Thoughts Control Technology: Controlling Computer and Mobile using Mind

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Think of Technology that can read the Thoughts of your brain and translate it into action. Have you ever wished to Control your Computer or Mobile using your Mind?

Why bother with a mouse or even a touchscreen, while the technologies exist already seem to replace the cumbersome electronic components by movements in the air and the mere thought?

Making use of the the jargon of human-machine interface, that's the challenge that has certainly moved NeuroSky, an inventor and manufacturer, to come up with a revolutionary gadgets supported with an Android and iOS App, being offered at Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This is a helmet or rather a headphone like device called Mindwave Mobile, a brain wave reader, nothing short of something that can translate your mood and thoughts into concrete action, on the screen of your computer or mobile device.

Mind-machine interface (MMI), Brain–machine interface (BMI), Brain–computer interface (BCI) or Direct neural interface (DNI) are all the alternative terms used for the technology that establishes the direct communication channel between the brain and an digital devices. These human-machine interfaces modulates the neurotransmitter signals of brain into machine understandable electronic signals and vice versa. Its the same thing, we were talking about the possibilities of an iPhone 7 Jiri to replace the Siri.

Thoughts Control Technology: Controlling Computer and Mobile using Mind

NeuroSky also offers some PC software application for Controlling Computer and using Mind. Although the Mindwave Mobile Technology is currently a in its initial stage, still the software application called MYND Play is capable of assessing the mood of the user and perform any desired action accordingly.

Another similar application, FocusPocus, promises to make the user smarter, nothing less. However, it is difficult to judge the accuracy of the devices in both cases. Even a product testing at a specialized exhibition which took place in California earlier this spring, leaving the curious minded users undecided.

NeuroSky invites the interested parties to visit their locations and checkout the technology for and investment of $130 to get an idea.

Still, it is being hoped that this Thoughts Control Technology can be breakthrough in telekinesis, one day. Or at least, it will elimination the several wired and wireless devices like Bluetooth hands free to free our ear and hands.

Control Computer and Mobile using Mind like Sci-Fi Movies

More concretely, in Computer applications, it is mouse that seems to be threatened by the arrival of these new Thoughts Control Technology based intelligent interfaces. If detection of thought is more of a skeptic, motion capture, it seems already to have made his place in the daily number.

Also a derivative of the camera Kinect for Xbox, Microsoft expects to see that go along with its future Windows 8, although there is already rival rising in the market with Leap Motion which is offering Kinnect style 3D Gesture based Hands free PC Control for just $70.

It captures the movements in a way that its creators believe is 200 times more accurate than the Kinect. We can move items on screen with a simple gesture in the air. As demonstrated by the device for Xbox, it can go much further.

Remains to be seen what will be its adoption by the general public. If it's not going fast enough, maybe the order by the actions will be quickly overtaken by the order by the thought :-)
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