Best New Cars 2013-2014 with Pictures and Prices

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Find Best New Cars Coming out in 2013-2014 with Price, Pictures and Release Dates.

In the upcoming period of around 14 months from now, the only things that are certain are that there will be at least a dozen exciting new 2014 model cars hitting the street.

Go back a few years and every new car was shouting about mpg and economizing. Technological innovations are just keep coming in the Auto industry. Now, this year, fuel efficiency is getting central theme along with style getting back for the new cars launching 2013 and 2014 model years. The speed, the designs and the engine power are sure to get even better as we usher in 2013 in some of the finest powerful vehicles.

The agility and confiscation of these top Cars coming in 2013-2014 are sure to grace and is what essentially makes them stand out as some of the finest arts of engineering. Electronic stability, cruise control and life saving innovation are what we are sure to experience.

2013-2014 Best Cars Prices, Release Dates and Pictures

Lets have a look on the list of top new cars coming out in 2013-2014 with their prices, release dates and pictures:

Bugatti 16c Galibier plug in hybrid

Best Cars 2013: Bugatti 16c Galibier plug in Hybrid
Coming with a price tag of $ 1.4million, bugatti 16c will essentially be the car to watch for in 2013 according to its CEO Wolfang. This perfect art of machine will roll with a 16 cylinder engine and its plug in hybrid will be in hand to provide a 25mile worth of electric only driving.

Chrysler 100 Lancia Delta 2013

Best Cars 2013: Chrysler 100 Lancia Delta 2013
Mention a top car manufacturing company and Chrysler is sure not to miss from the list. Lancia delta essentially takes the place of a small Chrysler coming with a 2.0 base engine. It will be the perfect car for anyone looking for a light toy coming with a returned 1.4 Turbo which is sure to guarantee more power off the line. It is highly speculated that this car will come with a 3.2 liter V6 under the hood.

Ford Escape 2013-2014

Best Cars 2013: Ford Escape
Coming with an electric concept Ford escape is sure to be among the contenders for the best car of 2013 especially so as a green car. It comes with an aerodynamic design that is sure to catch the eye of any toy lover with an eco boot technology. Its 6 speed automatic transmission is sure to propel it to greater heights.

2013 BMW M3 Sedan

Best Cars 2013: 2013 BMW M3 Sedan
BMW never lags behind in the production of some of the finest art of extreme engineering and what away to signify there presence in 2013 with their new BMW M3 Sedan. It is considered as a luxury and super brand piece of art that will incorporate a six inline engine concept. Some of the other included interior features include a turbocharged V6 to provide ultimate power with a 3.3 liter. 450 worth of horsepower is sure to propel it even to greater heights.

Audi Rs4 2013

Best Cars 2013: Audi Rs4
It is essentially nicknamed a space rocket for a reason as it has the ability of guaranteeing supersonic speeds with utmost flexibility. It comes with a naturally aspirated 4.3 liter with a turbo charge of V8 for extreme powers. Its horsepower will essentially stand at 450 with a torque capability of 317 fi-lbs. It will essentially come with a top speed capability of up to 155mph with 6 speed manual transmission.

Chevrolet Malibu 2013

Best Cars 2013: Chevrolet Malibu
The competition will not be ripe without the mention of the new product from Chevrolet ‘Chevrolet Malibu’. A unique style that is based on energy efficiency with luxurious designs is what this one of a kind machine will essentially stand for. One of the most exciting features that it will roll into the market with is the eco optimize feature that is sure to guarantee efficiency with every drop of fuel. It also incorporates the easiest technology with an 115v worth of lithium ion battery along with a 14kw motor generator to provide it with utmost electrical boost.

Dodge Viper 2013

Best Cars 2013: Dodge Viper 2013
Rumors never get ripe than with the news that Dodge viper will roll into the market as early as 2013 with some of the finest interior features. According to reliable sources it is highly anticipated that this glamorous art of technology will roll with an 8.4liter V10 engine equipped. It will also be equipped with a Fiats Multiair variable intake valve timing system to signify its prowess. 700 worth of horse power is what its powerful engine will guarantee while also providing a 6 speed manual transmission.

What is 2013 Best Car in Your Opinion?

With year 2013 seems to be a wonderful year Car fans, these are the few most anticipated best Cars coming out in 2013-2014, based on the popular opinions. For what will be the actual top cars of 2013 chart, we have to wait for the year end. So stay tuned for the upcoming top cars 2013 chart and don't forget to share your opinion in the comments section here under, about your favorite Car of 2013!
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