SRV- Saint Row 5 Release Date, Trailor, Gameplay and News Updates

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You thought you had seen it all with the Saint Row IV release date? sit back and gear up for the highly anticipated Saint Row 5 Release Date.

Few franchises have been able to prove that video games that are always sure to be fun. Saint Row third and the fourth versions have already proven that Saint Row is here to stay.

Recently, Volition has been told to be working on a future SRV franchise and have hinted that all the series characters and crew could be included in upcoming installment.

Though the GTA 5 has been a huge hit, the Saints Row game series has been getting more and more crazy, leaving behind the Grand Theft Auto style to develop its own.

SRV Saint Row 5 Release Date, Trailor, Gameplay and News Updates

Scott Phillips, Saint Row 4 design director, in an interview with GameReactor hinted:
If there’s any more future Saints Rows, which you know we always hope there will be, we hope there’s fans for future games like that – they will probably continue in a different direction.

Saint Row 5 Release Date 2015

Saint Row fifth is is expected to hit your living rooms as of mid 2015. The Saint Row 5th release date of mid 2015 has already been confirmed by voice actor. It came out as a surprise when actor and comedian Jay Mohr took to his Twitter account to let SR fans know that there will be another edition of game, namely Saints Row V coming out.

The biggest question lingering in many game fanatics head is whether Jay Mohr was referring to the next sequel or simply another line of Saint Row IV DLC release or next Saint Row V release. It is truly early to tell which will be the outcome in this case and whether the actor will be reprising his role of Dane Vogel from Saint Row 2.

If you were able to finish the campaign in Saints Row IV then you stand a better chance to know whether Vogel will appear in the next Saint Row release or sequel. A clear indication that there will be a new campaign of Saint Row in 2015 is when you get to reach the last mission and reach the part where you have to shut down the simulation. Paul in this part returns when you are leaving, red margins pop up and a random computer text appears on the screen saying Dead Island_X_Saints Row_2015.

Saint Row 5th Wishlist

Some of the Saint Row enthusiast could not stop to air their views on Saint Row 5 whishist that what they would wish to see in the 5th generation of Saint Row. These includes a female Protagonist unlike the normal male accompanied with the return of still water. Better driving physics with STAG becoming allies with Saints will surely make the game even more interesting and intriguing.

Saint Row 5 Rumors

Some of the shocking Saint Row 2015 rumors making rounds in the internet circle on the thought that Saints Row V may opt to do away with all the characters that were dominant in the previous versions of the game. If this is the case then it is sure to be a shocker.

It not clear how well Saints Row 5 gameplay will do and when, if it moves away from its signature insanity style. In the meanwhile keep in touch to get each and every Saint Row 5 update, gameplay trailor, review and to know when does Saint Row 5 come out in 2015.
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