Transformer Robot Morphex: the Hexapod Roll like Football and Walk like Crab

Ladies and Gentlemen meet Morphex, an amazing Hexapod Transformer Robot that Roll like a Football and Walk like a Crab so wonderfully that you won't forget the experince of watching it. The Hexapod Robot MorpHex is developed by Norwegian engineer, Kare Halvorsen. Its morphic design allows it to be transformed into a spherical shape enabling the robot to move itself in rolling ball motion without any problem.

The first time when you look closely at MorpHex you will must be surprised. The applied stress, the design, operation, and the fact that it is the work of one single engineer is so worth appreciating. Kare, on his personal blog, has released many details about the MorpHex development project, especially in solving various problems that appeared while its developing and testing like changing the position of the switch, making adjustments to the battery holder, wiring tweaking, bracing for the structure. Transformer Robot Morphex is an outcome of months of handwork by a talented Scandinavian.

Transformer Robot Morphex: the Hexapod Roll like Football and Walk like Crab

Anyway, one of the first things we think about is MorpHex would be much more complete if it can move much like a crab and be able to move rolling like a football. Well our wish has come true :-)

Transformer Robot Morphex, the Hexapod Roll like Football and Walk like Crab

Its comparisons have been made ranging from "Morph Ball" of Metroid to the "DroideKas" of Star Wars, but the new MorpHex shift is not yet complete. As you can see in the video, the trajectory tends to be curved and not straight. This is because the design is asymmetric MorpHex. The original plan was to do its design as symmetrical as possible, therefore, a straight reach and smooth scrolling is a matter of time. We must not forget that the spherical part of MorpHex was taken from a globe. Imagine what could become the MorpHex Halvorsen achieved if access to a method of making even more precise you used on your own.

Finally, the MorpHex is participating in a competition in Boca Bearings 2012, whose first prize delivery ten thousand dollars ($10,000) in cash, and 3D printers for the second and third. We wish Halvorsen a good luck, may his handwork proves. Although the MorpHex not intended for a specific application, its potential is enormous. From a toy for the little ones interested in robotics to a robot with access to confined spaces and hazardous hostile areas, the MorpHex can be that and much more.
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