Specs Review

Apple Mac Pro 2013 has been in short supply since its December launch, selling out of stock configurations in a matter of hours. While some early buyers received their machines as early as December 24, buyers who ordered custom configurations had to wait much longer to receive their machines, as did purchasers who ordered after December 19.

Apple Mac Pro 2014 release date for the updated model running Mac OS X 10.10 Syrah is expected just before the Christmas holidays. The later 2014 launching of Mac Pro 2014 is inevitable for the Apple in order to complete the existing orders.

new Mac Pro 2014 Release Date

New Mac Pro 2014 Specs Review

Apple's new Mac Pro 2014 design will continue to be cylindrical, making it look like a trash can or a vacuum cleaner. The reason why the new Mac Pro takes the shape of a cylinder is to control the heat generated inside the machine and use the power efficiently.

And there by the new Mac Pro is very power efficient and quiet. There is a fan inside the core of the new Mac Pro which pushes air up. It doesn’t push air down. So heat generation is minimal and the Mac Pro is quiet as much as possible.

The new Mac Pro has only a power supply of 400 watts. The old tower Mac Pro requires a power supply over 1000 watts. This implies that the new Mac Pro is much improved than the old tower Mac Pro in the means of power.

The size of the new Mac Pro is one eighth of the size of old tower Mac Pro where as the weight of the new Mac Pro is only one fourth of old tower Mac Pro. So it can be said as the new Mac Pro is a bit heavy for its size.

new Mac Pro 2014 Specs Review

The RAM sockets inside the new Mac Pro are upgradable but the SSD slots are not upgradable. SSD slots are only available for accessing purposes for repairs.

One of the best features the new Mac Pro has is expandability. The ease of having expansions is available than having internal cards inside the new Mac Pro. The other thing is the new Mac Pro has add-ons and accessories that are plugged in to the device where you have six Thunderbolt 2 ports, four USB 3.0 ports, two gigabit Ethernet ports, audio plugs and an HDMI out.

Since the design of the new Mac Pro is externally expandable, it lets the device to use its power to a maximum level and be fast as possible. But the problem with the option of external expansion is the cost is high. And also due to the external expansions, the new Mac Pro will make a cluster of devices connected to the new Mac Pro, thereby limiting the space available on your desk. Other than that, the new Mac Pro’s expansion feature has a lot advantages.

However to get a perfect output the amount of money that you have to spend is obviously high. That is why the new Mac Pro 2014 is made for the professionals. You can see also the new iMac 2014 Specs and Price.
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