Pokemon Emerald Cheats Codes and Walkthroughs for Nintendo Gameboy

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Pokemon Emerald Version full of amazing new Pokemon Emerald Cheats Codes and Walkthroughs to savor! Gaining to fame in 2005, to this date, the game is considered a masterpiece and fans as well as gaming enthusiasts just can’t get enough of it. Pokemon Emerald Version is the 12th coming of the super massive Pokemon franchise that has literally revolutionized the way we look at Nintendo and its Gameboy domain. While the game is basically an updated version of the successful Ruby and Sapphire with loads of feature and options.

Pokemon Emerald Cheats Codes and Walkthroughs for Nintendo Gameboy

Pokemon Emerald Version

Each quarter ever since the release of Pokemon Emerald, the makers have reported heavy sales of the part. It has been extremely successful primarily due to its catchy theme and the great game play it offers. However, it also has immense respect among gamers who consider this to be the part that has made the franchise enters into some serious universe of cheats and hidden bonuses. Nothing turns on gamers more than some great looking and hidden bonuses and scores of cheats – and let’s just be honest… Pokemon Emerald is a true winner in this department!

All of the success and charisma of the game has made it one of the most successful parts of the Pokemon franchise. It was reported last year that the game has still been having sales in Japan as of 2010, selling around an impressive 7,724 units that year alone – which is substantial considering the game came out in 2005.

Pokemon Emerald Cheats Codes and Walkthroughs for Nintendo Gameboy

Now let’s get down to business shall we? So here is the list of all the Pokemon Emerald Cheats Codes and Pokemon Emerald Walkthroughs that we believe can be in your hit list for sure:

We hope these Pokemon Emerald Cheats add up to the interest and the playability of this already very successful game. Now let’s get down to business shall we? So here is the list of the Pokemon Emerald Cheats that we believe can be in your hit list for sure:

Exploit - Clone Pokemon Emerald Cheat
Now you can clone your strongest Pokemon in the Emerald version by following the rules below:
  • Go to the battle frontier and the battle tower
  • Log on and make sure that the BOX 9 is empty
  • Deposit the Pokemon that you wish to clone into Box 9
  • Exit the PC and Save the game
  • Withdraw the same Pokemon that you just have deposited
  • Next, go to the lady residing to your far right
  • Start a battle, and make sure it is one of that Open Level Battle
  • Select any 2 Pokemon but not the Pokemon you want to clone
  • Reboot your game. In your party the original Pokemon will be present, as well as in the empty box you will find the new cloned Pokemon!
Unlock Fishing Rod Pokemon Emerald Cheat
  • Good Rod: Go and talk to the fisherman on the route 118
  • Old Rod: Go talk to the fisherman near the dewford gym
  • Super Rod: In the house located north of the space center
Berry Master's Wife Passwords Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough
Tell the following phrases to her:
  • Durin Berry: COOL LATIOS
  • Spelon Berry: GREAT BATTLE
  • Belue Berry: SUPER HUSTLE
Unlock Eon Ticket Pokemon Emerald Cheat
Mix records with the Ruby or a Sapphire that has had an Eon ticket, and the Emerald will get an Eon Ticket.

Unlock GSC Pokemon Emerald Cheat
After you have defeated the Elite Four, you may go to Upgraded Safari Zone and also find GSC Pokemon moving around.

Hint - Lottery Ticket Save/Load Exploit Pokemon Emerald Cheat Codes
Go to Lilycove counter and save the game. Expire the rest of the day with the pokemon in your hand or the stowage box. Next, proceed to play a lottery and then check to see if the numbers on the lottery match your pokemon's original trainer ID number(s). If not then you reset and try to reload the save.

Or else, the number of the lottery digits that are matching the pokemon trainer IDs will grab you a prize, which depends on one of the matches:
  • 3rd Prize - ooo## = PP up
  • 2nd Prize - oo### = Exp. Share
  • 1st Prize - o#### = Max Revive
  • Big Prize (that are 5 Correct Digits) - ##### = Master ball
Unlockable Cave Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough
Defeat the Elite Four and then the Altering Cave will become instantl y available. You may find it right just along the Route 103.

Special Pokemon Cheat Codes
  • Beldum: So to Steven's house after you beat the Elite four
  • Chikorita, Cyndaquil or Tododile: Once you have completed the 202 Pokemon of the Hoenn, Professor Birch will be calling you on the Pokenav
  • Castform: Defeat rival team at weather institute
  • Deoxys: Receive an Aurara Ticket and then go to the Birth Island
  • Groudon: Defeat Elite Four and then go to land lair
  • Ho-oh/Lugia: Acquire Mystic Ticket and then go to Navel Island
  • Kyogre: Defeat Elite Four and then go to sea lair
  • Latios or Latias: Once you have beaten the Elite Four you need to watch the T.V. downstairs in the house
  • Latios or Latias: Mix the records with a Ruby or the Sapphire with an Eon ticket and then go to the Southern Island
  • Mew: Acquire Old Sea Chart and then go to the Faraway Island
  • Rayquaza: Acquire the Magma and Aqua to get the Kyogre and also the Groudon out of the cave, and then go to Sky Pillar
  • Treeko, Torchic, or Mudkip: Assist Professor Birch to freeing wild pokemon
Pokemon Emerald Prizes from Scott
  • Gold Shield: Win 100 of the Battles
  • Lansat Berry: Obtain the entire Silver Frontier Symbols
  • Silver Shield: Win 50 of the Battles
  • Starf Berry: Obtain the entire Gold Frontier Symbols
Pokemon Emerald National Pokedex
Beat Elite Four and the Professor Birch will pay you a visit as well as give it to you once you will be leaving your house.

Pokemon Emerald PP Max Cheat
Defeat the Seventh Challenge of the Trick Master. You can also find him on the Route 110.

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