iPad5, iPad Mini 2013 Pictures Leaked before Release Date

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Apple new iPad 5 is coming out, accompanied with smaller iPad mini 2nd generation.

Since, Apple September 10 event is getting closer, more and more information is being available not only on the products being launched on the event but also about their specs and internals.

With some expecting a new iPod Touch 6 coming out, even an iPad Nano 2013 and iWatch too, the iPad5 release date is expected to really happen.

The new iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2013 images, recently leaked on the internet and confirmed to be genuine. According to experts, the leaked iPad mini 2G and iPad 5th generation photos not only reveals important information about the device specs but also hold potential hints for accessories manufacture about new the size, dimensions and ports, the new tablets are coming with.

Apple iPad5, iPad Mini 2013 Pictures Leaked before Release Date

Take for instance the recent revelation of what is believed to be the rear body cover of the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2. The two iPad bodies made of aluminum provide us with more than a glimpse of what the real thing will be like.

new iPad 5 2013

What becomes immediately evident is that the new iPad 5 will be significantly thinner and hence lighter than the present gen version. This can be attributed to the incorporation of the same screen technology on the new iPad as is used in the iPad Mini where the screen sensor is included within the front panel itself.

For more information on the specs and price of iPad 5th Generation, please check iPad 5 Release Date.

new iPad mini 2013

That apart, the rear cover of the two upcoming Apple tablets include iPhone like gap along the bottom for the lightening connectors as well as the speakers facing downwards. The new iPad 5 is also widely speculated to come with thinner bezels, much along the lines of the iPad Mini.

Perhaps the first thing that made people to get hooked on to the iPad Mini is its attractive looks and the same for the next iPad will no doubt do it a world of good.

Of course this will also entail using the same software support for the 9.7 inch iPad as is present in the iPad Mini that will help the tablet to distinguish an unwanted tap from a purposeful one.

For further information on the specs and price of iPad mini 2, please check iPad Mini 2 Release Date. You can also checkout our iPad Mini 2 vs Nexus 7.2 vs Kindle Fire HD 2 specs comparison, aimed to find the best medium size tablet of 2013.

Apart from the iPad series of tablet devices, Apple is also expected to launch new iPhone 5S and cheaper iPhone 5C models running new Apple iOS 7 on September 10, 2013 event.
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