Annular Solar Eclipse May 2012 with Lunar Ring of Fire in California, LA

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A rare Solar Lunar alignment, will result in Annular Eclipse surrounded with a Ring of Fire, on Sunday 20th May 2012 in US.

Thousands of people are planning viewing parties in the western United States to view the first annular solar eclipse of the 21st century in a different way.

The moon and sun will exactly align in a astrological phenomenon called Annular Solar Eclipse. It creates a fire circle around the moon because of the larger solar apparent size.

California, after witnessing Supermoon, is now going to experience another extraterrestrial evening display this weekend, a rare "ring of fire" solar eclipse that hasn't been seen in the United States since 1994.

Annular Solar Eclipse May 2012 with Lunar Ring of Fire in California, LA

Places to view 2012 Annular Eclipse in California, Los Angeles

Unfortunately for Los Angeles, the best views of the "ring of fire" eclipse will be from Northern California around Eureka, Redding, the Sacramento suburbs, and Lake Tahoe, reports the Los Angeles Times.

But that doesn't mean we still won't be in for an awe-inspiring view. The Griffith Observatory notes for LA, the moon will eclipse 86 percent of the sun's diameter, which will be the most "extensive" eclipse the city has seen since 1992.

Schedule of Annular Solar Eclipse on May 20, 2012

It's a lot more than the East Coast will ever see. They're going to miss the event entirely since the sun will set for them before the eclipse begins. Here under is the Sunday's eclipse schedule:
  • 5:24 p.m.: Eclipse begins
  • 6:38 PM: Maximum eclipse
  • 7:42 PM: Eclipse ends
  • 7:52 PM: Sunset
It is advised for the kids to specially take care and should not ever look directly at the sun during the eclipse. However, there are two way you can view the Solar Eclipse safely:
  1. Use a Pinhole Projector
  2. Use Binoculars to Project the eclipse on a white card
Annular Solar Eclipse May 2012 with Lunar Ring of Fire in California, LA

The Griffith Observatory is hosting a public viewing of the solar eclipse on the observatory lawn, complete with explanations from staff. But if you want to practice safe sun-viewing on your own, here are some other beautiful spots to take in the sight.
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