Best Facebook Games 2014 to Play with Friends

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Check out some of the best Facebook Games 2014 to Play alone online or with Friends.

Beside conventional game consoles, handheld, tablets and smartphones; there are several choices when it comes to video game playing today. You can play some of Best PC Games 2014 on your personal computer or you can buy one of the Best Gaming Laptops.

However, another wonderful option of playing games that is increasingly getting popular, is to play Facebook Games online.

You can play video games in your favorite social network, Facebook. The good part is that you can play Facebook games with friends and family and have fun together. Online Facebook Games can be accessed through an Facebook App Center.

Best Facebook Games to Play with Friends 2014

Recent data shows that Facebook Games played online right on the social networking service are getting massively popular. It suggested that the users are very much interested in FB games. The survey of Facebook users shows that over 50% of the respondents play games on the social network and 19% say they're 'addicted' to games like FarmVille, where you plant and harvest virtual crops with.

Best Facebook Games 2014 to Play with Friends

In roughly a year, Facebook has gone from a place where you upload NSFW party pics to a full-fledged gaming platform. However, we have deliberately not included FarmVille, DragonVille, CityVille and FrontierVille sort of games in the list, because these are already pretty much known. Compared to already popuar FB games, our focus is to highlight the best FB Games 2014.

Below we are presenting a selection of the best Facebook Games in 2014 to play with friends:
  1. Shadowgun: Deadzone

    It is a multiplayer battles game available in Facebook for playing. The game has two modes: Death Match and Zone Control. To get more features unlocked, make sure that you perform well in the game which will increase your score. You can even chat with your friends in real time and can also get help from them. You can play the game on iPhone, iPad and Android also.

    This Facebook Game has 500,000+ Monthly Users

    Shadowgun Deadzone

  2. Dragons and Titans

    Dragons and Titans is another game that is really awesome. It is a social multiplayer battle game that can be played with your friends. This game is easy to learn and you can choose from two modes: Team Co-Op and Single Player based on your needs. As soon as you go to level up in the game, many new features are unlocked.

    This Facebook Game has 100,000+ Monthly Users

    Dragons and Titans

  3. Contract Wars

    The game has five modes and more than 12 locations to choose from. The game uses high quality 3D graphics in the browser to enhance your gaming experience. All you have to do is choose from western USEC or Russian BEAR to play it. To unlock more features in the game go to next level.

    This Facebook Game has 1,000,000+ Monthly Users

    Contract Wars

  4. Howzat Cricket

    If you are a cricket fan and want to experience the cricket in your browser then this is the game for you in Facebook. Choose from real-time Multi-player and Single player mode. In real-time Multi-player play, you can play the game against other cricket fans from all over across the world.

    This Facebook Game has 100,000+ Monthly Users

    Howzat Cricket

  5. War Commander

    This is a war game with amazing effects and environments. With the tanks, planes and troops you command deadly attacks on your enemies to win.

    This Facebook Game has 1,000,000+ Monthly Users

    War Commander

  6. Marvel: Avengers Alliance

    Just like the movie, the game allows you to build a team of Marvel heroes and fight against the aliens came from the outer space on earth. So, go ahead and play your favorite superhero.

    This Facebook Game has 1,000,000+ Monthly Users

    Marvel Avengers Alliance

  7. Thunder Run: War of Clans

    Another war game that allows you to create an army with weapons and lead the operation to rule the nation. And by performing well in the war you can unlock many weapons.

    This Facebook Game has 100,000+ Monthly Users

    Thunder Run War of Clans

  8. Motocross Nitro

    Motocross is a game for Facebook with extraordinary effects where you have to display your best tricks in game to win while riding the bike.

    This Facebook Game has 100,000+ Monthly Users

    Motocross Nitro

  9. Wild Wild Taxi

    It is a racing game available to play on Facebook. The game lets you drive the taxi with high speeds and to go into the next level of game you have to reach the destination within limited amount of time. But don’t hit the other cars on the road it will reduce your speed.

    This Facebook Game has 1,000,000+ Monthly Users

    Wild Wild Taxi

  10. Chess

    Want to play a game to develop your mind, then Chess is the right game for you. You can choose to compete against real live players around the world or friends in the game and win. However just like the real game, you have to develop good strategy to ensure your win.

    This Facebook Game has 500,000+ Monthly Users

Do you like to play games in Facebook? Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.
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