Xiaomi Mi4 Specs, Release Date and Price Rumors Review

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Here is the review of all rumors about Xiaomi Mi4 Specs, Release Date and Price of the new phone coming out in China and Singapore.

Xiaomi, being the 'Apple of China', is the heart of the phone industry in China, is going to launch its latest flagship phone in 2014. The Xiaomi Mi4 is coming out the late this year, to allow its predecessor Xiaomi Mi3 enough time to generate some sales.

The Xiaomi Mi3 flagship model which is in the market currently was able to attract a lot of customers. 10,000 handsets of this model which is the predecessor of Xiaomi Mi4, got sold within few minutes of its launch. You can check out Xiaomi Mi3 Price in US and Asian countries.

The Xiaomi company is expecting more sales from the newest Xiaomi Mi4 than Xiaomi Mi3. Because Xiaomi Mi4 phone is anticipated as the huge hit in the china phone industry, after Hugo Barra who was the top Android person in Google, joined Xiaomi as the vice president.

Xiaomi Mi4 Specs, Release Date and Price Rumors Review

Xiaomi had so far reached only the markets of China, Hong Kong and Singapore. But Apple co-founder, Steve Wozinak predicts that Xiaomi will reach the US markets as well with the new Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi4 Specs, Release Date and Price Rumors Review

Xiaomi Mi4 Specs details for an upcoming smartphone from fast growing Chinese phone maker, Xiaomi recently surfaced on the Antutu benchmark website. The Xiaomi Mi4 flagship phone features some top of the line hardware, making it a major contender on the Android device market.

Xiaomi Mi4 Specs and Features

With the features of Xiaomi Mi4, it can be predicted that the handset will be the best deal in the mobile phone industry in China.

According to recent rumors and news reports, the Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC processor which will work at a clock speed of 2.46 GHz. Because of this, it can be said to be a powerful handset than the flagship mobile phones available in the market.

But the chipset of this new device will be same as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One 2014. The Xiaomi Mi4 will have a screen of 5.5 inch which will have the resolution of 1920x1980 as as PhoneArena reports.

This device will have a RAM of 3 GB with the extension support where Samsung Galaxy S5 has only a 2 GB RAM. And also a 16 GB internal memory will be included in this coming handset, which is one of the best features it is going to have.

As AnTuTu benchmarks and online leaks say, the new Xiaomi will have a great chance of having Android 4.3 Jelly Bean in it. A 13MP rear facing camera and a 8MP front facing camera can be expected from this new product.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Features has 16MP front facing camera and a 2 MP rear facing camera. Therefore the Xiaomi Mi4 can be told as a quite similar version of Samsung Galaxy S5. Moreover the Xiaomi Mi4 will provide 4G LTE connectivity.

Xiaomi Mi4 mini

The are also rumors about Xiaomi Mi4 Mini which states that say that Xiaomi Mi4 Mini will be almost the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. Xiaomi Mi4 mini phone will obviously have a smaller screen and lower specs but also a lower price tag.

Xiaomi Mi4 Release Date

The Xiaomi Mi4 Release Date is expected in the mid November 2014.

Xiaomi Mi4 Price

The price of the device will vary from the previously said price and it is said that the selling price will increase. So this new flagship handset is expected to be a new revolution in the mobile phone industry.

Xiaomi launched its first Android based smartphone in 2011 called the Mi-One, followed by the Mi2 in 2012 and the 2013 Mi3. The company expects to sell 40 million smartphones this year, which would be double the amount it sold last year. With models like the Xiaomi Mi4, you can see why the company expects to be so prosperous in 2014.
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