iPhone 5S Gold: Apple i Phone 5S in Golden color coming out

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Gold is the 6th color reported to be coming out with new iPhone 5S.

Gold iPhone 5S or alternatively a Golden iPhone 5S is the part of Apple's effort to cope with Samsung's aggressive strategy of launching its smartphone in multiple variants to offer user variety.

Recently, Samsung has launched its flagship S series device in 4 variants i.e Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Zoom, while sources hint that a 5th version is also in the pipeline.

Apple itself has used this approach successfully for the 5th Generation of iPod Touch 5G media player, that has been released in 6 colors including yellow, pink, white, blue and black, to attract the teenage and feminine.

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Japanese Apple blog Macotakara reported that:
A source that can be trusted has claimed that the next generation of iPhone would come in gold as well as the usual black and white.

iPhone 5S Gold/ Golden iPhone 5S coming out

It might sound ghastly and distinctly un-Apple-like (can you imagine the combination of gold and the new pearly iOS 7?), but in fairness this isn't the first source to have pointed to a possible golden iPhone 5S.

Rumors of additional colors for the next iPhone, which is otherwise said to be very similar (externally at least) to the iPhone 5, have been doing the rounds for some months now.

More specifically, just last month BGR published images of a number of components said to be lifted from the iPhone 5S production process. One of those was a SIM tray that came in a shade of - you guessed it - gold.

The Japanese report also carries claims that the often-rumored cheap iPhone model will come in the same six colours as those iPhone 4 bumpers that everyone needed to be able to make calls back in the day. That is: black, white, pink, orange, blue and green.

This would certainly support yesterday's Reuters report, which suggested that the new affordable iPhone would come in a choice of five or six colors. That report also claimed that the phone would cost $99, presumably on contract.

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