Jailbreaking Apple TV 2G on 5.1 iOS: How to Jailbreak ATV and its Benefits

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Jailbreaking Apple TV 2nd Generation brings several benefits, before we move towards how to Jailbreak Apple TV 2G, lets us summaries all those advantages of Jailbreaking ATV2 for you.

Unlike Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad, Apple TV is a relatively low profile less focused device, which is not a mainstream Apple product on popularity scale.

However, Apple TV is still an amazing product, priced just $99, with many features worth to check out. It has iTunes movies and TV shows, Netflix streaming, access to NBA and NHL games and iTunes match with several other features.

Jailbreaking Apple TV 2G on 5.1 iOS: How to Jailbreak ATV and its Benefits

Jailbreaking Apple TV 2G Benefits

Jailbreaking Apple TV 2nd generation though, could get you for more additional rewards from this Apple magic box, than standard feature set offerings. These includes but are not limited to:
  • Customization of ATV 2 menu, slideshows and screen saver settings

  • Access to huge array of media contents on Hulu, ESPN, Amazon, Last.fm, Pandora, PBS, A&E, ABC, CBS, NBA, MTV and a long list of media content providers.

  • Installation of Content Management Portals like XBMC that includes customization, beautiful themes with a lot of plugins and supported contents.

  • XBMC is an amazing portal to a wealth of content, and that makes it a must have for a jailbroken Apple TV. You can also install some beautiful themes that completely change how your Apple TV looks and feels. If you’re feeling particularly froggy, there’s also a provision to boot directly into XBMC and bypass Apple’s interface altogether.

  • Jailbreak ATV2 allows you to use advance Media Management Systems like Plex on you Apple TV 2 device, which let you add over a hundred video and image plug-ins to access a whole host of other media. For most users Plex alone is enough reason to jailbreak ATV2.

How to Jailbreak Apple TV 2G 5.1 iOS Untethered With Seas0nPass

With Seas0nPass updateed released in June, its is possible to Jailbreak Apple TV 2G (ATV2) running on iOS 5.1 firmware untethered. In the following we would list and explain you a step by step guide on how to Jailbreak Apple TV 2G iOS 5.1:
  1. First of all download Seas0nPass from the following links based on your type of OS you are using:

  2. After downloading Seas0nPass, extract/unzip Seas0npass.zip file, then launch SeasonPass by clicking on its setup icon.
    Jailbreak ATV 2nd Generation Seas0nPass download

  3. Since this utility is based on a restore jailbreak, which means you are required to have a custom built IPSW. Therefore select "Create IPSW" between the two option to continue the step.
    Jailbreak Apple TV 2nd Generation Seas0nPass IPSW

  4. The Seas0nPass will now download Apple TV firmware and it will then utilize the file to create a custom jailbreak file..
    Jailbreak Apple TV 2nd Generation Seas0nPass Firmware Update

  5. Now get your micr-USB cable to plug it into your computer and Apple Tv. But don't plug into power cable, and then iTunes will be opening, close it right away. Now please put your Apple Tv into DFU Mode -- by holding the Menu and Play/Pause buttons together for about 7 seconds.
    Jailbreak Apple TV 2nd Generation Seas0nPass DFU Mode
  6. When Seas0nPass has finished its jobs, now it's time for iTunes restoring the custom IPSW file in automatic manner. Then click yes. This process is fully automatic, just wait until it's entirely finished.

  7. After iTunes entirely finished restoring the Apple Tv on iOS 5, now plugin the power and then connect the unit to your PC. Congratulation your Apple TV 2G on iOS 5.1 is jailbroken.
  8. You can verify whether your Apple TV 2 Jailbreak is successful or not by connect your device to television and then see the interface, if you see the FC icon logo at the right bottom then congratulation! you have successfully Jailbroken you ATV2 :-)

    Jailbreak Apple TV 2nd Generation Seas0nPass FC logo
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